PET SITTING IN A TRAILER! A week in my life pet sitting in an RV in Squamish BC

trailer problems Honestly made me a bit stressed to this this trailer I actually thought I would be living in the renovated house but the owners of the house told me like something happened really last minute and like the house is not ready so they've actually been living in this trailer for a couple of months while their house is being renovated and I'm living in a trailer isn't that I've never even been in a trailer before so here is my dog for the next three weeks he Spencer hi Spencer and then there's also a cat named Fritz who's hiding behind the couch and they've been super super kind they've like stocked the fridge and everything I think they kind of feel bad that I didn't get to live in the house so they made sure like everything is clean everything's stocked up like towels toilet paper food everything the bed is super nice and yeah I'm kind of excited to move in here um yeah and stay here for the next three weeks after checking out the place meeting Spencer and Fritz and settling down I grab my stuff from my car and cook dinner with ingredients that were already in the fridge I did bring some kale and tomatoes from my dad's Garden though delicious salad I then sanitize everything organize my stuff get my laptop set up take Spencer out for a pee and then try to make Fritz less scared of me kids try giving him some treats I then go to Walmart to get some groceries so I bought these pink slippers because I don't want to wear flip-flops in the trailer and I don't want to be barefoot or just wear my socks either so yeah this is cleaner for the house and more comfortable for my feet hi Spencer oh you're a good boy I close the blinds because I realize people could see me and then I work on this video script it's way easier to write out the scripts if I do it immediately rather than wait a few days I shower and now I can finally wear the pink slippers yay I take Spencer out for our last p and see you tomorrow so tired but I get up anyways and take Spencer out for a peep I then go running to wake myself up make breakfast Phil Spencer and Fritz's bowls with water and food scoop litter and sit down to organize my life so usually at the beginning of every single pet sit after the owners like go through all the information with me I'm gonna sit down and just like put things into my schedule and like plan out like my time here so the pets are pretty easy to take care of for Spencer I like let him out every four hours ish for a pee and then take him around the block like uh two or three times a day and I just put food in his bowl it's pretty easy put water there and he just like goes to eat or drink whenever he wants to for Fritz the Cat it's also pretty simple I keep food in his bowl dry food all day long water is there and then twice a day I will give him some wet food from a can and then also scoop litter twice a day so pretty easy I don't have to take the dog on like any super super duper long walks or like hikes or anything and then I also just put in my calendar I have to water the plants every other day plants in the yard and then I have to like take the garbage and recycling out every single week so other than that those are pretty much my duties and just like keep the trailer tidy I guess and clean and just yeah enjoy my time here it's just a second day but I'm actually loving it so far like I feel like it's just such a breath of fresh air because my life back in Vancouver for the past couple of weeks was so busy and the last pets that I did I brought my mom so it was also really really busy but I love um just like I love being by myself before lunch I couldn't find the cat anywhere even after looking all over the trailer oh my God I'm freaking out but after 30 minutes I found him behind the couch I think there's a secret hiding spot somewhere behind the couch oh my God I was so scared thank God I didn't lose him for the rest of the day I work on some video scripts from my video editor film and edit videos for Aisle a period Products company I work for part-time and take Spencer out a few times what are the plants and explore the downtown area a bit because I needed to buy green tea I don't know why but I just can't live without green tea in the morning it's pretty slow this morning because I stayed up talking to my boyfriend until 1 30 a.m yesterday I do my garbage duties and pet duties and oh my gosh isn't Fritz just so cute I honestly can't imagine living without pets anymore they just make every day so much better I miss my cat Melvin so much I do some light exercise to wake myself up clean up my first ever cat hairball and then I work pretty much the whole day having a meeting catching up on some YouTube video outlines while drinking Rose and eating cheese I do an email newsletter work on some aisle stuff and I take a nap honestly I don't even feel like I'm living in a trailer because everything pretty much works like the fridge the microwave the shower the toilet everything is great kind of like living in just like a tiny house this is my fourth pet sit and honestly it's one of my favorite ways to travel because I don't have to pay for accommodation and I get paid next week I have two friends coming over for a sleepover so that's gonna be super fun and I've just researched some things to do like there's a farmer's market on the weekend and then there's also some really really nice parks and some events going on this month it's pretty fun after dinner I hit the town because I'm running out of drinking water and I walk along the main downtown Street of Squamish so beautiful there's like mountains all around by the way if you're enjoying the Vlog let me know in the comments today wasn't super different from yesterday except I didn't really leave the trailer to go anywhere I have to be super honest with you guys and read you what I wrote in my journal last night which was Thursday I'm not sure what I should do for my video tomorrow maybe just be honest and say I want to show you around Squamish more but honestly I have so much work that I need to catch up on I feel like I've been trying to catch it for two weeks and I don't really want to explore the place right now until my friends come and after I'm done my work I'm here for so long anyways I wanted this video to be more exciting but I also want to be realistic and share what's actually going on actually it was a really good decision because it was pouring rain outside for a while oh my gosh cat is on the bed with me this is the first time he's been on the bed with me oh usually he runs away let's see how I feel tomorrow about going out to explore oh my gosh you guys I had the worst night last night number one the fridge broke do you hear the beeping so I called the owner this is at like 11 12 p.m and they told me a couple things I tried didn't work all my perishable stuff is in a urban Fair insulated bag right now and then at night at like 2 A.M Spencer was barking his head off just so loud so I was like what

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