8 Untapped Online Side Hustles (2023 Tested) $107 – $1,194 Per Day!

wait a minute what put stickers on Starbucks cups and make thousands of dollars get out of here ladies and gentlemen I scoured the internet I printed out practically half of it to find side hustles that are going to help us make money so today what we're going to do is we're going to talk about some of those side hustles like the Starbucks cup Fiasco which actually could land you in legal hot water wait a minute you can't just sell whatever you want yes ladies and gentlemen contrary to what tick talkers and other people are talking about there are some things that can get you in hot water which is why today I'm going to show you my super easy 100 percent online side hustles these are side hustles that you can do online these are side hustles that I've tested that make tons of money now pay close attention because we got a lot to go through actually went through tons of different side hustles and we've printed out some strange ones I found people saying that you know you could be an Airbnb profit manager you could be a pet care services and all kinds of things like that and today what we're going to do is we're going to get down to the bottom of what it's going to take for you to make a living online we are also going to talk about a major flaw that's right the side hustles that you are going to see we got eight of them there is a major flaw that all these side hustles I went through are missing and this is what stops you from making money online so it's very important ladies and gentlemen that you smash the like button stay for this entire video because it's all going to come to a conclusion and you're going to see exactly how this works now let's go ahead and dive in first of all you're going to want to pay close attention because I'm going to talk about the big problem that most side hustles have whether you're printing stickers whether you're making websites whatever it is this is something that is very very very important that is left out of many people's videos of many people's trainings so we're going to get to that in just a minute first of all what I found which is this was pretty interesting all right I got to admit we were going through these notes we were taking a look at this stuff and I was like okay this one is pretty interesting I actually kind of like it now there was something I liked about this side hustle and there was something I didn't like about this side hustle all right now this side hustle was about trash can cleaning services you know like your trash bin out there and you got all this stuff going on and it gets all smelly and bad in the summertime and you need to clean it out this is a side hustle that was pretty cool all right are we getting an echo on um any of the videos here is there an echo Echo when we go to widescreen all right let me see here that should all right ladies and gentlemen we should be back now if we're back let me know we're gonna try this again hopefully it has fixed itself all right so what we're doing today is we're talking about side hustles that you can do online that make tons of money things that are really really important to go through now one of the ones that we were looking at was a trash can cleaning service business now this was an interesting business because it's like okay you can actually go out there and clean these trash cans and make money now some of these people were saying that hey wait a minute you could actually go out there and get like 35 to 65 dollars to clean a trash can it's pretty easy you go and get some kind of like portable pressure hose thing and yeah go clean people's trash cans now if you guys know me you're like hey wait a minute this doesn't sound like a Marcus side hustle right Marcus doesn't like to go out there and clean trash cans and and do any type of work whatsoever outside so what we're going to do is we're going to talk about how this works in the Marcus way all right because again these eight side hustles are all done 100 online they're all tested and they're all something that anyone watching this can do so what we're looking at here is the major flaws in lots of these side hustles one of the major flaws that I found with this one about garbage bin cleaning is that there's lots and lots of companies doing this lots of people trying to get in on it which means that it's going to be difficult for you so your old buddy Marcus has a better way and we're going to talk about that here now we can see here that trash can cleaning service gets about 6 200 searches a month trash bin cleaning service gets about 2 300 searches a month what does that mean well that means like 23 000 people each and every month go to Google and search for trash can cleaning services interesting now I also know down here that there's a thousand searches a month for trash can cleaning truck interesting more about that in just a little bit so what we're going to see here is that garbage bin cleaning is a very very very popular thing that people are looking for now how many of you guys if you're in the chat you're like yeah Marcus that sounds good but I don't want to go clean people's garbage cans I don't want to clean my own garbage can like garbage is is garbage we don't want to get around that so what would we do if we had to do this 100 online well there is a way to tackle it and smash the like button if you're excited about this what that is is you can actually create an online trash can cleaning service directory wait a minute what does that even mean a trash can cleaning service directory so you're telling me that I can make money with the trash can cleaning service business side Hustle but I don't actually have to go and clean trash cans yes let me show you how it works all right right here we have all kinds of different things that are going on we have trash can cleaning that people are looking for now as you notice up here according to ahrefs 23 000 people each and every month are searching for trash can cleaning services now this is a relatively new business relatively new side hustle what I can do is go get a domain name maybe something like trash can cleaning directory Dot Com or trashbin directory.com or whatever it is I go out there and what I do is I make a website talking about all the different people that do trash can service cleaning in the major metropolitan areas I build that website I run ads and boom I get paid there's lots of ways to make money with this and all I need to do is get this traffic what you're going to notice here is that the KD on all of these keywords is pretty low it's all green green means go means non-competitive means I can get tons of traffic but I want you to look at something very interesting come on come on over here we're going to look at something super interesting that has to do with your ability to make money and that is right down here you are going to see that the cost per click this means the people on Google like if you go to Google and you search for t

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