How to Start Print on Demand Using AI (STEP BY STEP) FREE COURSE

hey future millionaires my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and welcome to today's free course all about print on Demand with ai ai really has the power to transform your creative ideas into profitable products and today I'm going to show you step by step how to do this make sure you watch all the way to the end of this video and we are going to explore the world of print on Demand with AI my YouTube channel is your number one source for 100% free education in courses people do charge thousands of for courses just like this one all I ask in return for the free education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to create free courses just like this so what is print on demand how print on demand works is when a customer places an order on your online store you are the middleman between the print on demand service and the buyer so when a customer places an order on your store the proun demand supplier will ship that product straight to the buyer and you keep the profits so so why should you do print on demand I love print on demand because it allows you to create custom design products without the hassle of inventory management and shipping you can do this from anywhere in the world and you can start doing this with 0 so imagine combining this with the Limitless possibilities of ai ai algorithms can analyze Trends customer preferences and even designs which will help you to create beautiful products that are highly marketable so here's what you're going to learn in today's free course I'm going to be showing you the best products to sell and give you some product ideas how to get ideas for your print on demand store how to use AI to design your products I'm going to be sharing my new favorite design platform for print on demand I'm going to show you how to create products from your designs I'll be showing you how to sell and list your products I'm also going to be going over what online store type is going to be best for you and I'll also be giving you all the tips on how to grow your store faster and get sales so grab your notebooks get ready to take some notes and let's get started so let's go over the top selling products with print on demand so first up we have the classic favorite and the products that people first think of when they're doing print on demand which is t-shirts and apparel customdesign t-shirts are very popular in the print on demand space you can do funny slogans personalized Graphics because there's so many styles available that you can customize and with so many different colors the possibilities are really endless with our world that's always changing new trends are always On The Rise and there's never too much competition with PR on demand PR On Demand is perfect for someone that wants to also start a clothing brand but doesn't want to just commit thousands of dollars to getting started if you want to start a clothing brand you can start with doing print on demand and start with no money now you know what I always say whenever you sell clothing you need to Niche down you also need to have a purpose behind your brand I always say consider Niche designed products and you always want to think about who your target audience is products just being cute with like no Niche or no like target audience you're just selling like a bunch of random stuff is not enough to get you to actually build your business and I'm going to talk about this later in the video so my number two favorite product to sell with pranza band is mugs mugs and other drink wear is super popular among ponan products you can create custom mugs with funny illustrations quotes and so many other things they are also so awesome for gift giving purposes so people are always on the hunt for cute mugs and other drink wear other drink wear that you can also sell is water bottles travel mugs and even wine glasses my third favorite thing to sell with print on demand is home decor items you can sell canvas prints posters and framed artwork remember when creating these designs you always have to be thinking about who your target audience is and what's going to resonate with them I love print on demand because no matter what you're passionate for there's a niche for it now first step is weai need to get some ideas for our print on demand store and we're going to use AI for this so I've actually been using chat GPT lately to do this and I personally was so weird out by AI when it first came out like I completely ignored the trend because I was so like this is weird there's no way they're going to give me actual help here but you guys it's so easy to use it's free of course and I had no idea how helpful it would actually be so let's jump right into this tutorial so you can either just Google chat gbt or just go to chat .op and I want you guys to type in here give me ideas for a print on demand business about women empowerment and women that are entrepreneurs I'm obviously just picking a super random Niche here for the purpose of this video but I want you guys to put in anything that you want to get ideas on so anything that maybe you're thinking about doing a print on domain store so just say if you are a dog lover and you want to start a print on domain store about cute dog products then just type in give me ideas for a print on demand business about dogs and just see what pops up so when you're done typing that in and I'm actually saying here give me product ideas instead of what I originally had because I just want to make sure it does give us actual product ideas so you have to be specific with the AI sometimes so now it's pulling up all of these different ideas which is super awesome so let's go through and just see um we're not going to go through every single one but I'm just going to look through these and see what the AI gave us and we are going to find some ideas right now so here is one that stood out to me it's female empowerment mugs which sounds super cute and it just says coffee mugs with empowering messages and illustrations of women breaking through barriers in business so you're probably thinking like okay now we have this idea but like how am I even going to create this how do I execute this idea that AI just gave us so onto our next platform that we're going to be using this one is called kid K so K is a design platform works right in your browser it has so many different features you can use for designs and why I love this platform and why I had to include this in today's video is they even have an entire feature that does AI designs I am no graphic designer and I need userfriendly platforms that I can use when I'm doing things like this and KD is definitely a onstop shop design software they have so many different fonts you can use illustration libraries pre-made templates editing tools and so many more things it can create super Unique Designs this AI tool in KD is

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