** 3 SECRET FREE Apps Paying REAL Money in SA Must-Have NOW!**

hey guys welcome back to my channel and thank you so much for tuning in in this video I'm going to be sharing with you three free apps that anyone in South Africa can use to make money online or maybe just to put back money into their pockets or bank account they are freely available all over South Africa and anyone can download to start making money today so if that is something that would interest you do stick with me until the end of this video as I'll be showing you each app and also take you through what you can expect and how you can make their money and of course if you are from Namibia also do listen up because one of these app has been recently or newly introduced to Namibia you can use it to make money from there as well so yes guys I'm not going to waste any more time if you are new here thank you so much for joining us welcome to this channel my name is Queen magy I share information on how to make money online and that's what you will find in this Channel and to all my subscribers my loving loyal Suppy family my gang I love that you guys actually show up in the comment section and be like hey gang I'm the first today I'm the second it never goes unnoticed I really appreciate it without wasting any more time let's get started with these different apps and have a look at what they have to offer us all right guys so the first moneymaking app is a truly useful one it's going to save you some money and put it back into your bank account whenever you go shopping this app has partnered with retailers such as shop ride Checkers woolward PE and pay Spa macro and many others that you get to learn of once you explore this money-making app and I've seen quite a lot of videos online about people who have made it work we are using this app to save some money and the money that you save you can literally transfer it to your bank account withdraw it as cash or use it to shop further invest it that will be your money you can do whatever you like so the app that I'm talking about is snap and save it's found on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store as you'll see here I'm already logged into my account there are over 16 million Rand in available cash back offers and yes guys they are available for you as I scroll down you'll see that they have different kinds of items and you'll see that these are everyday stationary food items that you probably shop you know on a weekly monthly or daily basis to get started here you will need to sign up of because you go to the homepage and select the sign up it's free button and of course you're going to first have to fill in your mobile number and confirm your phone number you'll then land on a form that will take you just a few seconds to complete it's just for you to fill in a few profile information like your name and so on now once you've signed up you can start making or saving money immediately on your grocery items and what you do is you pre-book items on their app just to show you an example if I was to shop this item from mro over here I'll select the book button and it's going to show me information here you can buy 10 of these and get 50 rents back once you are done booking your items on the app you will need to go to any major retailer in South Africa or where the item or the discount is found you shop you keep your receipt because you have to scan your receipt to show that you've shopped items that you have booked on the snap and save app in order for you to get your cash back and that's just how it works in case you're wondering how you're going to receive the money that you have saved that has been given back to you they have the my wallet tab over here and this is how you're going to see your balance how much you already saved and how much you can transfer to your bank account because you can transfer this money to your bank account now lately I've heard from different people saying that when you transfer the funds from snap and save it's not an instant process you might need to wait like 5 to seven days another thing I want to mention is when you sign up to snap and save they're going to give you free five rents you know when you're signing up this available for anyone as long as you scan any till slep any till slep that you can scan you will get five friends as a sign up bonus and of course there are other bonuses that you can earn in this platform the second app that I'm going to show you is one that I can guarantee that if you sign up today in one day you can make money it's built the same for everyone and I know this because I have signed up to this platform even in this year I've already made some money for the beginning of the year you can expect to make up to 300 R in one day with this app provided you have the time to do all the task in the platform which might not be possible in one day but for the task that you will actually participate or do you can make money today it's called the old Mutual rewards old Mutual rewards is an app that's going to reward you for being money smart they have courses within the app that they're going to reward you for participating but let's take a look at this app together shall we and I did mention in the beginning that if you are in Namibia you might want to listen up because they've introduced an app in Namibia and this is the app that's now currently available to join old Mutual rewards you'll select the join now button on their homepage here so this is how the sign up form will look like you're going to tell the company about yourselves you'll fill in your first name here your surname you also have to fill in your South African ID your passport or your nons South African ID with this platform it is a requirement old muchal is a legit company a legit platform that has been around for many decades so in case you're not trusting you can check out more information about old mucha I'll leave you guys a link in the description box down below as well as links to all the apps that I'll be mentioning all right guys so once you're logged into your old M app it will look similar whether you are using your mobile phone you're working on the app or you're working on your desktop computer or laptop right now I'm showing you from my desktop computer this is how it looks like once you're into the app you have all these tabs over here you have the dashboard that's going to show you your wallet and how much is available in your wallet as you can see I have 83 rent this is money that I earned in a few hours and I earned it for absolutely free but to start earning in this platform you going to come to the end tab over here as you'll see here you can end for Fitness you can end by different kinds of Assessments and they also have the 227 app and I think it's an incredible app that helps you track your spending your savings your investment and everything and of course they're going to reward you for doing that in this app in order to earn your first 100 RS you need to accumulate at least 1,

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