Before you start an Etsy shop, consider these alternatives (WARNINGS ABOUT ETSY, WHAT TO DO INSTEAD)

if you're thinking about starting an Etsy shop but you're not actually sure if you should start an Etsy shop or you should start another kind of business this is the video for you I've been making a ton of videos on how to start an Etsy shop but if we zoom out for a minute I'm not sure that an Etsy Shop is the best thing for everybody so I want to give you this wider perspective today so in this video when I'm talking about Etsy I am specifically talking about selling digital products or digital downloads I'm not talking about handmade stuff if someone were to ask me hey Dina I really want start a business or a side business would I actually tell them to start an Etsy shop or not I would say it really depends if you want to make cash fast and use the cash to eventually quit your job and make a full-time income I would say Etsy is not the best way it's also not print on demand and it's also not making a faceless YouTube channel with AI and I'm speaking in general terms here cuz I know there are people who have been very very successful doing those three things but I want to say in general if you're just at the point of starting a business and you're brainstorming what you should do I don't think selling on Etsy making digital products is a good way to make cash fast if you want to have a very sustainable business in the long term where you can make money and then quit your job also if you want to make passive income I would say selling digital products on Etsy is not as passive as you think it is because from what I've seen and from my own experience and also from what I've read in the comment section of my videos you need to upload consistently like I would say at least once a week at the minimum for Etsy to see that you're an active seller and like if you're an active seller then Etsy is going to promote your products more and and you're going to show up so if you want to make true passive income where it's really really passive I don't think Etsy is the best way you can still sell digital products I think there are other ways where you can sell digital products passively that are better than using the Etsy platform and for me I want to make passive income as well but let me tell you it is so hard cuz there's actually a lot to set up and I would say my true my sources of income that are like true passive income is my affiliate income and like commissions from Amazon Associates and also a couple other companies where I have affiliate links for now if you want to start a business to supplement your 9 to5 income or if you just want to Tinker on the side because you're interested in selling digital products and you're just curious how Etsy is I would say maybe do it so if you truly do want to start an Etsy shop selling digital products I would say there are two things to consider one is do you have a good Niche so the people I know who have started an Etsy shop and have been successful are the ones where they went into starting their Etsy Shop already knowing their Niche because they have experience in their Niche rather than if you say okay I just want to start an Etsy shop and I want to sell digital products and let me find a good Niche to sell digital products in and I'm doing all this market research well I do think you can do that but I think in the end like are you going to be interested in that Niche first of all second of all do you have know knowledge in that Niche and third of all do you really want to spend all of that time researching The Niche so you can make products in that Niche I have a good friend who started an Etsy shop I would say about 4 months ago and he has under 10 listings I think he has like nine listings and he told me that last month he made $400 in Revenue which is more than what I make and I have like 50 something listings now and then every single month I'm averaging like 300 in Revenue so like I am jealous of him but the thing is he knew the niche he started the shop and he is the user of his own product that's why he could design such great products because he's literally the one using it the second thing to consider is do you have graphic design experience and do you have like an eye for Aesthetics so I do think anybody can learn graphic design and learn like what looks good what doesn't you can totally cultivate that but I think if you naturally have an eye for design it will help so much and if you don't I don't know if it's worth it for you to learn graphic design and canva and like designing and like if you don't know how to like format things in a very nice way I think you could be spending your time elsewhere and there are probably skills that you are already sort of good at that you can monetize so really think about that graphic design Aesthetics aspect I think there are two really big downsides to selling on Etsy and those two things are number one you don't have a lot of control over things and number two it's low pricing in general and there's a lot of competition so the first one no control Etsy makes all the rules you need to follow the rules they can suspend your account anytime they can change the rules like literally last month they just changed the image thingy from rectangle to square and now I have to like think about how to make things fit so it's like a like fits into the square and like I just hate that Etsy could shut down anytime or go down because someone maintenance issue or something like something could happen to the website and also they can change the algorithm so if you're making a lot of sales in one month you might be not making sales in another month so you don't have a lot of control over a lot of things the second is low pricing and there's a lot of competition and this also applies to handmade goods and like physical stuff that you sell so when I used to coach calligraphers on how to start a calligraphy business there weren't many times where I suggested people to start an Etsy shop to sell their calligraphy Services because the pricing is so low Etsy is like the lowest price you will find for anything that you want to buy and the prices can sometimes just get lower and lower and lower and this is what I've actually seen with the first group of products that I made for my own shop the prices used to start at $10 or $30 but now I'm seeing some stuff that is $5 and I'm like well my thing is priced at $15 but now someone's selling it for $5 like who's going to buy my thing for $15 so there are a lot of people trying to undercut each other so that they are the lowest and they're like they seem like the more worth it to the customer but it just like spirals down you actually need a a lot of other skills as well so for example you need marketing skills you need to know how to Market your listings listings photos are so important you also need to know SEO fortunately for me I had a Blog I have a YouTube channel so I understand how SEO Works another one is writing skills when you design your templates you're

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