I Asked Chat GPT To Find Me Free Money…

all right let's think about this for a second Amazon makes billions of dollars by predicting customers behavior and stock market Moguls like Warren Buffett and countless others make tons of money by predicting customer behavior in the stock market Google YouTube and Tick Tock make billions of dollars trying to predict what you want to watch so what if I could use AI software to predict what customers want to click on and ultimately purchase I think that sounds like a pretty good plan let's hop in the computer and put this to the test using AI to find free money okay chat GPT let's put you to the test find me free money what there's no guaranteed way to find free money well then what are all these videos on YouTube about okay first we need to understand something very important in the beginning I mentioned how Warren Buffett Amazon and countless other companies are able to make billions of dollars by predicting Market Behavior so if we can predict Market Behavior online with the use of AI this can work really well but first we need to understand where the money's coming from you have companies like Google companies like Yahoo YouTube Tick Tock and all these other companies that are making billions of dollars by predicting what people want based on searches based on video views based on what they're doing online and on one hand over here we have the vast majority of things people do online watching Tick Tock videos searching for recipes and things like that that pay very little money this is why most people trying to make money online are making next to nothing but what if I could use AI to predict what these people want to buy therefore getting traffic super inexpensively or in some cases free and pointing them to something that makes lots and lots of money let me show you exactly how this works if we were to go over here to the Google AdWords Keyword Planner we could type something in like recipes and we're gonna see that on the majority of the keywords related to recipes it's somewhere between like zero and five cents a click yep that's why this guy over here is making next to nothing however go into the Google AdWords tool and type something in like mortgages well now some of this traffic is going for 16.11 sometimes twenty five dollars thirty six dollars sometimes fifty dollars a click or more wait a minute Marcus did you just say that advertisers are paying fifty dollars for one click to their website that's exactly what I'm saying and we could see here that this works like crazy however we need to figure out how to bridge the gap from the stuff that's inexpensive or free to the stuff that pays lots and lots of money and we're gonna do that with the aid of a keyword tool like ahrefs semrush or even the Hoth free keyword tool in this case we are going to use ahrefs and what I'm going to do first is something I call trigger words we're going to use a trigger word to figure out what people search for that has low competition so that we can get this traffic so super inexpensively or even free and then ask AI how to find the free money in the market so let's go over here like this and type something in like printable this is one of my favorite trigger words I'm going to put a link in the description for a full list of tons of trigger words that I use so that you can do this for yourself so here we have printable we can see lots of people looking up calendars lots of people looking at graph paper word searches and all kinds of things like that and after going through that list I found that lots of people were actually looking for printable budget worksheets and this would be something that most marketers refer to as a non-buyer market these people aren't necessarily looking to buy things which is why the competition is non-existent and the traffic is really inexpensive and oftentimes free but the question is what do these people want to buy enter chat GPT we're going to go to chat GPT and say give me some ideas of what people searching for budget spreadsheets might buy personal finance software books financial planning Services investing apps office supplies and while some of these don't perfectly fit the mold I think we can use these and drill a little bit deeper to find free money in our Market let me show you what I mean what are some examples of Financial planning services financial coach Robo advisors wealth management firms registered investment advisor online planning tools all right now we're getting somewhere because as we can see here on the Google AdWords planner this traffic doesn't even show up bid amounts which means it's super super cheap but using what we found with chat GPT we might be able to go through and find something that these people would want show me the top 10 ways people are managing their budget spreadsheet apps automated servicing meal planning comparing prices all right now we're getting somewhere because if I could take these people from free budget templates and drive them over to something like credit cards wait a minute some of these people are paying as much as a hundred 200 even 500 a click exactly and if we can take these people looking for Budget spreadsheets and point them to the stuff that pays lots of money then boom we can make a ton of cash we can even ask what are the most expensive ad markets in the financial niche credit cards investing Insurance real estate personal finance software so yes we can actually use chat GPT and other AI software to predict where the money is in our Market thus using AI to find free money and if you want to get a full list of my trigger words with video training on how this works check out the links in the description

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