How to Get More Clicks on Pinterest in 2024 – The Worst MISTAKES That Kill Your PINTEREST TRAFFIC

are you creating a lot of beans and not getting much traffic from Pinterest maybe you're doing something wrong today I'll show you how many clicks I get from my pins and how many you should expect on your account if you're doing everything right and if you're making any mistakes you will find out about them from this video so this is my picture stats for the last month I've got about 80 000 outbound clicks to my site from Pinterest do you want to make rough calculation with me of my average CTR in the past month you can do it on a free site like this CTR calculator you can just Google it and you will find lots of similar sites so I had about 80 000 outbound clicks and 14 million impressions which gives us a CTR of 0.57 percent that's the average for my account now what to take apart in a quick research open the business app on your Pinterest account get the stats for the last 30 days like this calculate the CTR for your account and let us know in the comments below what's your CTR I'm really curious to see what all of you get on your accounts now if your CTR is too low I think we need to brainstorm together all possible mistakes you could be making that don't allow you generate a good amount of traffic from Pinterest and the first mistake is posting ugly pins yes it might sound a bit bold but just don't make ugly pins on Pinterest if you invest any efforts into this platform you should think about the Aesthetics Pinterest is a platform for people who like nice looking things it's a visual search engine and people who spend time on Pinterest they are visual Searchers so the visual appeal is important for them no one wants to save an ugly pin to their Pinterest board because it's their board and when they look at their Pinterest profile they want to like what they see there let's take a look at this comparison I searched for some bedroom cleaning tips and I found two pins to show you as a contrast are we going to argue which pin here is a pretty and which one is well kind of ugly I think we can all agree that the build that has only some text on a dark green background using many different text colors that don't even match each other doesn't look very inviting for you to click on it and without a background photo that would show us what we're talking about that we're talking about a bedroom why would anyone want to save the spin or click on it right you might still argue that this was an extreme example and that beauty is in the eye of Beholder but the truth is there are some aspects of pin design which Define a low quality image so what are these aspects my next tip number two you should use high resolution images you shouldn't take small images and put them in a bigger size of the pin it's quite common for products photos you might take a small square image of a product and when you place it in a pin that has a resolution of 1000 by 1500 pixels your product will be pixelated or blurry like you can see with this pin the background photos are quite pixelated yes 1000 by 1500 pixels is the minimum recommended image size for pins and if your original image was smaller and you try to stretch it it will look bad you should ideally use original images of higher resolution to get the best quality possible at end result if you ignore the quality requirement you will waste your time creating Peels and when you have enough of these low quality pins on your account Pinterest will collect negative engagement data for your pins and will lower their distribution so if you don't have a quality image in the first place you're better off not making pins with this image at all and if you do a quick search for any keyword on Pinterest you will rarely find blurry pins at the top of search results they don't normally rank well that's why you can't find them my next advice number three is if you use canva templates for creating pills try not to ruin them when you edit the pins so you probably know that canva is an online graphic design tool you can start a free account through my link by the way canva it has a ton of free templates for Pinterest and other social media and what I mean here is that usually canva templates already include the best color combinations the best fonts for the text overlay and when you make your changes unless you have graphic design skills you will hardly be able to pick the better colors better fonts than was originally suggested in the template like here say they use this font and you might think that a script font would look better here but it doesn't it's much harder to read the text with a script font and it doesn't match the rest of the pin I have another video tutorial on how to design pins in canva and I'll give you a link to it in the description section below now tip number four use the best image ratios the next thing that is very common for accounts that don't get much traffic from Pinterest is that people ignore the recommended best ratio for pins and they upload whatever they had on their website say you have a lot of horizontal photos on your website you might think well I can just start the easy way just by saving those horizontal pins with links to my site wrong how many horizontal pins do you see in the top search results on Pinterest maybe one or two pins here and there and normally not before you have to scroll down the screen a few times so these pins don't make their way to the top of feeds and top of search results if they do anything it's more likely to be giving some again negative data to Pinterest algorithm about user engagement on your account if you don't want to create vertical pins for the platform honestly you're better off posting nothing at all than posting this lazy Way by sharing any horizontal images from your site so what is the best image ratio for Pinterest the platform recommends for static image pins a ratio of 2 to 3 in terms of resolution Pinterest recommends that your pins should be at least 1 000 pixels wide and so it would be 1000 by 1500 pixels and you probably heard about these ratios many times already but not many people mentioned what's the best ratio for video pins and ideapins right if you check the Official Guidelines for video pins they say it clearly that pins should be shorter than 1 to 2 ratio for video pins they say you can use all sizes including Square videos 2 to 3 ratio and 9 to 16 ratio 2 and for idea pins Pinterest recommends a ratio of 9 to 16 and the image size should be 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels which is a little bigger than they recommend for image builds hey I enjoying the video so far give me a like it helps a lot and motivates me to work more on this channel subscribe and hit the Bell button if you want more of my content in your feed now tip number five increase CTR with text overlay so let me say it again text overlay is a must because it will definitely improve your click-through rates meaning it will drive you more traffic from Pinterest text to play is what you add

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