The EASIEST AI Side Hustle of 2024 – $27k a Month Selling Stickers – NO Skills (NOT Midjourney!)

this seller sold over 225 000 items and they've been on Etsy for about two years they sell custom stickers and designs and made over a million dollars in revenue and currently are earning about twenty seven thousand dollars per month inspiring right if you want to use AI tools to do all the heavy lifting for you in this video I will show you the whole process step by step so you can literally start your own six figure online business if you watch this video Until the End these are just some examples of the stickers that I made when recording this video for you so you can expect similar results here are all the steps we will go through together today and we will start with generating lots of ideas for stickers for this we can head over to Chachi PT and ask it to generate for us some descriptive ideas of cute stickers that I could sell keep in mind that we should skip any ideas that are trademarked anything that has to do with famous characters for example from Disney or Warner and you will get a huge variety of AI ideas that can spark your creativity now with all these options in mind you can do a more in-depth keyword research to validate these ideas for example with a tool called everbee when you start typing a keyword in our case we can try printable stickers it will show you the search volume for this keyword and for any keyword suggestions populated by Etsy then you can click on see more for every keyword and you will get even more specific keyword ideas with lower competition obviously we just look at the keyword cute printable stickers this particular keyword has here quite a low search volume of 216 and it's very broad at the same time so it has quite a high level of competition you can scroll down and load more keywords we want the keyword score number on the right to be higher that means the keyword is easier to rank for after a little more research I found an interesting keyword funny water bottle stickers which has a decent search volume over 800 and a very high keyword score of 100 so I'm going to explore this idea for stickers with Chad DPT so I asked AI to give me 20 ideas for funny water bottle stickers 10 ideas of text and 10 ideas of text and image together in one sticker here are just a few funny ideas that I'll design as a sticker for the next step but you can see my results right here H2 oh my God what are you waiting for and for the image based stickers I loved most of them like the image about an astronaut floating with a water bottle and the text would be hydrate in space so you see here that I used a bunch of these really fun ideas to design stickers from them on the next step I'll show you how you can create them without any illustrator or graphic design skills so our step number three is to actually design stickers with AI we will head over to kital and you will see that it's a very intuitive and easy to use drag and drop editor based in your browser let's take one of the sticker ideas with images and text because I want you to see a more advanced level of sticker design I especially love this button right here it's the kettle AI feature first click here to start a new project and let's use this standard Square image size of 1200 pixels wide and tall then click on AI image generator and we can just use this idea a sticker image of a dry flower with a dropping set face dying to get some water as a prompt we can choose a style of the image and I think for our stickers the best results are generated when I choose clipart and this Kawaii style great the image looks cute and because it was generated by AI you can be sure that it's Unique and you don't copy anyone's work now you can stretch the image by the corners and Kettle will do it without losing any quality of the image and of course don't forget to look at these lines that help you Center your image better and we had to add a funny text to it remember Chad GPT suggested the text forgot to water me so we can click on the left here on the text button and add a headline now on the right menu you can choose a more in interesting shape for this text like this circle shape and place it above the flower then we can change the font to something that looks more cartoonish likely keto has a huge collection of different fonts that might look great on printable products like our stickers now we need to connect the text and the AI generated image in one shape which can be printed and used as a single sticker If we don't combine them into one shape kind of like this then the text will be like a separate element let me show you how I achieve this result just in a few clicks keto has a great collection of elements you will find them here in the left menu I searched in the basic shapes and found this round shape that will work just fine for our sticker I want to change the color from black to white and I'll also right click and move it to back to see my image and the text and to see where exactly I need to stretch and center the circle around them now it looks like the font here can be a lot bigger and there is a plenty of space left so I can just slowly increase it until it covers about half of the circle what I like about Kittle is that you don't need to switch between different graphic design tools to complete all the steps for example in many cases AI will generate sticker images with background color for you but we usually need stickers without any background in this particular case it doesn't look like we have a background or it might be as well just a white background which we cannot see but it's still there so we need to make sure that our AI generated image has a transparent background in Kettle we can just select the AI image and click here on AI background remover tool I use this gray background so that you could see our white circle shape sticker but when we download it as a PNG simply click this option here to remove background before downloading the file on Etsy most of the stickers that are sold have a DPI of 300 so I chose the same for my sticker you can control DPI of the image right here as well so again no need to use an extra tool to enlarge your image or improve the quality you do need to use a paid account on Kettle to have full commercial rights for your images and to sell them without any attribution as well as to get the images in the best resolution the Pro Plan is very affordable starting at 10 a month but again you can first sign up with a free account using the first link in the description below to see how it is easy to use Kettle and then you can make up your mind about the upgrade once it's in your computer see how this PNG file with transparent background will look like of course with just one sticker we cannot build a print-on-demand Empire so what I decided to do is make a collection of stickers in the same style see here I already used another idea from cha GPT and generated this astronaut with a funny text using AI feature in Kettle and I wanted also to show you how to cr

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