but the moment i stopped thinking about all of that and focused on my own race and decided to be the best in my own lane everything started changing my videos started going viral my videos started getting a hundred thousand views 200 000 views i have a video with almost 000 views and it hasn't even been six months and that's the power of this one is for you girl and i know it's for you because i had a totally different video planned for today i have a video upload schedule and i was gonna make a video about side hustles because those are the videos that do well on this channel however when i tried to push back from making this video god quickly reminded me that this is not my channel i'm just a vessel so if one person is set free from fear and has the confidence to go after their god-given purpose after watching this video then my job here is done hi and welcome or welcome back to the channel if you're new here hello i'm vanessa and on this channel we talk all things earning more and building wealth and today we have a really good one but it's a little different this time it's different because today i'm not sharing business ideas or side hustle ideas or how to make money online those videos get your mind spinning with possibilities but today's video would give you practical and actionable steps to take if you struggle with fear shame or self-doubt because it's literally impossible to go out and do all the work that it takes to build what god has placed on your heart if you haven't first done the work within yourself you're gonna constantly be thinking who's gonna buy my product who's gonna watch my videos what if i fail what would my family and friends think what if i succeed would i have the capacity i'm telling you the bickering would not stop unless you nip it in the bud and while this doesn't replace things like therapy and meeting with a professional my goal for this video is to help you to see yourself the way god sees you so that you can show up for the work that he needs you to do another reason why this video is different from the other videos on the channel is that you can't just take idea number three and run with it all five points work together so i encourage you to watch it all the way to the very end and before we begin my question to you is what would you build if you had no fear and no self-doubt let me know in the comment section and without further ado let's get into the meat and the potatoes of this video number one is to get to know yourself how can you love someone you don't even know would you marry someone who you just met like literally today no you spend time getting to know someone before you can fall in love with the person and make any sort of commitment with the person it's the same with you because i didn't know myself for a very long time i studied something that i probably had no business studying in college and i actually did excellently well in that field in fact i worked in the big foreign if anyone is an accountant you know that the big four accounting firms is where all the best accounting graduates go but can you imagine all this ginger all this spice only crunching numbers all day because i didn't know myself i didn't know that i would thrive more on the streets of the internet i was out there crunching numbers for large corporations when i should have been out here making an impact and changing people's lives with my knowledge and my personality but three things really helped one i took a bunch of personality tests two i asked my family and friends to tell me about myself from their lenses and i wouldn't have had the audacity to leave corporate america to do this if i didn't spend time getting to know myself number two is to radically accept the facts of who you are this one is a big one i remember sitting on my desk and caring about the colors in my excel spreadsheet and always wanting to speak and always wanting to do other things than what i was actually doing in my day-to-day job and that self-knowledge actually started leading to self-hate like vanessa why can't you just be like this your classmate or this your co-worker like why are you the way you are and it wasn't until i went to the one who actually made me to ask what do you want from me i was like lord you're the manufacturer and i know you didn't make me for nothing i know you didn't put all these pieces together for no reason i'm gonna need you to tell me what you created me for because at that point i was seeing all the weaknesses in my personality and i wasn't paying attention to my strengths and in order for you to radically accept who you are you have to highlight your strengths i started telling myself you are creative you are supportive you are a great speaker but you're not gonna reach your full potential if all you do with your life for the next 30 years is sit behind a desk and crunch numbers on excel and that brings me to point number three position yourself in spaces that align with who you actually are there's nothing wrong with you honey if you need someone to tell you this today if this is the cake that you need i'm that someone telling you there's nothing absolutely nothing wrong with you you're probably just not in the right space so you're gonna need to take some time to find out what people with your strengths do and how they make a living doing what they do they're people with your natural talent who are out here doing the things that you want to do fine it doesn't happen overnight i started the journey in 2019 i spent 2020 trying to understand how the youtube platform works and in june 2021 i started this channel at a time when i even thought it was too late to start a youtube channel look at where we are now i would never have been able to touch your life in the way that i probably have if i had stayed in a different space number four is to focus on your own race i have friends in the world bank i have friends who work in companies like goldman sachs and mckenzie and i used to just look at them and think what would all these people think about me starting a youtube channel but the moment i stopped thinking about all of that and focused on my own race and decided to be the best in my own lane everything started changing my videos started going viral my video started getting a hundred thousand views 200 000 views i have a video with almost 500 000 views and it hasn't even been six months and that's the power of focus don't look at what anybody else is doing just you do your best at what it is you do whether that's making youtube videos selling prints painting whatever it is honey just own it with all of you and pour all of yourself into it for your faith pour your identity pour your beliefs pour your strength support your knowledge and watch how people would gravitate to you number five is to stay dedicated even when you don't feel motivated some days you wake up and you feel energetic after watching maybe one of my videos and other days you fee

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