How I Changed My Life | by setting boundaries, training myself & changing my negative mindset

you want to give from a place of overflow an overflow won't happen until your cup is full and your cup wouldn't get full if people keep poking holes in your cup and this is why good sis you need to if you're wondering why i'm coming to you podcast style today it's because we have something very important to talk about in today's video i'm gonna share 10 things not one not five but ten things that if you do all ten you would see a positive shift in your life so if this is the kind of content that you enjoy and you want more mindset videos like this one then go ahead and hit the like button and i usually don't make guarantees in my videos i never do but in today's video i guarantee you that if you do all the 10 things i'm gonna share in this video whatever you start would work it doesn't matter if it's a youtube channel if it's a podcast if it's a book if it's a business it's gonna work out if you do all ten you can't just do three and then leave the other three i have used this system to get what used to be my dream job and now i've used it to build this youtube channel so if you're ready to do the work like if you're ready to do the internal work to change your life then leave a comment down below just saying i'm ready i'm ready just type i'm ready in the comment section i will go down there and put a heart next to every single i'm ready number one is to make vision cards what in the world are vision cards like what girl let me put you on let me put you on just got some flash cards okay and write out your best life scenario honey it works now this doesn't replace a vision board i know vision boards work i have one right behind this camera right now that i look at every single time i walk into my studio however when i'm not in this studio i want to be reminded of what my life's vision is i've been traveling a lot recently and whenever i'm on the plane i just whip it out for my purse and start looking at it it's so funny because one of my vision cards actually says have patricia bright's job at the time when i made these vision cards she was the only woman who looked like me that was doing this which actually brings me to the second thing that you need to do the second thing is to find blueprint people this is why representation matters it's so difficult to be what you can't see and the thing that you want to do might not be to build a youtube channel or to build a podcast or to start a business but whatever it is that you want to do you want to make sure that you find people who are like you who have done it successfully especially people who started from where you currently are number three is to set solid boundaries so you can fill your cup think of your cup like a silicone or a rubber cut when people poke holes in your cup you will be leaking from everywhere your cup would no longer be whole you want to give from a place of overflow an overflow won't happen until your cup is full and your cup wouldn't get full if people keep poking holes in your cup and this is why good sis you need to set boundaries number four is to plant one seed at a time when i had my corporate job i used to think of all the different things i could possibly do that's why this channel is flourishing because i have ideas for days i had a full spreadsheet of all the things that a person could possibly do to generate income and to live life on their own terms however you don't want to get carried away doing different things at the same time because there's power in focus people ask me all the time how come your videos are so good how come your channel is growing so fast how come you're so intentional about this youtube thing and that's because i'm not trying to build a youtube channel and a podcast at the same time and an instagram page and everything will just be like half done half done have to know i believe in doing one thing well and then diversifying from that one thing so i know you're passionate about a lot of things honey i'm with you i also know you have a lot of skills a lot of talents a lot of things to give to the world just pick one at a time number five oh number three was good but actually number five is the most important if you don't listen to anything else that i say in this video make sure you listen to this one audit your relationships you can't choose your mama you can't choose your dad but you can choose your friends so you want to make sure that you're choosing people who speak life into you people who support you and people who you can support too where you are going not all of your friends will go with you because your current relationships are based off of the life that you currently live if you're unhappy with where you are in life chances are the friends that you have are like you the moment you break away from that maybe because you've read a couple of books or you've been watching this channel for a while or you strengthened your prayer life whatever it is you've done to better yourself and your mindset and now you're ready for more if you talk to the same people who are comfortable with you being down who like you when you're down who bond with you when you're down the moment you're not struggling anymore they will get uncomfortable and if you don't audit them out they would try to bring you back to where you were because that version of you is who they like and i'm not saying do away with all the relationships in your life absolutely not however you have to be intentional about who you're letting stay number six is to change your internal dialogue if you beat yourself up a lot when you make mistakes you hate yourself for it you tell yourself things like nobody would ever watch anything that i put out you might not even be aware that this is holding you back because every time you try to start a new thing you're overwhelmed with shame and fear and feeling not worthy but honey you can change it actively speak to yourself more than you listen to yourself number seven is to invest in support i know you're a superwoman i know i know you can do it all but honey you don't have to especially for example if you have a full-time job that takes all of your time but you're thinking of birthing something on the side it might be worth it to pay for a coach or a mentor who's already done what it is that you want to do and number eight is to define your why girl it won't be me if i don't recommend something right start with white this book is amazing if you don't have a strong why it's very difficult to stay motivated when the going gets tough and it does get tough it doesn't matter what it is you do there would be challenging times but if you have a very strong why like if there's a reason then it's not pointless imagine not having a why and then running into challenges you just be like what's the point this is too much what's the point but having a y gives you a point so when the tough times come when the challenges come you're like i know why i'm doing this i know why it's wort

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