Easiest Affiliate Marketing YouTube Automation Tutorial For Beginners

I found a very unique way to use tragic PT to generate unlimited YouTube shorts which you can also post on Pinterest and Instagram reels to make over 900 a day in passive income so what you want to do is you want to open up trash apt you want to sign up for free and then you want to ask Chad GPT for either 20 30 40 or even 50 different niches to sell products in and it's gonna give you a bunch of them a bunch of different niches as an example so we have Sports and Fitness home organization eco-friendly products and so on and so forth now once you ask chargpt for the best and most popular niches to sell products in you just want to bake one of those niches so for example I'm gonna go with eco-friendly and sustainable products and then I'm going to ask what are the best 15 products to sell in that specific Niche so I have like 20 different niches and for each of those 20 niches I can ask what are the best 15 products to sell in each of those niches and as you can see tragic PT will instantly generate 15 different products that I can sell including reusable water bowls a bamboo food brushes and so on and so forth now what you want to do then is you want to go over to nvidia.io which I'm also going to link in the description box down below you want to sign up for free want to create an account and this is a platform where you can create YouTube shorts and YouTube videos by leveraging a bunch of different templates that are available at your disposal so you essentially have thousands of different templates to choose from and you can even generate videos by entering a script you can literally just paste the script and in video will generate a YouTube sword for you so you can create a bunch of high quality content even if they complete beginner just by using in video it video actually has a bunch of different features you can also create voiceovers from text you can literally have text to speech that actually sounds really good you have stock footage stock videos music text a bunch of different features on the left side so you can fully edit your videos to make them look professional and you can also add copyright frame music which is going to help you boost your engagement now before we go back to Nvidia what you want to do is you want to go over to Blue Willow AI which is an AI tool that works pretty much like mid Journey so it allows you to generate different images from text to essentially just enter a prompt right over here and the prompt should just be one of those products that charging PD has generated for you so for example I have a reusable water bottles as the number number one product over here so I'm going to say regenerate reusable water bottles ultra realistic extreme details so this is going to be my prompt and this AI tool will generate a unique image so AI tool will generally generate a unique copyright for an image that I can use in my YouTube shorts in order to make money online now while that is being generated for me what I want to do is I want to go over to kit.co so Kitco is a tool where you can create your own store without owning any physical products yourself so you can pretty much just click on the plus icon right over here you can click on create a new kit and this kit is only going to be for products that are in the sustainable and eco-friendly Niche so I'm gonna go and I'm gonna ask chargpt for a name idea for my store that sell these types of products and it's gonna give me like 20 different ideas so I'm gonna go with sustainmart or Eco Vibe Eco Vibe actually sounds pretty good so I'm going to copy the Eco Vibe name I'm gonna go back to Kitco paste that here and click on next so this is going to be the name of my store now in order to start adding products I'm just going to go back to chatgpt and I'm gonna see which products have been recommended as the best and most popular products in this Niche so we have reusable water bottles so I'm going to search for reusable water bowls and I will have a bunch of them that I can add with one press of a button so this is one of the products that I'm going to add to my store I'm going to go back and see what is the next product so we have bamboo toothbrushes again all you got to do is paste that name here and it's going to give you a bunch of different products that you can add so I'm going to add this one as well I'm gonna add to kit and by doing this you can add 15 different produce to your own store and whenever someone goes to that store and buys one of those products or all of those projects you earn a commission without even signing up as an affiliate to any other networks you literally just have to create a Kitco account which is completely free so I'm going to keep adding products until I have at least 15 of them and here's an example Store with only three products in this is how it looks this is the name of the store and these are all the different products so people can buy it from my store they can buy them on Amazon but I'm gonna earn a commission without even being an affiliate for Amazon but I'm gonna steal earning commission for every product sold now once you generate all those images with the Blue Willow and you have an image for every single one of those products that you're selling what you want to do then is you want to go back to in video and then you pretty much just want to generate a short that's going to look something like this so here's an example short that I made so I basically just said items you must have to save the planet because they're like eco-friendly and sustainable and whatnot It also says a link in BIO to all items and all these items are just popping and these are images generated by Blue Willow AI so this is unique content that I can use and now I can download this video that I generated within video and I can post that on my YouTube channel as a YouTube short and I can post as many of those different YouTube shorts on my YouTube account and I'm Gonna Leave a link to my ketco store in the description box but for the highest results possible you can also start an Instagram theme page that you can work for all of those different niches you can literally sell like 20 different niches 20 different pages so this one would be in eco-friendly Niche and it's only going to be talking about eco-friendly products and you can post those reels on your account and reels are literally the easiest and best and the fastest way to grow your Instagram account with thousands of targeted followers that might potentially buy those products from your Kitco store which you will link in your bio so here I have an example page that I started this one is talking only about YouTube automation because I'm promoting them from YouTube information services and products in my bio so you can generate pretty much unlimited YouTube shorts just by leveraging any video even as a complete beginner in 2023 to make money online and actually earn passive income from the shorts which you generate once and

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