How to STOP Wasting Your Life

you won't walk around all day knowing that you could but you didn't have you ever felt like your life is out of control almost as if it's slipping away from your grasp and you can't do anything about it do you feel stuck hopeless tired and unmotivated but let me remind you of something nobody is going to save you your life is within your control if you want a different life than you have now then you need to act differently don't be mad about the results you didn't earn from the work you didn't do we must all suffer from one of two pains the pain of discipline or the pain of regret I always choose to avoid regret what about you have your core values and priorities set where an era bombarded with opinions and information if you keep listening to everyone you won't have a direction these days people don't think critically when an influencer or a famous person whom they don't like says something that they actually agree with people disagree just for the sake of disagreeing just because you don't like someone or you don't believe in their core values it doesn't mean that every opinion of theirs is wrong it also applies in the opposite way someone you absolutely adore and respect might have opinions that don't align with your values so how can we filter out the info we need it's by having core values your filter should be your values you need to have your priorities set we lose our time on unnecessary stuff when we don't have our priority set you don't smoke a cigarette just to fit in if you have your health and relationship priorities because if you don't actually enjoy smoking and if the people around you are the type of people who will judge you and push you away just because you don't act like them then it's a proof that your health and Healthy Growth focused relationships are in your priorities your priorities are set on comfort and ignorance it's more comfortable to just smoke one to two cigarettes rather than say no to people because it feels good to fit in it takes courage to say no to people and actually do what you believe in it's ignorance because the people around you only accept you because you're like them trust me I know how hard and uncomfortable it is to say no to people since I remember like even when I was 14 everybody around me was smoking I often got offered to smoke but I always said no first of all I don't enjoy smoking and I don't see any benefit second of all it goes against my values my friends around me never judge me for that even though majority of my friends used to be a smoker the second I reject something and if somebody insists on it it's just a sign that we can never be friends as Ray dalio in his book principles for a life and work says think for yourself to decide what you want what is true and what you should do to achieve number one in light of number two and do that with humility and open-mindness so that you consider the best thinking available to you Ray dalio in his book principles for a life and work says that dreams plus reality plus determination is a formula for a successful life people who achieve success and drive progress deeply understand the cause effect relationships that govern reality and have principles for using them to get what they want the converse is also true idealists who are not well grounded in reality create problems not progress what does a successful life look like we all have our own deep-seated needs so we each have to decide for ourselves what success is some people want to change the world and others want to operate in simple harmony with it and save their life neither is better each of us need to decide what we value most and choose the paths we take to achieve it take a moment to reflect on where you are on the following scale which illustrates an overly simplified choice you should think about where should you put yourself on it the personal evolutionary process takes in five distinct steps if you can do these five things well you will almost certainly be successful here are there in a nutshell have clear goals identify and don't tolerate the problems that stand in the way of your achieving those goals accurately diagnose the problems to get at their root causes design plans that will get you around them do what's necessary to push these designs through the results if you know my story you'll know that my family struggled financially since I was a teenager and one side of my family turned their faces when we desperately needed help I remember going to my dad's side for help because I couldn't afford my school lunch fee and my grandfather told me that let your mom cook and work for you while drowning my other cousins in money and giving them all their belongings they never led us a helping hand but my mom's side helped us financially and emotionally during our hard times they pull us out of Rock Bottom birds can describe my gratitude towards them my mom and dad work 24 7 every single day to protect my brother and me witnessing their struggle and resilience helped me shape my own values my experiences told me the importance of being there for my family I wanted to be their Pillar of Strength their problem solver I wanted an exterior ordinary life not just for me but for my family and for the generations I want my family to be proud of me they believe in me and I want to prove them right I want to be a role model for my future kids I want them to look up to me in every aspect of life I want to be the type of person that I would want my kids to marry I don't want to make Joker alive I want an extraordinary life and I want to provide the same for my future Generations I'm not chasing success only for myself but also for my family and the generations that come after me I don't want them to face the same issues I have even if they encounter problems in life I want them to have high quality problems if you have the same goals same mindset like me we need to escape the mediocracy when it comes to creating habits it's important to remember that your habits will be fed by your values depending on your core values and principles your habits will be shaped I have three main categories of habits habits for mind for body and for Life the first category is habits for the Mind these habits help you to keep your mind healthy and focused and include Reading Writing practicing gratitude and visualization I'm currently working on developing a meditation practice for my YG one way to develop the habit of reading is to set aside Time Each Day specifically for reading this can be done in morning during a lunch break or before bed by the way I prefer reading before but writing can also be done by on daily basis or maybe weekly or maybe monthly whether it's journaling or creative writing like writing scripts for videos gratitude can be practiced by taking a few moments to reflect on what you're thankful for whenever something bad happens in my life I remember myself that I'm living the dream life I was fantasizing about a cou

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