MAKE $400 PER DAY WITH NEW AI BOT (Make Money Online 2024)

today we're diving into something seriously cool that's been making waves in the online world I stumbled upon this mind-blowing tool called Rask Ai and let me tell you it's a GameChanger but before we get into that let me drop some fun fact facts that'll blow your mind did you know that Rask AI can translate videos and audio into a whopping 130 languages yeah you heard that right it's like having a universal translator right at your fingertips plus it's not just about translation it can detect multiple speakers and even clone voices in different Lang languages how crazy is that now here's the kicker with this tool you can take your content Global without breaking a sweat imagine speaking in English and with just one click reaching audiences in Spanish Hindi Russian you name it and the best part you don't need to be a tech genius or have a massive following to use it so stick around because I've got five jaw-dropping ways to make money online using rasque AI that you definitely don't want to miss and hey if you dig what you're hearing don't forget to smash that like button and hit subscri subscribe for more mind-blowing content coming your way let's get into it the tool we'll use is called Rask AI with one click it translates videos and audio into 130 languages sounding professional you can speak English in a video and with one click speak Arabic or other languages I've made $900 plus as an affiliate but I'll show you five ways to use this tool for your online business rasque AI translates content into 130 languages detects multiple speakers and offers voice cloning in various languages soon adding lip syncing to make money I first thought of leveraging my personal brand like my YouTube channel which earns thousands of dollars monthly I wanted to increase revenue and grow my brand with minimal effort for example there's a channel called davee Spanish which has expanded its reach by creating several channels in different languages just by using this AI tool with rasque AI it can easily translate the videos at the touch of a button to do this you sign up upload your video or audio file name your project select the number of speakers choose the original language and then translate it into another language like Spanish Portuguese Hindi or Russian clicking translate does all the work for me some of the Spanish videos have gained tens of thousands of views drawing in an audience from diverse countries here's another fantastic opportunity discover rasque ai's affiliate program joining rasque ai's affiliate program is simple head over to the rasque AI website scroll down to the bottom and you'll spot the affiliate program waiting for you once you're there it's just a matter of signing up setting up your account and grabbing your unique affiliate link now the fun part starts share this link far and wide inviting folks to explore rasque Ai and here's the magic when they decide to snag a plan through your special link you will earn a sweet commission it's a win-win for everyone involved earning while spreading the word about a tool that's changing the game one way to promote your links is by reaching out to YouTube creator s find their email addresses in their about sections and send them an email you can use a pre-written email template or craft your own explain the advantages of rasque AI highlighting how it can expand their Global audience grow their Channel and brand and boost their revenue most importantly if you're using the same template as me make sure to add your name the Creator's name and your affiliate link attach that link to the email so that when readers click if they buy anything through your link and end up paying for rasque AI you'll earn a commission that's how I made a lot of money with their affiliate program another way is by sharing articles on a site like do you can use AI tools such as chat GPT to create blog posts easily I prefer ask writing AI because it does it all for me and is optimized for search engines which might help me rank highly on Google I'll use just one AI generated image no YouTube videos I'll generate keywords for better chances of ranking on Google then run the tool to create a whole article I can publish on dot I'll include my affiliate Link in the article to get people to sign up and earn passive income I've got the article generated and now I'll copy it go to comma paste it and add a call to action like click here to try Rask AI for free with my affiliate link this way when I publish it it could rank well on Google and bring traffic from the platform itself another way to make money with rasque ai's affiliate program is to create YouTube videos about it you can film in one language say English and then use Rask AI to translate it into others make tutorials about ask ai's benefits of translating content effortlessly with just one click and direct viewers to your affiliate Link in the video description I really enjoy using YouTube to get more visitors because it's not just about the free traffic from YouTube itself you also earn money from YouTube for the views on your videos so while you're directing traffic to your affiliate link and making money through affiliate marketing YouTube pays you too for instance on one of my popular 10-minute videos I made $118,000 just from ad Revenue plus I include links in the description that bring in more Revenue another way to make money with rasque AI is by offering services on platforms like Fiverr or upwork people charge around $15 for 100 words of content translation which you can easily do with a button- click using rasque AI you could sell this service directly rather than as an affiliate it's simple someone buys the service from you you use rasque Ai and voila you can translate content professionally clone voices in different languages and deliver it to your client personally I find it most helpful to translate my content into different languages to reach more people globally expanding my brand and business there are lots of ways to use ai ai saving money on translation and dubbing Services making money through their affiliate program and more thanks a bunch for watching this video till the end I hope you enjoyed diving into this topic as much as I did if you found any value here consider giving that thumbs up a little click it really helps this community Thrive and hey if you want to stay updated on more content like this don't forget to hit that subscribe button below ring that notification bell too so you're always the first to know when new videos drop your support fuels this Channel and makes all of this possible can't wait to see you in the next video where we'll explore even more together thanks again and until next time take care and keep exploring I hope you found this video useful and if you did don't forget to give it a thumbs up and if you haven't already subscribe to this Channel with notification turned on so you don't miss out on any new content

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