The Secret To Building A Successful YouTube Channel According To One Of YouTube’s Biggest Stars

with brand deals um i am very picky i'm sure it annoys my agent he actually tells me like like you need to stop being so picky you're like you take the least amount of brands out of all my clients but i i believe that i have to do that because my fans love me they trust me and i don't want to sell them something that i don't believe in myself and that's taking advantage of their trust and their love and especially some of them are younger than me it's an advantage of power dynamic so that is why i always say yes to but one percent of brand deals like no amount of money is worth like your integrity what's been the biggest lesson you've learned around creating a business through youtube i started off on an iphone like in one of those like old iphones that suck and you could see that my first video looks terrible i look terrible because the lighting's terrible i'm using the lighting for my monitor so it but my point though is none of that matters if you just gotta be consistent you have to your fans have to say you're passionate because i never thought i could make money off of this this was a passion hobby and i think that shows and don't let these little things hold you back just start that's the most important thing start be consistent work hard i believe that anybody can achieve anything they want as long as they want it hard enough

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