I DOUBLED My Blog Traffic with AI. Here’s How (Not Chat GPT)

if you've ever tried to use chat GPT to write a full blog post you've probably realized pretty quickly that it's not all rainbows and butterflies and you very rarely get a post that is as long as you want and as high quality as you want without a lot of back and forth with chat GPT and a little bit of computer smashing we now have a method where me or any member on my team can hop in and in 10 minutes we can spit out a high quality blog post that is as long as we need it to be and as quality as we need it to be and ready to go live and in this video we're going to break down the entire process for you so you can do the same thing and just to show you on the screen right here this is actually starting to work you can see we started this about 30 days ago which means it took about 15 days for Google to index and all that stuff but you can see right here organic traffic took a big jump about 10 days ago and it's just now hitting the highest it's ever hit and you can see organic keywords same thing starting to really start to take off because we're able to put out so much content so you can see that I'm an ahrs right here that's where I do everything we'll leave a link down below to ahrefs this is where I do all of my research and Analysis and everything when I'm trying to figure out what to do on my blog but the first thing we're going to do is we need to come up with at least 50 articles to write because AI can write this for us in 10 minutes we don't have a lot of limitations so you're going to want to come up with a lot the more the better and I don't over complicate this if you head over here to the keyword Explorer inside of ahrefs you're going to choose kind of a base or a main keyword that you're going to run with and it's going to give you a ton of different ideas so for example for my blog it's kind of all about making money in a million different ways we'll type in make money I want to get a bunch of different options right here now you can choose three different ways to go you can choose matching terms related terms or search suggested I typically go with matching in the beginning and if you don't get enough ideas there then you can move on to related but what you're going to do is you're going to choose a keyword difficulty for me I'm going to do about 40. if you have a brand new blog you're probably going to want to shoot for something closer to 20. if you've got a really old blog you can even go up to something like 50. that's just kind of like how hard it is for someone to come in and take the top spot in Google for this particular keyword next you're going to go to volume right here and because we're letting AI write this it's only going to take us 10 minutes it's going to cost us almost no money we're okay with going for some low volume stuff here right if it only takes us 10 minutes and a dollar to make this hosts go live then it's okay if only 50 people find it a month that's 50 people every single month right so we're going to go minimum of 50 right here we're going to click apply now here we're going to add one more feature this is a new feature inside of ahrefs you can see right here it says lowest Dr and what this is is we want to see if that particular phrase or keyword that we're going to try to rank for actually has potential for small blog so we're going to say that we want something that's got a Dr a domain like a domain rating of somewhere between 0 and 40 and we want in the top 10 meaning we want at least one small blog in the search results that's kind of the one we're planning on knocking out here we're going to click apply right there we're going to do word count and we're going to say we want at least three words trust me on this one you don't want a bunch of single word things it's really hard to Target one single word in Google once we've added all of these filters we're going to show results right here and we're gonna get a bunch of options ignore the green thing up there but you can see we've got tons of options right here of Articles we can write that have thousands of people searching them every month they're not super competitive and because we can spit out articles every 10 minutes we can really hit every single one of these couple things standing out right secret websites to make money Ah that's a one and that's like the easiest thing in the world to rank for according to this it looks like it's kind of starting to take off it's got thousands of people searching it every month we're definitely gonna like that one but really what you're gonna not do here is be very picky because this is so easy to do so you'll want to go through here and maybe pick out anything that's like an obvious like no I don't want that on my blog for example I don't really want to write about only fans on my blog so I'm going to remove that anything else that kind of seems a little weird selling feed picks I think we're actually going to run with that but anything else we can remove and we'll be good to go now the next thing we need to do is we need to get a few secondary keywords essentially we're saying if I rank for this or if I'm you know doing well on this how to make money in Pinterest what are some other sections or some other things that I might want that blog post to own up on and you can see most of it is going to be in this left column once you click into it it's going to give you other keyword ideas and you're going to take most of these so how many followers do you need how do you make money without a Blog how to make money for beginners and then maybe a year you can also look at questions and stuff like that but essentially you're going to come up with for each of your articles you're going to come up with the article idea and you're going to come up with just a few of these right here now some people like to take a spreadsheet like this and they like to add it all to the spreadsheet I don't like doing that because I like to hire out everything after this so I just like to have whoever I hire out come up with the secondary keywords and I essentially just come up with the primary 50. but you can do whatever you want if you're a spreadsheet person you want to add a spreadsheet and then add you know columns for each of those that's up to you not how I do it no problem the next thing I'm going to do is actual writing I feel like I tried out every single software out there when it comes to AI writing could have missed a few but I definitely put in a lot of time here and the one that I ended up settling on is the software called any word AI so I will leave a link down below to any word um yes it'll probably be an affiliate link that's how the channel gets monetized but if you end up in any word you're going to sign up fairly cheap they have a bunch of different account sizes depending on how much you want to spit out they have an option called a Blog wizard so it's going to say describe the blog post so I'm going to say a blog post about how to mak

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