I have multiple passions and don’t know what to focus on here’s what to do

number five is a very important one if you miss all the other questions all the other points make sure you don't miss this one if you clicked on this video then I'm guessing that you somewhat have a similar struggle to the one that I have now I call it a struggle but I'm also learning to see it as a blessing because girl when I tell you that I am multi-passionate multi-talented multi-skilled I could be doing many different things but that's not how we move forward right like that's not how we progress in life so if you're the kind of person who one minute you want to build a digital media platform that empowers women financially the next minute you want to build a jewelry company the next minute you want to be an author that writes about babies or you found a new thing that you're passionate about girl I feel you I am just like you like sitting down and building this platform Brick by Brick since 2021 is not my core nature like girl you have no idea how many times I have wanted to tear it all down and start something new and this was even a result of me tearing something else down and starting this but I digress if you struggle with this and you have too many business ideas and you haven't executed anyone and you feel like you're going around in circles but you need Clarity you need a clear path to follow so that you can actually see some success then this is the video for you I have made notes okay I have written down the eight things that have helped me that help me make the decision that I finally made and even going forward even the other things that I'm working on right now being strategic with them these eight things have helped pick which thing is a business idea worth pursuing and which is not so we're going to run through these eight get your pen get your piece of paper or note card or whatever it is you use to take notes the first thing is you have to ask ask yourself a very serious and important question okay do I enjoy the process of doing this thing that I'm interested in doing or do I just like the end result so for example I like candles as you can see there's a candle right there and even though this is an artificial candle if you've watched my videos for a while there's always some kind of candle I decided to go artificial cuz candles can be toxic but I do like candles but like I said candles can be toxic so I don't see myself actually sitting down and making these candles but there was a time in my life when I thought oh I really like candles I should start a candle business and there are some people who are like I really like journals I should start a journal company okay do you actually like the process of making candles do you actually like the process of running a Candle Company you might be looking at me and saying oh my gosh what she's doing seems so easy I could just turn on my mic and start like five videos in a lot of people have tried this and quit why because everything is a process you might like what you're seeing you might like the end result of someone else's thing but if it's not a process that you're willing to commit yourself to day in and day out week in and week out without burning out then it's not your seeing so you want to write out all the processes that you don't mind going through I'm the kind of person who has to be in an office setting I now know that about myself so my work has to either be inside of a studio on a desk in front of a computer I am not the person who will be going to this mall or this store or jumping to this place or that place with that business partner or stuff like that so I know that I cannot be an architect for example I cannot run an architectural firm where you have to actually physically go to places or a business that requires me to travel to another country to buy Fabrics like that's not me I want to be sitting behind a desk and I want my work to happen from end to end on my computer or in my studio and if I'm not here then I'm on a stage somewhere that's me I have told myself the truth about myself so you have to tell yourself the truth about the processes you are also willing to go through so that's number one number two does the end result solve anyone's problem if it solves a problem then you can get paid for it if it doesn't solve anyone's problem and it's a process you don't mind going through day in and day out then it can be a hobby right like people only pay you people will only gravitate to you if what you're doing or what you're sharing is beneficial to them if what you're doing brings pleasure to you but is not beneficial to anyone then you're not going to make money off it because money is just an exchange of value I give you value you give me money in return so you have to find out if the things you've listed in point number one would actually add value to someone else's life because that is literally the only way we get paid in this world if you're a young person and you're wondering how do people make money by adding value to other people's lives there's no other way you're not going to press magical buttons or do anything blah blah blah because this channel has a lot of business and side house ideas some people come thinking I'm going to tell them oh just breathe into the air money will come no not here not here you actually have to give value to get money the third question you need to ask is is the need strong enough so in number two we've said do people need the thing so for example people need candles for self-care and all of that good stuff but I really don't care much about who I buy my candles from as long as it's cute and it goes with the aesthetic of my room I'm going to buy that candle now if the thing that you're going into business for is something that people don't strongly need something that people can live without then you have to be willing to do the work of marketing and branding because that's the only way you can get people to buy things that they don't actually need like how many times have you been scrolling on Instagram and you just saw this post about a woman using some things that she got from Amazon that you had no idea that you ever needed and now you're on Amazon making that purchase is it just me let me know in the comment section if you've ever bought anything just because you saw it online now that is good marketing that is good promotion that person is probably an influencer who is showing you the thing but for other products and services if you're not willing to put in a lot of effort into marketing and branding then you might want to focus on a niche or an industry where you're really solving people's Str wrong pain points the fourth question you want to ask before you do something is is it scalable I know everyone and their mamas are trying to be coaches these days right there's business coach marriage coach life coach this thing coach everybody's a coach okay but like the coaching business is a oneon-one model which means you're handholding you

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