5 Low Competition Websites For Freelancers & Side Hustlers: Make US$100 A Day Working Remotely

the Allure of remote work continues to Captivate the workforce gone are the days when a 9 to5 job was the norm today Freelancers are shaping the way that business is conducted offering specialized skills on a global scale rockstars if you've got the skills and the tenacity freelancing can see you earning upwards of a $100 a day yet with popularity comes saturation and this has resulted in conventional freelancing platforms like Fiverr or upward which we're not going to talk about today by the way there is just so much competition out there now making it extremely challenging for any freelancer out there to find lucrative gigs this is why today I'll be introducing you to five platforms where you can do remote work whether as a freelancer or a side Hustler or someone just looking for an opportunity to make some extra money on the side and you know what's amazing about these five platforms they're bustling with opportunities that said here are five low competition freelancing websites each with a gold mine of opportunities waiting to be [Music] tapped welcome back rock stars it's so great to have you thank you so much for your loyalty and if you are a YouTube member a patreon subscriber or a club member thank you for your support now rock stars I'm so excited to tell you about the event that I have coming up which is actually a retreat and a workshop pulled together and you know what the best part is the event is free for book owners and for Rockstar club members and and the link to register to attend the event whether online or in person at the AC Hotel here in Jamaica Kingston specifically is in the description of this video we will have amazing speakers a live band with performers giveaways throughout the entire event of cash of course and we'll end with a gaming session where again we're going to be giving away cash to those participating both online and in person of course there's going to be refreshment but more so it's going to be an opportunity for likeminded people to come together and hear from industry experts investment advisors head of financial firms attorneys and several other speakers who are going to engage you and talk to you about what you need to do to live in abundance and of course I'll be there as well talking to you celebrating with you getting to know you and preparing for the amazing year of abundance that's to come so again for more information you can either visit my website Odetta rocket car.com or click the link in the description below this video to learn more about what you can expect at that event I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you that said class is now in session now the first website on the list is hired.com and this is a hub for Tech design and business Talent now although the main focus of hire.com is long-term commitment project-based gigs are also available but you rarely see them and to get started all you need to do is to create a comprehensive profile which this is a critical step in your success equation on any one of these platforms you should treat this profile like your resume where you showcase your portfolio and your skills you can also add qualifications if you have them because this is how you are going to differentiate what you have to offer from everyone else on these platforms and although the competition is low when compared to the more popular ones out there you still need to stand out in a crowd Rock stars now the gigs on this particular platform they'll range anywhere from $25 to as much as $2,000 it all depends on your area of expertise and your skills and ability let's say you get a gig that pays $500 and it takes you 5 days to get this done that will equate to you earning on average about $100 per day and this is very doable based on what you'll see on this platform and of course it's contingent on you and what you have to offer now the second platform on our list is another one that's very under the radar or very uncommon and it is remote.com now this platform is not just a freelancer platform this is for those of you who are looking for opportunities to earn extra money whether along with your full-time job or to replace your full-time job over time and remote okay offers an array of job listings ranging from full-time roles to short-term projects now as you can see here some of the clients that they service includes Amazon IBM Microsoft stripe and Shopify so you will have the opportunity to work with some strong brands in generating this additional income as you can see on their website they have opportunities for senior product design they even have non- te positions like executive assistant solution engineer bilingual registered nurse care manager so although they are Tech focused you're going to find that there other positions on here and listen there are just an abundance of opportunities and like I said because these platforms are not very popular the probability that you'll be able to get one of these gigs whether in the form of a project or full-time is significantly higher than the other freelance platforms that are out there now to make $100 per day all you need to do in this instance is to find two Project Style gigs that pay about $250 and get them done in a week that's $500 per week and that's $100 per day there are several opportunities on there that will pay you a six figure per year income now this next platform on our list is is speed lancer.com and this is more shortterm project-based but it's very diverse and it will give you a ton of options to make extra money on the side whether as a freelancer or someone looking for income generating opportunities depending on the complexity many tasks on this particular platform pay anywhere from $25 to as much as $100 or even more so to make make $10000 in a day you need to identify those tasks that are paying $100 or more on this platform and capitalize on them now when you visit the platform you'll realize that they have two options at the top of the screen one is to browse the talent that they have available so as an example if you're looking for a particular Talent as an organization which of course the talent would be you the company would have the ability to search through this list here as an example there's a data entry operator and they can easily look at the person's resume this person is based in India and then hire this person and a ton of persons that have their resumés on here which as a freelancer that's exactly what you would do create a profile attach your resume and then organizations will hire you for jobs now depending on complexity many tasks will pay anywhere from $25 to $100 as I was mentioning earlier so to make $100 you target those tasks that are paying more I think I've said this already but just in case I have not said it to get started you sign up to the platform you showcase your expertise and you start bidding on projects that align with your skill set you will then be notified when you have been s

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