How to Skyrocket Your Visibility Through Media & Publicity

be live hello everyone oh hello everybody Welcome welcome let me uh count down count down countdown hello hello everyone welcome to the shimi's business show live I am so Blum and excited that you are here for this session we are gonna have so much fun we are going to be diving into how you can create more visibility how you can get yourself known how you can create publicity for yourself I think this is one of the biggest challenges that business owners struggle with I see so many people who have Bloody Amazing Ideas and then they get them out there and it's like crickets and they feel frustrated they just want to get known they want to have authority and credibility they want people to discover them so if you are nothing along with this and you're in the right place and I'm so excited because we're going to be chatting all about it and we're chatting all about it with the amazing Susie Moore woohoo everyone gives them love to Susie Moore in the chat Carrie I'm so happy to be here I love you I love this topic I love really nothing more than helping people connect the dots to really take that message take that story take what it is we have inside of us and give it a microphone what are we waiting for you know like the media needs us like regular stories from regular people that I know exactly um I'm so emblem and excited I was gonna introduce you properly I was gonna say because I wanted to because you know what I made a little poster of all the places that you've been featured on so I need to I need to share with the summer but for everyone watching Susie if you don't know her already it's just an amazing human being full stop um she's also a world-renowned life coach she's an author of an amazing book called Let It Be Easy and you've got another book yes I have a couple of other books yeah stop shaking your legs and what if it does work out yes I don't know how I'll know if you had time to write three books I mean I struggled with one um she has all she's amazing when it comes to All Things media like Susie is incredible so we're going to be diving into all of that um she also has an incredible podcast show also called Let It Be Easy she has been featured wait for this I made a note because there's no woman way on Earth I'm gonna remember all this Today's show Good Morning America Dr Oz Business Insider Forbes Oprah will sweet Journal Cosmopolitan and then I ran out of space [Laughter] and I'm so excited for this conversation and um we also have some um amazing members from our members Club here they submitted incredible questions so I'm going to be bringing them on as well as we go throughout this session together so they can ask you that question so that'll be really fun but I want to get started with diving into like how did you get obviously you're a business owner you're a successful business owner you've utilized the media for your own business but how did you get into it because I think that it can feel so intimidating and something that you have to be ready for and yes like how so how did you get into it oh Carrie I love this question because I frankly decided to underthink it and just go for it one of my favorite Expressions is under think it because I think we do the opposite especially High achieving women and I started my media Journey didn't even think it'd be a journey back then I just want wanted more one-on-one clients when I was side hustling as a life coach I worked for a startup that was acquired by a Fortune 500 company working in the tech sector and I knew that my side hustle as a life coach was going to be big one day if I wanted it to be big it would really be up to me and I remember thinking gosh how am I going to do this I can rely on Word of Mouth to a certain point and referral based systems Etc I didn't Facebook ads weren't really a thing back then or they were pretty brand new I didn't want to figure out anything too complicated but I just knew that if I had this dream to go big if I wanted to go all in and make my side hustle my full-time business that there had to be a way I'm like oh if I've got this dream there has to be a way and one afternoon when I was you know waiting for 5 PM so I could leave my my cubicle and hit the ball uh I would you know I would just constantly read these websites like Marie Claire like mindbodygreen like Business Insider and I remember thinking one day in particular what if I just submitted something thing like I noticed the content that they covered was content that I love to coach on stuff like confidence productivity boundary setting Etc and I noticed that the Publications I love to follow spoke about this stuff so one day when I was actually you know early to meet a friend for some drinks she was a bit late on my tablet at the bar in lower Manhattan I just submitted five six hundred words to mindbodygreen and two weeks later it was published and it had nearly 4 000 shares wow so and you know like a share is a very small percentage of overall views and as soon as I saw that that was January 2014 I was like this is how I'm gonna grow my business because I can just tell my stories share my advice and then the right people like my people yeah will find me and that was really my first Let It Be Easy experience as a business owner and I have not stopped ever since Carrie this is how much I love this method it's free it's powerful it works it is incredible and I love what you said you said something like if I want to be big like it's on me and I think that that such a powerful realization decision to make commitment to make to yourself to realize that it gets on you and also the fact that like I'm gonna be big like I'm gonna be big at this like I think I always feel like when people make that decision like full body Soul Decision that something shifts and all of a sudden this pathway opens up for you to be able to figure out how you're going to be a big deal because everyone can be a big deal like everyone is already a big deal that's the thing it's like do you want to claim it like do you like yeah exactly I love that do you want to claim it yes yes yeah I don't think to myself you know Carrie like it's really isn't it wonderful when we realize that yeah it is up to us sometimes I can feel daunting to me it feels exciting yeah I think if it's going to be my responsibility that's good news because that means I get to be in charge here and I get to really Define what's gonna what my life and future is you know are going to be like and that's a wonderful power to possess and I want to claim my no one can give it to us yeah power enjoy like good luck it has to be claimed by us and I think that that's a really beautiful exciting thing and if we want to you know really make an impact why are we all go into business right it's to make an impact and I don't want to make a little impact I want to go big in my short lifetime why not like why wouldn't I and this is the best method that I found for really reaching a lot

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