7 Steps to Start A Business With No Money (Zero Capital) In 2023 (WORLDWIDE)

you're already broke you already don't have money you're already running on a zero Capital why do you want to spend money on this channel I've always talked about how to save and how to invest but how does one actually save and invest with low income which is why in this video I'm going to be sharing with you how to start a small business with zero capital from anywhere in the world now remember this is not some get rich quick scheme this is the kind of skin that you put in the work and the effort so it doesn't sound like something you're interested in or if you want to start a small business by Design then sit back and make sure you subscribe to this channel if you want to enjoy more videos like this now before we go right into the video remember starting a business could be quite hard difficult tasking challenging effort you can name it anything you want but I need you to know that without perseverance being diligent and putting in a lot of work would Grant you success or will give you your desired results now let's get right into the video because I do not want to support you plenty dots now the first step to start a business from anywhere in the world is to offer their business to make money you obviously need to rendering service and like I would always say all you need to do is look around they are obviously tons of services out there that you can be rendering an example of the service I'll be using throughout this video is addressing all you need to do is reach out to friends and families and even local businesses around you to see if they need your service and they get paid for it I mean everybody needs to make their hair or half of the people in the world that are women need to make their hair even guys so you just have to start by reaching out to your friend I collaps you need my service I don't University myself okay but basically just reach out to a friend by asking if they need your service and then you get paid for it other services include cleaning graphic designing and many more step number two to building a small business with zero capital is to sell your service to social media since you're already a addresser it will be very easy for you to leverage your service to social medias like Instagram like Facebook social media platform you are currently using you should be able to leverage on that and sell your service to it another way to sell your service to social media is by selling product related to what you are currently doing for example you're an addresser you can sell small products like Recaps airbrushes shampoo egg cream I mean for example when I made this air I didn't even see any of the product that you really use I just saw that oh this is kind of thing I want to make and then she brought this attachment it's not even called an attachment it's like a series of not the first time I would see and then she wrote it whether she bought it or whether she has already in a store or she want to get it somewhere I believe she has made a little bit of money from it step number three to building a successful small business is to utilize free resources okay this is very crucial because you want to make sure you continue to build your skills you continue to improving whatever you're doing for example a address that you want to make sure you link the current trading account we don't want to be making ponytail now and you are still making Ghana baby no you want to make sure you continue to improve on your skills and to improve your excuse using free resources you want to make sure you are attending free workshops free seminars or even watch YouTube videos like this one when you're sharing or how to make coupon details or how to together with me I remember posting a video where I went to a salon to make my hair and I did this ponytable hair that that video currently has about 850 000 views and I'm not even a hairdresser okay I made tons of money from that video trust me I want to believe that the video went viral because so many people want to learn how to make that hairstyle so which made it viral and I mean I made money and they learned whatever it is they learn but what I'm trying to say in this video is that you want to make sure you utilize free resources as much as you can the step number four to building is successful small business is to partner with others now partnership is one of the best thing that can help you grow a little bit more now the good thing with partnership is that the other person has some sort of complementary skills that would help push your business a little bit further which makes it a win-win situation for both of you for example if you are already a dresser you can partner with a makeup artist you make the hair and the person does like the whole makeup and I want to believe you should be able to take pictures on your phone right okay and if you can't you can also partner with a photographer or a videographer that way we the three of you can put in the work if you heard the person does the makeup and another person takes a picture or take the video you can see that the three of you are all helping each other so when me as the address I post on my Instagram and says everybody experience the makeup artist says oh makeup by Shola and then the photographers right makeup by Ashley salami okay do you get what I'm saying today yeah so make sure you try as much as possible to partner because it helps or reach other people another good example I'm going to give you is that right now if you don't know I have a baby and they're limited to the kind of clothes I can wear so what I'm doing right now the kind of the best way for me to buy clothes right now is to look out for the kind of clothes my friends are wearing that I currently like and I would make it a lot easier for me to breastfeed so when I see for example I have a couple of Instagram influences as my social media friends okay and when I see some kind of dresses or dress they wear I would just look into their caption I'll just look at the captain and say oh I'll show you Chrome I'll see from I'll show you from when I'm like okay let me check let me check before I know I'll be getting the kind of Joys I want okay they possibly partnered with them or they even paid to buy the clothes but in other words the owner of the clothes the person that made the clothes or the person that is selling the clothes is getting any bad this step number five kind of works or a kind of similar Point number four because you want to make sure you're using your network by using your network you want to leverage on your personal and professional Network so you can attract more people to you so you can attract more customers a good example is what I made mention of earlier that people just post you know they're just posting whether they're getting partnership and I want to believe that majority of them for example embryetta she's been getting into the bag lately I'm gonna believe okay but I kind of like addr

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