6 Reputable Organizations Giving Away FREE Money Without Any Strings Attached – Up To US$60K

we live in a world where skepticism is usually the response for free money and understandably so but it's both surprising and heartening to actually discover that there are indeed websites out there that's giving away money with no strings attached and the phrase without any strings attached usually comes with a hefty dose of disbelief because it sounds too good to be true but what if I told you that such opportunities do exist and that they are more accessible than you may think and importantly these are not loans and the websites that I'll be sharing are definitely legitimate with many testimonials and success stories out there all over the Internet with people sharing how they have benefited so in this video I will share six websites that are giving away money with no strings attached and they're giving away anywhere from ,000 to as much as $60,000 so whether you're on the hunt for a little Financial boost or you're exploring new avenues to augment your earnings or simply intrigued by the concept of the No Strings Attached generosity online this video is for you I'll share with you what these websites are about and most importantly how you can benefit from this free money rockstars welcome back thank you for your loyalty and if you are a club member or a subscriber on patreon I'm grateful and if you are a YouTube member thank you as well for your support now the first method or I should say website where you you can get free money online with no strings attached is Faith counts and their website is Faith counts.com now Faith counts is a nonprofit non denominational organization that's actually comprised of over a 100 million people of Faith communities of course who have come together to share a simple message Faith counts their YouTube channel is my Faith counts and they have as you can see here on screen over 18,000 subscribers and over 8 million views since 2014 so you can easily look them up online and you'll quickly find that it's very reputable now as per their website fate counts is on a simple mission to promote the value of faith and the centerpiece of Faith counts is a collaborative social media Med effort that actually tells powerful stories about how Faith counts how Faith actually inspires empowers and motivates billions of people across the world from every religion who are inspired by their faith to serve the most vulnerable Among Us in places like soup kitchens in schools in hospitals in homeless shelters and through many other humanitarian causes all Faith groups are welcome so it's all inclusive now all that said here is how you're going to get access to this free money do you know an individual a group or an organization that's actively putting faith into action by working towards a better and more just society and of course they can do this by serving their communities and addressing societ Al needs I can think of a few persons even one person that I coach who comes to mine who's built her entire life around lifting women up who have been sexually abused and if I can think of one person right off the bat if I give it thought I know I can think of three and so can you all you have to do is to make a two-minute video with your smartphone it doesn't have to be with high quality video recording equipment M and as I'm showing here on screen this is how it works but you upload that video to your YouTube account which you'll need a channel and use the faith counts hashtag and fill out the entry form on their actual website you must be 18 years or older to qualify and what they're going to do is they're going to short list 10 videos that are eligible for the fan favorite award from those same 10 finalists Faith counts also will judge and select the grand prize winner and that person is going to get $20,000 and they're also going to select someone for an honorable mention and they're going to get $2,500 again free money with no strings attached and the fan favorite this person will be chosen by popular votes on the faith counts.com so after your video is posted if you're shortlisted in one of the 10 get your family and friends to go over there and vote because you'll be able to get $10,000 if you're selected as the winner and of course this is $10,000 now keep in mind that there are submission periods and when you're watching this video the submission period could be closed or it could be opened if it's closed just stay tuned on their website because it's going to be open again because it's open periodically and when the opportunity comes just go ahead and take the video as a matter of fact if it's closed use that time to strategize and determine who you're going to record with that two-minute video so the minute it opens up you go ahead you do the recording you upload the video and now you can leverage an opportunity to benefit from some free money and we're talking about thousands of dollars here with no strings attached to apply just visit their website which is Faith count.com and select film your faith from the menu as you see me doing here and follow the steps to apply when the application process is open for submissions and I'm going to put this link as well as all the other links that I'm going to mention today on patreon so that you can click them and get straight to the website as opposed to typing them in based on me either vocalizing them or popping up the web pages here so that you can get the correct spelling I'll also put a link below this video that will take you to that link on patreon with all the different links for the platforms that I'm going to mention in this video now the second method or website that you can use to get access to free money with no strings attached is ideas caf's small business grants and this grant is aimed at supporting on entrepreneurs with a $1,000 award and there's no need for your business to be established for you to apply so rockstars any of you can qualify the process for application is very straightforward you become an idea Cafe regular which is a simple sign up process and then you apply for the grant without the need for an entry fee or even a complete business plan or anything like that for that matter winners are chosen based on community votes making it essential to engage the idea Community to get support for you to become a winner for more details again I'm going to put the link on patreon that you can click and get access to start your application process to leverage this free money with no strings attached online the third option on our list is Amber business and this is actually a grant that targets women it's sponsored by women's net and you'll be able to benefit from a th000 to as much as $10,000 for female-owned businesses now they select a winner every single month which is one of the reasons I really like this grant that's being offered and at the end of the year one of the monthly winners receive an award of $10,000 the application process actually encourages you to share your story and

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