I Asked Millionaires For Their Best Money Making Advice ($1,000,000+)

right now my business does over seven figures and that's working part-time when I had left my job I must have been about 24 years old I've been learning to really celebrate the wins so right now I I have one account where is a lot of money in case I run out of money I interviewed some of my most successful contacts about making money some of them make over $160 million in their business others reached seven figures in just a few months stay tuned for their advice so what is your name and what do you do for a living so my name is yine uh and I actually have a couple of businesses but the one that I'm spending most of my time is working with small business owners to help them free up their time get more sales and increase their profit margin my name is Jasmine Tani and I am a life therapist I work with some of the world's most successful people and I help them be as successful in their personal lives as they are in their professional lives my name is Rosio kamacho and I run an insurance and accounting firm so my name is Lisa liberman W I'm a business and life strategist helping coaches and entrepreneurs create multiple six and seven figure businesses does your business make 0 to 1 million one to five 5 to 10 million or over 10 million so this is a brand new business so we started it about 6 months ago uh so it's already at multiple six figures and then this year is the goal is to take it to um over a million dollars want 5 million right now my business does over seven figures and that's working part-time now let's take a moment here and allow me to thank our sponsor because they have helped me make this video possible today the surprise that I have for you later I recorded that on Riverside in fact I record nearly all of my interviews and calls on Riverside nowadays it is great and I would truly recommend it to anyone who's recording conversations online it just makes my whole workflow so easy like look at this it has separate talk tracks for each person which makes editing so much easier my editor thanks me for that it's also really simple for the guest to use because all they need to do is Click into a link that you sent and most importantly it records video and audio in a much much better quality than anything that you have found and I have used out there the reason for that is that Riverside records locally for each person and then while you're recording it is uploading a full quality file to the cloud and that means that the quality of the recording isn't affected by internet stability which is a huge huge benefit for this type of recorded interviews or calls that you have with a limited number of people and then after recording is done you just need to export high quality files into separate tracks and you can work with them in any way that you need Riverside silent remover feature is a game changer it automat aut atically cuts out those awkward silences making our conversations flow seamlessly and the captions they're awesome for short form creation but here's my favorite part Riverside's text-based editor editing becomes a breeze you can literally edit the video by tweaking the transcript text just delete the words you don't want and they're gone from the video it speeds up the editing process making it so much faster and easier big thanks to Riverside for supporting our Channel and helping us share these empowering stories I can give you a discount all the details are going to be linked in the description box down below thank you rever side again now back to the video tell me how did you make your first 100K or your first million do you remember the moment you realized that you hit that Milestone so for me like the 100,000 was like it was a number that I thought was just so hard because it was incredible like when I had left my job I must have been about 24 years old and and um I had started like this side hustle and I was doing coaching on the side and at one point I realized that I was making half of my salary so I was like oh if I just quit my job then I could actually make my salary and more but my first year doing it I made exactly my salary it took me actually a couple of years to make 100,000 and then from that it went from 100 to 250 uh to half a million and then and then I started a new business and that one I started from you know within 18 months we hit a million dollars in Revenue when I made the decision that I wanted to make 100K a year the goal was how do I make 100K in 10 hours of work a week and so it was about by the time I turned 30 which was I I just reverse engineered it you know as a as a therapist I see people by the hour and so it was learning how to increase my rates to the point where it was just $200 an hour for 10 people a week made me 100k a year when I reverse engineered it to my hours and to my time and how it was going to work then that was what solved it um I don't remember when I made 100K to be honest it's been a while um I do remember when we first hit our first million and it took us about 10 years and that's why I remember because it it was a long process and I remember the day that we hit it I didn't really celebrate because I had already lived it like in my body in my soul and my mind I had already lived it so the moment that we hit it it was just like wow okay so I have been making six figures a year even as an employee since I was 23 years old and that's one of those things where I grew up in a house where they said success was making six figures so that was my target from from the get-go what was the first business that you ever started and what did it teach you it was a video production agency so at the time it social media was like blowing up and there was all this short form content so we just got into that space of doing short for short form affordable content for big Brands so our only clientele was like big you know Fortune 500 um and then started working with you know one country and then several of their other countries as well life therapy practice was my first business it has taught me various things I have started and stopped many businesses or many extensions of that business um none of them have been as successful as my practice I've been learning to really celebrate the wins um because it's very easy to only see the things that didn't work out yet it was this one I was uh 16 years old at the moment going on 17 and it was to insurance I I was selling Insurance to the Hispanic Community well my first business was ding micro Technologies and then I ended up going into I think basic necess Necessities I don't know which company came first but the idea of both of them were a computer consulting company they were set up to do what I was doing at the time I was going to school working full I mean working fulltime while going to school and everything else and realized that there was a need for something and I set up a Consulting business ended up getting seven employees if you could go back in time what Financial

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