7 Websites to Promote Your YouTube Channel For Free & Get Views

listen I run many different YouTube channels that are getting millions of views like for example this channel had over 246 million views and this channel over here got me 5.4 million views in the last 28 days this channel ler R got over 100 million views so far so in total over 100 million views here then this channel did about three or 4 million views made over $10,000 in the last 28 days this channel did 5.9 million views in the last 28 days this channel made over $900 in the last 28 days at this channel got 1.9 million views in the last 28 days at this channel made over $55,000 in the last 28 days despite the fact that I didn't even post any videos so I kind of know a thing or two about getting views on YouTube but if you're just starting out and you want to see those initial views as fast as possible and I want to share with you seven different websites where you can promote your channel for completely free to get views and subscribers fast and we all know that the best way to grow a YouTube channel is just organically post great content optimize your content great and just grow organically that's the best way to do it but it wouldn't hurt you to get some extra views especially because it's absolutely free my name is Dave Nick I don't sell any courses and if you want to see how I make money with faceless YouTube channels you can watch an absolutely free tutorial Linked In the description box down below don't worry there are no upsells to any courses or coaching programs it's absolutely free and you can watch it if you want if not let's actually begin with the website number one the first website on our list is this platform that's being visited by over 22 million people every single month it's a website that not a lot of people know about but there is a niche of people that are using this and it's a this social media platform called gab where people are posting different things pretty much just like on Facebook so you can join a bunch of groups and you can try to find groups that perhaps reflect what your channel talks about and you can join those groups which sometimes have hundreds sometimes have thousands of members and you can find a Crea way to integrate your video promotion there and not just be spammy and just share your links and not provide any value but but provide a little bit of value provide a little bit of context to why they should actually watch your videos and you can potentially send some people who are targeted audience to your YouTube channel who might actually become regular viewers of all the videos you publish in the future as long as it aligns with what they're interested in the second website in our list is being visited by over 300 million people every single month so that's 10 times more than the previous website and it's called imur and imur is a platform where people are sharing different funny memes and funny facts and interesting things and even fun clips and some of them can go to the Explorer page and get thousands of views like this one got 11,000 views this one 11,000 views and it's just a picture of a cat so how you can use this is you can go to the new post section over here and you can create posts that promote your videos so if I have a video that talks about let's say for example Tik Tok creativity program I would share something something interesting from that video and then I'm going add a title and once I add an intriguing title I will just paste a link to my YouTube video in the description so I would say click here to learn how for free and then I would just paste a UR to my YouTube video here and I would publish it to a community so you're trying to provide at least a little bit of value something interesting you're not trying to be very spammy and you can actually get some views from this you can attract targeted people you can also add tags so for example I can tag in this case Tik Tok so people who are interested in this or Tik Tok or making money they might potentially come across my post and might see this video link and they might click and actually subscribe to my channel now this is a bonus website but you can actually join our free community on Discord where people are supporting each other on YouTube so they're growing each other's channels watching each other's videos they're giving each other feedback and sharing experience and all of that is completely free so if you want to join that community and network with hundreds of other entrepreneurs from around the world that are also doing YouTube you can just click on some of the links in the description box down below again it's completely free if you want to do it do it if not let's go to the next one website number three is actually Tik Tok combined with their creativity program because now you can actually get paid to drive traffic to your YouTube channel for free so you can use Tik Tok to post short clips that promote your YouTube channel and your YouTube vide videos and if you're approved for the Tik Tok creativity program you can even make money like I previously shared I literally make thousands of dollars from the creativity program and we are using all of those views and all of that traffic to send people to different YouTube channels and you can promote those YouTube channels in your bio you can even connect your YouTube channel directly so people can just click and go directly from Tik Tok to your YouTube channel and it's kind of easy to get a lot of views and go viral on Tik Tok nowadays now getting approved for the Tik Tok creativity program can be really tricky so I made this free tutorial where I show how to actually get accepted from any country around the world and how to get accepted instantly so it doesn't matter if you're from the US or not what I share in this tutorial is how to access the creativity program from any country in the world so you can also make money from Tik Tok while sending traffic to your YouTube channel and that's absolutely free you can watch it just search for Dave nck Tik Tok creativity program another platform that I've been using to get free traffic and another website where you can promote your YouTube channel for free is medium.com and this is a platform where you can generate articles and blog post or you can share articles and blog posts and you can get traffic from them so for example I wrote this article which talks about 16 YouTube automation niches but in this article I have not only promoted my affiliate links and I have not only promoted my offers but I also promoted my YouTube videos If you scroll at the bottom you can see that they have a free tutorial here so people can watch my YouTube video and a lot of people searching for YouTube automation niches are obviously going to be interested in that topic so they might potentially watch that video as well and I published this article yesterday so if you open up the story stats we can see that so far I got 70 views and in 24 hours which is pretty cool consid

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