Stupidly Easy $20,000/Month ChatGPT Copy Paste Method for Beginners to Make Money Online

I just found a stupidly easy way to use strategpt to make money online from anywhere in the world without spending a single dollar so what you want to do is you want to open up charge jpt and you want to create an absolutely free account now you basically just want to ask it to give you 20 best niches to sell products such as camping sports fishing travel and so on and so forth and what tragivity will do it will give you the best niches that have the highest potential to make you the most money and once it actually writes down all of those different niches you just need to ask it to give you the best 15 products to sell within each of those different niches so it's still writing them down and we have like different nations such as gardening and plant Care Arts and Crafts home decor fashion accessories kitchen and cooking supplies these are all the really really great niches and you will see exactly how you can actually make money off of this now it's gonna give me 15 different products that I can sell for example in the camping Niche or 15 different products that I can sell related to travel or 15 different products that I can sell related to skin care and as you can see it is writing them all down now while it is writing down all of these are from niches I'm going to use the camping niche as an example so we have all these different products that we can sell and make money off of them but don't worry you don't actually need to have any of these products physically you don't need an inventory or whatsoever and it also has nothing to do with Drop Shipping what you simply want to do is you want to go over to Mid Journey which is an AI tool that allows you to turn text prompts into actual images or you can also use Blue Willow which is an alternative but it is absolutely free and then you can pretty much just Join one of these groups and then you can enter a prompt imagine and then you can copy and paste that product so I'm going to copy the name of this product and I'm also going to add extreme details so I want it to be as high quality as possible and I'm also going to make it ultra realistic as well so it's going to create an image of that product so we're gonna wait for that it's gonna take them a couple of seconds to generate an image for my product and you will see exactly how we're going to use that in order to make money online with all of these different products that the chat GPT has generated for us so here we have a camping tent and as you can see these look really really good and the best part about this is that they have been generated it by AI meaning they're copyright free and also this is unique content that no one else has so here I have an image of this tent it also very very nice looking scene I would definitely love to cam here and the business model that we will be using is affiliate marketing and to prove it to affiliate marketing actually works as you can see I made over 26 000 last month with this affiliate Network so last money was five thousand dollars but in the last 30 days it was about seventeen thousand dollars with this one single affiliate Network so you essentially want to generate an image for each and every single one of these products so for example this is going to be the next product that I'm gonna generate once again I'm gonna go back to Blue Willow and I'm gonna go slash imagine and I'm gonna enter the name of that product and I'm gonna say extreme details and ultra realistic and now Blue Willow AI tool will generate an image for this product as well it's also going to take probably up to one minute now once you do that you want to go over to which is a tool that allows you to create your own store without actually having any products yourself so you can pretty much create a kit for specific different niches so for example I can click on the plus icon here I can click on create a new kit and this one is is going to be a camping kit so I'm going to type in camping kit or for example I can also add something that's related to Summer and I'm going to click on next and I can keep adding these products the chat jpt has recommended so this is going to be the first product all you're going to do is search for the product here click on this and now that's going to give me different recommendations and I will have all of these different tents that I can add with one press of a button I'm going to add this to kit and I'm going to go back and I'm going to add all 15 products to my store so the more products that you have related to each other in this case related to the camping Niche the hard chances are that you're gonna make more money because when someone wants to go camping they can go to your store and they can buy all the products that they need for camping from you and you're gonna earn a commission without actually having to sign up for any of those affiliate networks because if they buy through our Kitco store you just earn a commission so I'm gonna add these three products into just to give you an example if I click on view this kit this is how it's going to look like this is my camping kit and people can buy all these products on Amazon and I'm going to earn affiliate commission here on Kitco without actually having an account on Amazon which is pretty pretty cool I'm also going to use this first image as well from Blue Willow this is the second image that I'm gonna need so I'm going to download this to my computer save image ads all these are extremely high quality I really love the quality of these images also they have been generated by AI so what you want to do once you create your entire kit or your entire store related to that specific Niche that chatgpt gave you whether that's camping whether that's Sports whether that's fishing whatever that might be you just want to go over to and you don't want to start with a custom size and then custom size is going to be 1080 by 1920 and that's going to create this vertical design I just want to keep on uploading those those images that have been generated by mid Journey or Blue Willow and then you essentially just want to make a very very fast GIF or MP4 video where these images are very fastly changing with a headline for example six items you must have in camping or six items you might must have when fishing whatever your Niche may be and then you just want to download this either as a MP4 video or you want to download it as a gift so you want to click on this and you want to download that to your computer and here's an example video so it's going to be changing very very fast once I start playing it as you can see we have all of these different items and all these different images that are changing on the screen so what you want to do with this video that you just made is you want to go over to which is a platform working at a lot of traffic when you create these types of posts and then you just want to click on create an idea pin so not a pin but cr

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