Earn US$900 A Day With This GOOGLE SECRET Viral Faceless Video Method: QUIT 9-5 Job & Go Global

I want you to take a moment and imagine making us $900 per day online that is simply by copying the links of trending stories or news articles and I'm not talking about copying the article just the link the URL and pasting that link into a userfriendly app that automatically generates videos about that said trend in Topic in just minutes rock stars I know it sounds too good to be true and I thought so as well until this [Music] moment now to prove to you that videos like these are going viral on YouTube Take This faceless video as an example which was on a trend in Topic in the news when it was actually posted some months ago the video got over 2.4 million views in Just 2 months the channel has been around for only 2 years and it's all about trending videos like the ones I'm going to show you how to create by simply copying a link and pasting it not by doing research getting footage from all over the place putting it together finding a voice of no we're not doing any of that it's too complicated we're going to be copying and pasting a link and here's what's amazing about these kind of videos videos on trending topics and news they tend to go viral very quickly now the very first video that this channel posted it actually got 82,000 views in the first 28 days that's incredible but it didn't stop there because a video posted on only 2 days later got another 79,000 views in the first 28 days that video today has gotten over 479,000 views now this channel gets about 180,000 views every day and at a rate of about $5 per 1,000 views which is typical of channels like these the channel is making $900 per day in this video I will share three simple steps which is the secret to how to use Google and AI to create viral or trending topic videos in mere minutes with no recording no editing and that do not require you to show your face or to use your voice or better yet I will actually show you how to use your voice without recording it every every single time you want to create or post a video if that's the option you want to explore and rock stars this copy and paste strategy is so simple a 10-year-old could actually do it that said we have a lot to talk about so here is step one and this is how to Source your content the First Source is Google news and Google news is actually a news aggregate service which is created by obviously Google that uses algorithms to select news stories from a various number of news websites and blogs out there now to get started just Google Google news and then you select the option at the top of the page that comes up in the list and as you can see here there are many trending topics under each section by selecting any one of these topics it will take take you to an article that's related to that particular topic now the Second Source is going to be Google Trends and Google Trends is a website by Google again that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google search across various regions and also various languages so if you want to know if a topic is being searched for or if a topic is going viral Google Trends is an Ideal tool to use to ascertain this information just Google Google Trends to get started and by selecting trending now from the menu and then daily search Trends you'll actually see the volume of searches for various topics that said let's grab our computer and move to step two because right now we're going to create this video from the link to be posted on YouTube let's create our first first video using Google Trends we're going to use Google News later so hang tight on the Google Trends homeage you're going to select your location of choice as I'm doing here and for this particular tutorial we're going to select the United States as an example click trending topics and you're going to do this from the menu to see most current news I do recommend that you choose a trending topic with a 100,000 searches or more because the virality of that topic or the video that you're going to create it's going to increase from a probability perspective now from the topics that are trending when I was creating this video I'm going to choose fortnite which is actually a very popular video game as you can see here it has over 500,000 searches which means it's definitely a trending topic because a lot of people are searching for for it apparently something is going wrong with fortnite and you know what the best part is about using this strategy to create content you don't have to be an expert on the topic I have no idea other than hearing about fortnite on YouTube I don't know anything about gaming but watch me create a gaming video that's going to get a lot of views Now by selecting fortnite or fortnite I'm not even sure how it's pronounced you're going to see the most recent news and you can scroll across here to see more options this article was posted about 4 hours ago at the time when I was creating this video but there are actually other articles here that were posted more recently like an hour ago so if you're going to choose an older article just make sure that the topic is still relevant from the options available though for today's tutorial I'm going to choose this article that was posted about an hour ago on Forbes related to fortnite still being down so now I see why it's trending the search for the term fortnite is also on the rise as per this chart that I'm showing you here when I created the video so to create the video you're just going to go up here where the website name typically is or where the URL or the domain whatever you call it that's all you're going to a copy right here and that's the link for the article so let's click on it as I'm doing here and copy the link and the tool that we're going to use to create our faceless video with just the link is in video Ai and I'm going to put the link for invid AI in the description of this video it's going to be the first link and here's the great news by clicking that link you'll be able to create free videos on Invidia to feel it out and to determine if it's a tool that you want to use I know you're going to be convinced but at least you'll get to try it out first and when you're ready to start posting videos using this tool you'll definitely need to get the paid version and in doing so you'll be able to download videos and get rid of all the watermark and also access a lot more features on invid AI Now by clicking the link in the description and landing on the Invidia homepage from the workflow options you're going to select explore all as I'm doing here and then select recent event video from the menu you're now going to paste the link that we copied from Google Trends remember just the URL and you're going to paste it in the invidio AI tool right here where it says search the news and and also check just copy it and paste it right there where it says create a recent video about you're going to go back to the article on Google Trends and you're going to copy the title that's

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