Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months – The 12 Week Year

for nearly a decade I was caught in an endless cycle each year would begin with a burst of energy and ambition Grand goals and dreams only to have forgotten about them 3 months later ultimately time and time again I would end the year in exactly the same place that I had started but last year I decided to try a completely new approach to setting goals I used evidence-based strategies implemented advice for some of the best experts on the subject and analyze case studies on what works and what is simply a waste of time and by the end of year I had hit every single goal so as I plan my goals for this year I wanted to walk you through exactly what this new approach is and how you can set goals that you will actually achieve the first thing you want to do is attach a so that I can to the goal let's take the goal of reading more a vague statement like I want to read more it's not very helpful because a it's not specific so you wouldn't really know where to start or what to do to achieve it and secondly it's not connected to a reason and that has a huge impact on the motivational element of it let's change that goal around and redefine it to I want to read 30 non-fiction books by the end of this year so that I can increase my knowledge and be able to talk to others about various topics now not only have you made it specific so you know exactly what to do and what you're working towards but you've also attached a personal meaning to it it makes you so much more motivated and inclined to work on that goal the same goes for money rather than thinking I want to make more money how about writing down I want to generate 10K in passive income by December so that I could look to retire early and spend more time doing things I love or so that I don't need to worry about how much the bill is going to be when I'm out with my friends or if I'm on Holiday by doing this you've created a personal connection to it once you've thought about a specific goal and attached a meaning to it the first thing you want to do is write it down and research shows that there is a correlation between writing down your goal and earning more in 1979 Harvard MBA graduates they were asked about their goal setting habits and the different approach that graduates took had a huge impact on how much they earned later on in their life so 84% had no specific goals 133% had goals but they hadn't written them down and only 3% had both written down the goals and had a plan to achieve them 10 years later those same people were surveyed again so the 133% who had goals even though they hadn't written them down they were earning on average twice as much as the 84% who had no goals at all but most impressively the 3% who had written down their goals and had come up with a clear action plan on how they're going to achieve them were earning more than the combined income of the other 97% so this clearly illustrates the importance of writing your goals down but to take it one step further another study that was done in 2015 by Dr Gail Matthews to test the findings from the Harvard study confirmed two things firstly that the same results if you write your goals down you're likely to earn more and Achieve those goals but the second thing that that study found is that by adding another step into your goal setting process it increases the chance of success even further I'll come on to what that extra step is in just a second but first aim to take two to three big goals you have and write them down you don't want any more than three goals any more than that and they are just a distraction and remember these goals are things that you'll be working on on top of the everyday things that you have going on in your life so keep it small and keep it focused then you want to take those big one-year goals and restructure them with deadlines so to explain this a bit further there is something in Psychology called delayed discounting this is that people tend to Value immediate rewards more than future rewards even if the future reward is a lot bigger this is why you scroll through social media rather than working on a side hustle this is why you crave in and eat chocolate instead of choosing a healthy salad well I do when you apply this concept to oneyear goals you can see why it's incredibly challenging to stay motivated when you're working with a time frame that is so far in the distance there's virtually zero incentive so the aim then is to break that goal up and bring parts of it forward so for instance instead of saying I'll say 5,000 by the end of the year what about having the goal I'll say 500 by the end of this month the former is easy to put off because it doesn't seem urgent but the latter is a lot more immediate so you want to take action straight away according to the book The 12we Year the author recommends breaking down your one- year goal into a 12we plan so the idea is to think of the 12 weeks as a year so now 12 weeks represent a year every week now represents a month and every day represents a week when you think of it like this you think about how important every day is to hit your goals this 12we plan it's proven to be the perfect Sweet Spot which is long enough to see progress and make any changes but short enough to create a sense of urgency so if your goal this year is to make 10K and passive income break this down into what you need to achieve in the next 12 weeks to feel like you're on track maybe it's okay I'm going to buy one rental investment property in the next 12 weeks 12 weeks that shorter time frame makes the goal feel immediate and it makes you want to take action straight away I first read the 12we year 2 years ago when I started changing my approach to goal setting and I wanted to refresh my memory and take away the key bits again and I did that through reading the summary on short form who are very kindly sponsoring this video short form is an incredible web app for reading in-depth book summaries so it provides a onepage of summary for each book and then it also gives you super detailed chapter summaries as well and the thing that I love most about short form is that when it gives you a summary for a book it also includes Snippets from other books and other articles that provides evidence either supporting what the author is saying or challenging it and making you think from a different perspective short form has also introduced a new AI feature so you can download the extension to your browser and at a click of a button it will give you a summary of any video any blog any article that you come across and then we'll also give you recommended books to further your learning on that topic it's such a good way to enhance your learning on any topic within minutes if you want to check it out you can do it totally for free using the link in the description and then if you do enjoy it and go want to go ahead with a full subscription you can also get 20% off using the link by now you have a c

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