EARN $1.20 PER VIDEO WATCHED! (Earn Money Online 2024)

ever wondered how to make some extra cash in a Flash I'm about to spill the beans on a new money-making app that's got my attention I recently made $29.50 in a single day using this app and here's the kicker it pays $1.20 for each ad you watch that's right free money just for watching ads let's break it down watch 10 ads pocket $12 double that and you're looking at $24 the more you watch the more you earn it's as simple as that curious to know more stick around and I'll walk you through this app step by step it's a hassle-free way to earn extra cash and I'm eager to show you how let's Dive Right In to get started open up your browser and type in the name of the app which is surf. ba click on the first link that pops up or simply go directly to surf. be this app is the key to earning money online by watching ads and here's the best part you don't need to invest anything upfront take a look the minimum amount you can withdraw is just three cents and what's even better is that you'll get your money within 24 hours but before you rush to sign up hold on a second it's crucial to watch this entire video first I'm going to walk you through all the important details you need to know to make sure you actually earn money from this otherwise you might end up making nothing at all before I introduce these apps to you I always put them to the test myself to ensure they're legitimate just like the one I'm about to show you no need to worry if you don't have PayPal because they provide various other payment methods which I'll share with you shortly the great part is that you have flexibility you either use it on your computer or download their app onto your smartphone it's versatile saying you can earn money from your PC laptop tablet or smartphone let me break down how you make money and here's the best part it's super simple you don't need any prior experience to get started to get started all you need to do is sign up on the website and install their extension once that's done and the extension is set up it'll display banner ads whenever you visit different websites let me quickly show you how these ads look I've already got the extension installed if I go to a site like youtube.com you'll see a banner ad from surf be right down here now for another example if I search something on Google you'll notice another ad popping up down here that's the basic idea simple and direct these banner ads will appear on every site you visit the great news you don't even have to click on these ads to earn money just by having them pop up on your screen you'll get paid for each one that shows up easy right if we take a look down you can also check out how much others are earning for instance this individual just made $24 today and another one pocketed $31 and the success stories continue by scrolling further you can explore more of these success stories and familiarize yourself with their experiences now let's get started with creating your own account simply scroll to the top of the page and click on create an account fill in the straightforward details a username an email and a password and hit the sign up button after completing this step verify your email log into your account and it will bring bring you to this page choose the option that says I'm a user it will then present a question asking if you have experience with similar websites pick yes I have experience and click on thank you this is how your dashboard will appear as you can observe I've already earned $73 this week I understand it might not seem like a huge sum but it's just to illustrate its legitimacy with more time I could have earned more and this is especially great for beginners as it doesn't demand any particular skills Additionally you can make by watching videos on this platform while that won't be our main focus in this video if you want to give it a try simply double click on a video and it will open in a new tab all you need to do is watch the video for 20 seconds click the icon and then wait for about 20 seconds until it's done shortly afterward as you can see I earned 30 cents the amount you earn will also vary based on your country now let's dive into the crucial part how to earn money by watching ads before we get into it make make sure to show some love by liking the video and drop a comment letting me know which country you're tuning in from to get started head to the section labeled extension and install the extension for Google Chrome or one of the other browsers listed here a simple click will take you to the Chrome web store surprisingly they've already gained over 880,000 users and garnered around 1,200 positive reviews to add the extension hit add to Chrome and then click ADD extension you'll see a congratulatory message stating that the extension is successfully installed by the way serbe is relatively new and not many people are familiar with it yet so consider yourself lucky and make the most of this opportunity now before this method becomes widely known and right after you've successfully added the extension your part is pretty much done from here on it will automatically display ads whenever you browse websites using your browser you even have the flexibility to adjust the ads position by clicking on the icon if you wish to close the ad a simple click on the X icon does the trick stay tuned until the end of the video and I'll share my personal trick that helped me pocket $73 in less than a week without breaking a sweat it's a neat little strategy that lets you earn without putting in much effort you won't be raking in thousands of dollars using this but even if it's not a huge amount it's still a way to earn extra cash without investing anything the good thing is it's open for everyone globally to cash out your earnings you simply click on withdraw funds here there are various payment options available there's an additional way to earn through this app or extension by clicking on the extension icon you can see that you can visit specific websites and earn money just hit start and wait for a few seconds about 20 to 30 and you'll earn for that time they pay higher amounts for these tasks to people in the US but if you're not in America don't worry I've got a special trick you'll need to search for a VPN extension in your browser click on the first result that appears this VPN is also free it gives you an American IP address install it choose USA and turn it on that's all you need to do another way I earn on this site is through their affiliate program go to referrals and then links and stats click on promo banners and you'll find your affiliate link there you get a 5.25% commission from your Affiliates earnings you can use platforms like Facebook to share your affiliate link there are many moneymaking groups on Facebook where you can promote it if you have your own website and want more visitors you can advertise it here just go to adverts and then click on ADD adverts where it says Banner adverts this w

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