The 8 BEST Online Business Ideas YOU Can Start (HOW TO START NOW)

in order to make your first $100,000 online you need an income stream that's making you $274 per day this is way more en reached than you may think thanks to the power of the technology that we have in our times today today in this video I have compiled the eight best online businesses to start this year most of these online businesses you can start with 0 you can start these from your phone and you can do these from anywhere in the world world so there's no excuses as to why you can't start I'll be breaking down every single one of these online business models and comparing and contrasting so you can find the one that's going to be best for you my name is Isabella and I grew two six figure earning online businesses in less than a year I am now a millionaire in my 20s and I have a passion for documenting my journey as an entrepreneur and inspiring others to do the same with my YouTube channel my YouTube channel is your number one source for 100% free education as you go through this video you will notice that every single one of these business models that I mentioned will have a free course linked to it that you can then follow if you've watched my other YouTube videos you know that I never recommend one specific business model for everyone this is because we are all in different life situations and if all of these free courses and resources are not enough I have a huge announcement to make today of a new resource I created that can help you even more with getting you to the next level in your entrepreneurship Journey so make sure you watch all the way to the end of this video because you don't want to miss it the first online business model that I'm going to recommend to you guys today is digital products I love digital products because it only really takes you a couple hours to actually design one and you can then sell that digital product unlimited amounts of times over the next 5 to 10 years with digital products you are not just making a digital product but you are producing producing digital assets that can generate you passive income over a long span of time with the correct funnels and marketing strategies in place you have the power to scale these and grow these digital products to earning over six figures in less than a year there are so many different types of digital products that you can sell ebooks PDF guides printables templates planners recipes courses tutorial and guides Consulting games and so much more I like digital products because this is a beginner friendly side hustle it's very easy to get started little to no money needed to start you have high profit margins with this and the possibilities are really endless on a difficulty level I would rate this side hustle to be easy to get started digital products is definitely a good choice for you if you are someone that you want to travel a lot and not have to worry about holding any inventory or worry about actual products since when you sell a digital product your website host will automatically send that digital product to the buyer so you don't have to worry about shipping products you don't have to worry about your supplier shipping products for you it really simplifies all of these things the only thing that you have to focus on with selling a digital product is providing value to that product and developing the right marketing strategies which don't worry I go over all of these things in the free course that I made about digital products so the free course will be linked on the screen and in the description box below so the number online business that is great to start this year is called ugc ugc stands for user generated content in today's times influencers are charging crazy amounts for content and brands have shifted to a new marketing strategy this is how ugc was born Brands often times do not have time to create content for their advertising and brands also need real people to try and to test out products what I love about ugc is that you do not have to show your face or even post these videos on social media to actually make money with this you don't need a large following or you don't even really need to worry about growing a following with ugc this is a great side hustle that anyone can start I love this side hustle because you can start with $0 it's beginner friendly women have an advantage with this side hustle and I would rate this to be on the level of easy to get started the Third online business that's on the rise this year is YouTube automation you might not even realize how many faceless YouTube channels are really out here making thousands of dollars per month there are YouTube channels getting millions of views with thousands of followers just by creating simple videos about different topics motivational videos educational videos travel technology just to name a few most of these videos are just random stock footage Clips put together with a voiceover take a look at this faceless Channel top five which according to socialblade is making $1,000 and more per day and nearly half a million dollars per year let's take a look at this YouTube channel tropia you can see here that they've racked up millions of views across their videos and if we go to social blade and type in the channel name and take a look at their earnings you can see here they are making as much as $400 per day and making around 12,000 per month there are so many faceless YouTube channels across YouTube doing the exact same thing and if they're doing it why can't you I personally grew two successful YouTube channels in less than one year so again with the right strategies that I teach in my free courses if you have an idea of something that you want to share with the world whether you show your face or not starting a YouTube channel is a winwin I love this side hustle because you can start doing this with 0 you can make so much money with this passively once monetized so I would would rate this side hustle to be easy to start and I actually have two different free courses on this topic I have one free course about how to do this using Ai and I have another free course which shows how to do this starting with $0 manually so online business idea number four is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is a way for you to make money online just by you recommending a product or getting a sale on another person's offer this is a business model that you can take advantage of without actually starting your own business I understand not everybody wants to start an online store and to start a full-fledged business so this is a great side hustle that you can start that actually gains you a lot of sale experience but there's no commitment to it long term how I see it is you can just put in a little bit more work up front and have a full business rather than just selling something for somebody else and getting a cut of that but this is just my own personal view on it I've done affiliate marketing jobs from the time I was 16 years

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