30 Small Business Ideas YOU Can Start Under $100 (HOW TO START NOW) Products to Sell Online

in order to make $10,000 per month you need an income stream that's going to generate you $322 per day but the first thing you need is a business idea hey body and business family my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today I have compiled an entire collection for the best 30 business ideas for women all of these business ideas you can start with Zer to $100 you can start them from your phone and you can do these from anywhere in the the world so there's no excuses as to why you can't start believe me I know how hard it is to try to figure out what you want to actually do to make money online when you're just starting out and I believe being a woman in business that there are so many more things that women especially can take advantage of there are a lot more markets out there that we can reach just being women so the goal with this video today is to expand your knowledge of what's actually out there so that you can pick one of these small business ideas and get started I have structured today's video into three main categories digital product businesses non-product businesses and inventory based businesses I will be providing you with 10 ideas in each one of these categories so get ready to take some notes and let's get right into today's video today's video is sponsored by Taylor Brands Taylor Brands is a complete business builder for starting managing and growing a business they provide a personalized guide that makes it easy for anyone to build a successful business and combines all the tools needed to do it the right way let me show you everything that Taylor Brands actually provides Taylor Brands provide LLC formation Services checks which license and permits your business needs and has the applications filled out for you they give you access to attorney written business documents like certain contracts and service agreements you're able to design a logo for your business register your domain and build a customized website you're able to protect your business name and logo with trademarks set up a business bank account to keep your business finances separate from your personal finances it keeps track of your finances invoices and taxes in one place with a finance manager and you can even reach out to Taylor Brand's business experts and receive live consultations that will answer all of your questions if you have any it is super easy and affordable to get your LLC through Taylor Brands getting this all set up when you are ready to do this for your online business can be very important if you guys don't know what an LLC is an LLC just stands for limited liability company a lot of small business owners get llc's because it is very very affordable to actually get one and it keeps your business separate from your personal assets it also just really makes your business official at that point and it is something that you need when you actually go and make your own business account for your business me personally I waited until I started making consistent money before I got my LLC or legalized anything because I didn't even know that I was even going to make money when I first started my online businesses and this obviously isn't legal advice but I definitely wish that I had better resources that I could use when I actually got started and filed for my LLC once I started making consistent money but I wish I had Taylor Brands cuz I did it myself and it was pretty complicated but even I wish I had Taylor brands for that because there was a lot of other things that I had to do besides my LLC that I didn't do and it was kind of disorganized so it's super awesome that there's platforms out there like this that can help you get formulated and get everything set up so you are officially structured as an online business hopefully this explanation helps you while you're on your business Journey you can head over to Taylor brands.com or I'll put the link in the description to check them out and again shout out to Taylor brands for sponsoring today's video now let's get into these business ideas so the first 10 are going to be digital products so business idea number one is content calendars a new study shows that three and four te dream career is to be a content creator and so many people are realizing how much money you can actually make as one it definitely seems like we're in a world now where everybody's trying to get into content creation but people don't know how to start and they don't know how to actually stay organized and structured while they're posting you can start selling content calendars to help these aspiring content creators or even experienced ones like myself get more organized and stay on a consistent posting schedule these digital products can be very easy to make with simple free tools tools and I love digital products because you are essentially creating a digital asset which you can then sell multiple times over the next 5 to 10 years business idea number two is digital planners this digital that girl Planner on Etsy is making an estimate of over $2,525 per month you can come up with something similar and with planners the possibilities are literally endless there's so many different styles and themes that you can do business idea number three is Fitness guide guides if you are someone that you are on your personal fitness journey or you like this Niche why are you not selling some sort of guide on it even if it's something very simple or just some workout routines that you could sell this is definitely something that you're able to sell multiple times since it's also a digital product and it can create positive income for you business idea number four is weekly meal planners some of you guys might already be planning out your meals anyways so why not share them and make some money while doing it this leads me to my next idea which is cookbooks and recipes cookbooks are a very popular digital product that you can start selling business idea number six is printable wall art you can see these all over Etsy and these sellers are making a lot of money selling these digital file you can create super simple designs again using free tools like these that you can then sell as simple designs that people can print out to put on their wall with this I would really make sure that you use Simple type designs as since people will be printing them you want to just make sure that it's very simple and not something that could be hard for the customer to actually print out so a lot of these you'll notice are just simple Black and Whites quotes these are so easy to make you can make them in two or less hours and post them on Etsy or your own website and start getting sales number seven is travel guides and itineraries if you have already been on some awesome vacations there's probably already someone that's planning on going on that same destination and they are looking for itineraries this is something that you can come through

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