Journey to $10-20k/month: INCOME REPORT JANUARY TO MARCH

so I will go over what are my different income streams how much I've made from each of them how much I made every single month January February March and also I'll talk about some of my biggest business expenses before I do that I want to give you a little bit of context so I have been self-employed for pretty much 5 years I quit my job in 2019 I had a very normal like office corporate job and I quit that to do calligraphy and calligraphy is obviously like not my main thing right now and so through these 5 years I just want you to know that I have pivoted a lot and I've tried a whole bunch of things in my business it was also during the pandemic so like I started teaching calligraphy workshops that was my full-time thing then during covid I couldn't really teach physical workshops anymore in person so I switched to online workshops and then I also started coaching calligraphers on how to start a business that is also when I started this YouTube channel and during the pandemic I was trying to grow this YouTube channel didn't really work it's kind of long story short me in my current state of running my business like the income streams that I have all of this is kind of new for me I would say it was only last year when I started having like these income streams because before I blew up on YouTube I mean I didn't get like super duper viral but like my channel really really grew that was at the beginning of last year in 2023 and you can watch this video for more information if you want to know like how I blew up but basically after my YouTube channel started to get bigger that's when I felt like wow this is really really what I want to do in my business in the long term and I want to build all these income streams so I just wanted to point out that the state of my business how it is right now it's very new for me I didn't start doing brand deals until like mid last year so all of this is very new for me and I think it's very interesting I also will give you an update on how my Etsy Shop is doing one other thing to mention is last year I I think I mentioned this in a couple of videos I think I made about $60,000 Canadian from online income sources but I have a couple other income streams so maybe I made about 65,000 something like that last year so it was like okay last year remember this is revenue numbers not expenses okay before last year like from 2019 till 2022 my income has just kind of been okay like it's like nothing big um I I could get by it was okay this year I'm really happy with where I am in my business I did the whole digital Nomad thing last year and this year I'm really intentionally trying to grow my income streams and to make more passive income which I'll talk about more later when we're looking at this I just want to point out that all the numbers we're looking at they've all been converted into Canadian dollars so I make income in USD and Canadian dollars and I've converted all the USD to Canadian dollars cuz I live in Canada and that's where I'm going to spend my money for my Canadian income sources I am charging GST and HST so these numbers do include GST HST which I will have to remit uh when I do my taxes next year and also all of this income that I'm showing you this is revenue okay this is not my profit and I do have business expenses which I'll talk about later but remember this is income the money that I'm actually like taking home is not this money this is just like business Revenue so my biggest income stream in the last 3 months was brand deals I made about $11,000 and sorry for all these like 99999 I think this like when I was converting from US Canadian uh that happened so $111,000 this was working with several Brands and it has been amazing so far because I've always wanted to do brand deals that's what I thought successful YouTube creators did and now that I am here I'm so happy it's so amazing working with these companies and I get a lot of requests actually like every day I get emails from companies asking me if I want to do like a sponsored video or some kind of collaboration and so I reject like 99% of all the emails I only work with the companies where I truly truly I love the product I have used the product and I think it would be useful to you guys so I'm very picky with my brand deals and I know I could probably make more with brand deals if I wasn't as picky but I am super picky so with the brand deals some of them were sponsored videos on my YouTube channel some of them were sponsored Instagram content and then some of them were uh ugc which is user generated content and to respect the agreements with the companies that I'm working with I can't share how much I am charging how much they paid me so I can just tell you the total amount I've made is 11,000 from multiple contracts with multiple companies on the topic of brand deals one of the companies that I've been working with this year is mofed you will not believe how many friends I have showed my moed products because like I honestly love the products so much so I'm going to share with you two my favorite things the first thing that I love from mof is this phone tripod stand okay and you'll notice that I have an Android right so these work with uh magsafe on iPhone but if you don't have an iPhone MTH will give you a magnetic sticker this tripod stand is really cool you just stick it to your phone like that it's magnetic it's very very sturdy like it's not going to come down so there is a like lower tripod stand you can use it to hold your phone vertically or horizontally you can also open up this bottom part so you can use it as a tripod and I've used this Outdoors to fill myself running and I also use it for a lot of other things like video calling watching videos when I'm just eating a meal the other product from moth that I love a lot is this laptop carry sleeve and you'll notice that I use this like every single day all of mf's products are origami inspired so basically like they just kind of fold up into whatever shape this is how it looks like as a laptop stand there's a little tab right here where you can uh hold your laptop there are two angles that you can use this so this is the 25° angle and if I want to do the 15 re angle it's going to look like this and then I can put my laptop on it this is what it looks like as just the laptop sleeve I do have a 10% coupon code if you want to get any of moth's products so you can use Dena 10 when you check out and I will leave the mof website link in the description below my second biggest income stream was YouTube AdSense and I made almost $7,000 Canadian with my YouTube AdSense on average I'm making about like A8 00 USD I think something like that anyways I'll put a screenshot of my analytics for my YouTube AdSense this has been pretty consistent through out the entire year this year and last year it is actually going up um right now like March was actually really really good but I don't get the March income from YouTube unt

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