NEW INSTAGRAM FEATURE GUIDES | What are Instagram Guides & How To Use Them? In-depth tutorial

if you are wondering what the heck are Instagram guides should I even be making these guides how can I get access to this feature if my account doesn't already have it we're going over all of that and more in this video what's up everyone it's Modern Millie welcome or welcome back to my channel where I post videos every Wednesday teaching you the latest strategies and Trends on social media so give a little love tap on that subscribe button to stay up to date on all the latest tips and tricks that I have for you first I want to say a huge thank you to this video's shout outs I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you so if you want to get a shout out and of my future videos screenshot yourself watching this video and tag me on Instagram stories or leave a comment below and subscribe to my channel as always time Stamps will be in the comments down below because I know how valuable your time is and you already know why you're here so let's get into it if you've been living on another planet or under a rock and you're not aware Instagram has released their biggest update yet we thought the big change was going to be Instagram reals but boy we're we wrong if you're looking for a real tutorial make sure to check out my YouTube video in the card above anyway so the design of the Instagram app has completely changed along with many new functionalities that we were not prepared for the newest feature that I'm going to be going over today is Instagram guides Instagram guides has been slowly rolling out and being tested on certain accounts before it went Global if you do not have access to this feature yet stick around because I'll be showing you a trick for how you can get it on your account what are Instagram guides this is a new tool that allows anyone to share their favorite products places or posts in the most beautiful editorialized way on Instagram this basically means that users now have the ability to create a long form text content and a dedicated tab on Instagram think of them almost like blog post they give off very uh pinteresty Vibes if you will Instagram's goal with Instagram guides was to make it easier for users to find curate and share certain products places and posts they also want their users to stay on their platform longer so by creating a blog like content option instead of having their users direct their followers to their website or blog they can now direct their followers to to a guide overall making the Instagram app more successful before I jump into the visual tutorial using a screen recording on my phone I want to know what you guys think about the Instagram update what do you guys think about it where do you think Instagram is going to take this in the future so now to create any sort of new piece of content the quickest way to do that is using the plus button in the top right almost middle of your iPhone this plus icon right here but as you can see uh there's nowhere to do a guide so you have to go to your profile then press the plus button and then you have more options for creating content there so from your profile top right hand corner plus sign you could then in the bottom you see guides so that is what you would select for those of you who are thinking I don't have Instagram guides on my account I don't have that option what do I do um what you can do is go to an account that has an Instagram guide already on it as you're watching or by the time you're watching this video I will have guides on my Instagram so you can go to mine and use this hack there you're going to go to an account that already has Instagram guides and the guides tab is the little newspaper click on that and at the when you open one of their guides scroll to the very bottom and you'll see this option that says create guide by clicking this option or by clicking this button you will then be able to have or you'll Force almost this feature onto your account so that is how you can create a guide if you don't have that option already we are just going to do it the good old classic guide guide way and the three options that they present to you are places products and posts when you are creating a guide you can think of it more like a list of recommendations so when you click places you can choose a place and then you're able to select photos that have tagged this location and create a guide based off of those photos you could also go to your saved photos or your own posts to create a place guide for products you can search through different brands products I believe it starts with brands that you're already following but you could search for a specific brand and then select products that they have listed right now I'm really loving um Iris and Bose's skincare line so I can make like my skincare routine guide and select all of the face products that I use for my skincare routine and create a guide solely on that alone and then posts and then you could create a guide like I said with all of your posts now what I suggest doing if you're going to create a guide based off of your post if you're somebody like me who already has a bunch of captions written I would first start by going through your feed and saving your posts into its own um folder when you save a photo you can save to a collection and I right here you see all my guide ideas so these are going to be guides so I'm going to do a Vegas guide a Palm Springs guide Instagram Basics guide I also want to do like this photo is very motivation so I could create one called um entrepr new motivation guide save and then when I'm ready to create my guide and publish it I'll go to posts saved and then at the top where it says all saved there's an arrow and it'll actually pull up all of your saved collections or your saved folders so that's like the quickest way to be able to create a guide right now I think the guide that I'm going to create is the let's do um the Vegas guide I'll select all these photos next and then you could add a title you could change the cover I think I want my cover to be insta worthy my goodness wow places to shoot in Vegas and then you put a description in your titles and descriptions if you're not already familiar with SEO or like keyword research then I highly suggest you start looking into it because rumor has it or people have been talking about that the fact that Instagram might be making their search bar in the Explorer or in their Explorer a little bit more SEO friendly so in the future you might not even have to have hashtags to be discovered as long as you're using keywords or searchable terms within your captions titles descriptions your content could pop up and then you could add a title and a description to each post so when you click next there's a few options that you could do so you could preview it so this is what um your followers or anybody who comes across this guide would see this is exactly what it would look like so very simple maybe in the description when I go back I could add li

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