Trying the Easiest Passive Income: Make $5,509 / Mo Selling High Demand Coloring Books & Pages

I have seen so many channels here on YouTube talking about how they're making hundreds thousands or sometimes tens of thousands of dollars every single month with Amazon KDP Kindle Direct publishing fifteen thousand dollars it is making sixty two thousand dollars and in this video I want to try out Amazon KDP Kindle Direct publishing not only that but I'm going to use all of my knowledge all of my expertise for the last 18 years being in business and I will do everything I can to make it work and I'm gonna take you guys along with me so you see what works and what doesn't so let's do this and if you're not familiar with Amazon KDP although I'm pretty sure everybody has heard about it at this point it is essentially an opportunity for any one of us to become authors to create and sell books on Amazon and the way we do that is simply worrying only about creating and uploading the book to Amazon and then they take care of everything else they will print it they will ship it to anybody who orders the book now there are multiple ways that we can do this we can choose to create low content books or create medium content books and essentially the way I look at it is like selling Furniture right high content books would be like selling the fully assembled piece of furniture and there you will be charging a lot more now if you want to be Ikea and sell medium content books then you will only sell the pieces and the guide and you will let the buyer do the work so what you do with medium content books is you will sell coloring books or recipe books or activity books or crossword puzzles or puzzle books and so forth so there you can charge more because you are providing more value to the customer and then lastly you can sell low content books and these are essentially like giving somebody access to the forest I guess because what that means is you are giving them pretty much an empty notebook and that could be a journal it could be a planner it could be a simple notebook and there is a lot less effort to create and obviously an opportunity to charge less than you would for a medium content so for this video and for this challenge I am choosing to focus on medium content books and I'm actually very excited that I get to do this because I've had this idea at the back of my mind for a while now look my parents are both in their 70s and they're both retired healthy happy very active thank God but one thing that they still do and they will not give up on is their activity books they consume them like crazy so one thing that I've always thought about is why not create some senior or elderly activity books that will help them have fun relax but also keep their mind going because this way they stay away from later you know issues with their mind and I think this would be a great idea for a parent or grandparent maybe so let's create some activity books for seniors now what I'm gonna do is come to bookbault dot IO and here I want to check what kind of activity books for seniors should we create because you know me I don't like to waste my time and I need the data that shows me this is going to be a good idea so on Book World just after logging in what we need to do is go and hit products we are right now in the research mode by the way so here I am going to type probably a few different keywords until I figure out what are the right ones to Target for my activity books for seniors and I have my trusty notebook here because I need to take notes and make sure I don't forget any important keyword that I want to Target okay so right from the get-go if we look for activity book for seniors we see the low price is about four dollars the highest price is about twenty dollars really nice average price point I see already crossword puzzles stress relief memory activity book I really like this so let's write this down stress relief memory relaxing activities I like the fact that on the cover it says large print as well okay let's see what else easy and relaxing large print activity book for seniors this one has puzzles brain activities puzzles mazes word search okay this is a very interesting one it's a book that was published in April this year and already made 252 sales at about six dollars I really really like the cover I think it's beautiful and it's basically a word search book and it says 3 000 Anxiety Relief word search puzzles okay so we can already see some patterns either puzzles mazes word search maybe coloring as well okay and here on the side we see a lot of really really useful keywords that bookwalt is recommending so seniors adults memory brain activities crossword is definitely something that they recommend even Alzheimer's or particular I think dementia was one of the keywords that was used quite a bit as well now related keywords let's see what they suggest easy activity book for seniors easy activity book for seniors senior activity book Autumn activity book okay I like that retroactivity book wonderful so after spending about 20 minutes researching what I want to go with I realized that I should probably start with a coloring book first and then go into an activity book I want to test the niche a little bit and see what kind of topics are of more interest and I've seen that lots of coloring books still sell for a good price so I'm I don't feel like I'm spending time with low return hopefully so there are some very interesting keywords that I've noticed like pattern bird Botanical nature landscape butterfly so I'm gonna try and create first of all a summer focused coloring book for seniors that is going to have birds flowers and butterflies and then later on I will see if this season theme goes well maybe we create more similar themed coloring books and then we can Branch into activity books as well along the same themes that we have tested with the coloring book so I'm gonna head back to footballs and I will go to the studio so I can start creating my ebook let's call this one summer coloring book for seniors paperback cover an interior black and white interior with white paper page count I am going to do let's see because I've seen books that sell really well with like 25 pages and books that sell really well with a hundred Pages 125 pages so let's start with 100 and see how this goes another interesting aspect of choosing a medium content book versus a low content book is that recently Amazon decided not to provide free codes ISBN codes for low content books so you would need to either publish without one or to get your own which I know tends to be quite costly I think somewhere between 30 and 125 dollars so you would need to sell a good amount of those books to make it worthwhile now for medium content books which are the ones that I've picked we will be able to get an ISBN code supposedly we will test and see and this will make it a lot easier and hopefully Amazon will promote it more what I really like with bookbot is that it has a ton of free resources to use so I don't ne

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