Business Grants For BLACK Women [Why is nobody talking about this?]

$100,000 is on the line and the application just opened this month and it's closing in a few weeks but girl let me give you the tto you have to have shout out to HubSpot for sponsoring today's video hey girl welcome back to the channel today we are talking about getting to the free money and you heard that right I said free money for black women I know that's right you might not know this but I'm going to let you in on something black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs but here's the gag we're also the least funded a lot of companies are beginning to realize that we are worth their dollars that has not always been the case but now now it is and it is my job to ensure that you and every other woman in this community get to all the bags that are available to us because if we don't get this money they would just send the fund somewhere else and we don't want that so in today's video I'm going to open your eyes to six organizations that have cash money ready for you to use to grow your business and while all six of them are awesome number four is the highest one and the application just opened this month and it's closing in a few weeks so if you miss everything else in this video don't miss that one because that's the real reason why I'm making this video I wanted to jump on here and share it with you really quickly but I figured why not share multiple ones as well just in case you're able to access more than one grand the goals we didn't hit this year we have to hit next year and one of the things we need to hit our goals is what money I know that's right number one this one is number one because it doesn't matter if you're in Nigeria China Kenya or the US this initiative is global which means they care about funding women across the world and not just one location and it is by one of my favorite Brands cardier cardier is a luxury fashion brand and you might know them for their watches and their purses but let me tell you something they also have an initiative called cardier women's initiative and under this initiative there are multiple Awards and one of the awards is my personal favorite and the one I'm going to be sharing with you today so that when you're done watching this video you can sit down and apply to it right away okay it's called the diversity equity and inclusion award yes a lot of them finally want to include us they're giving away three grants one is for 100k the second one is for 60k and the third one is for 30k you know on this channel it's big checks or go home but here's the gag though whatever your business is about has to be a business that closes the gap for underrepresented people so if you for example have a hair care line you might want to focus on black women if you have a skincare line you already know what to do basically they want to fund businesses that are helping close the gender equity and inclusion Gap so if you already fall in that space girl go get this bag number two number two I love the name already black girl Ventures this entire organization exists to fund black women now they don't have as much money as massive companies like cardier so the grant is worth $10,000 and to be eligible you have to be first of all a woman and also your business has to be at least 51% owned by a black or brown woman or women so if you're watching this video right now and you're like I'm not a black woman but my partner is a black woman and we run a business together you could still be eligible especially if your partner has over 51% control of the business number three before we get into number three plug yourself down in the comment section let us know what your name is what your business does and where you are located I know it can be really really hard running and trying to build a business as a black woman so the least I can do is make my platform a place where you can promote yourself shame shamelessly I have no problem with you promoting yourself so go down into the comment section just say my name is XYZ my business does XYZ and I'm located in XYZ put it down in the comment section okay I got you girl we're all going to win number three is the Tori Birch Foundation now you know number four is the one that's currently open right now but let's talk about number three for a second because it's also a really good one and if you missed it in 2023 you're not missing it in 2024 right RIS the Tory Birch Foundation program stands out to me because multiple people can win this grant 75 women-owned businesses would receive $10,000 and $20,000 in grant money but on top of that Tory Burch is taking it a step further by also offering education and community so that's capital education and Community to push you forward like these things exist and we're leaving money on the table that ends here gatekeeping and ends with this platform number four tell a friend to tell a friend you might want to share this video in all your group chats because girl Sephora is out here giving away $100,000 a whole sixf figure check to close the gender gap so girl if you have a skin product if you have a skin care line if you have a hair care line if you have makeup I mean girl this is your time to shine but girl let me give you the te though we also have to come correct okay the these are big bags so you know there will be competition and you have to have a business plan if you're currently running your business on Vibes that's going to need to end okay and I know I know it can be challenging to put these things together accurately and that's why I reached out to my good friends at hopspot and asked them if they'll be willing to sponsor this video and guess what girl they said yes so because of this sponsorship I get to share a fully fleshed out business plan template created by experts at hopspot for free so that you can get it together girl and all you have to do is click the link down below to access this business plan that has literally everything already done for you so that you can put yourself in the best position as a black girl CEO don't walk run and click the link down below and access this resource and thanks hopspot for sponsoring this video number five this is one of my favorite grants on this list why because the others are like annual grants you apply at a certain point in time and every year they pick winners but with the Amber grant winners are picked every single month so if you missed last month you could still apply for a grant this month the grants are $10,000 worth and every single month there's a different industry that they pick to sponsor a Founder so you can have a look at the different Industries and choose which month you want to apply for the gag with Amber grants is that your business has to be Mission driven because it is a Memorial grant for someone called amember and number six is the wish local empowerment program Grant now this grant is not shiny or glamorous it's not six figures it's anywhere from $500 to $2,000 so if you're

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