ETSY SEO 2023 | Etsy SEO tips and strategy to get SALES

hey y'all do you ever feel like your etsy listings are just being completely hidden or just kind of like lost in a sea of other etsy products well in today's video i'm going to share with you guys some of my tips on how to actually be seen on etsy so if that sounds good to you just keep watching [Music] hello everyone and welcome back to my channel so glad you're here and if you're new here i'm kate i'm a mama to three precious kiddos and also a small business owner here on our channel we have a lot of different content we also want to help other small business owners specifically etsy sellers to have success working from home too so we put out a monthly sort of strategy video giving you guys tips and some tricks on what worked for us with our etsy businesses we owned two etsy shops one we started in 2015 which is now in the top one percent of all etsy shops and then we also just started our second etsy shop earlier this year so we really have a heart for helping people who are wanting to make that transition and work from home and be with their kiddos to be able to do that and have success make sure if you're not subscribed to our channel yet that you go ahead and subscribe and also hit the little bell icon so you can turn on your notifications and that way you won't miss any of our future content we upload videos each week also make sure to click over and follow us on instagram further ado let's hop into the topic of today's video which is etsy seo and this is the thing that's going to help you get seen on the etsy search seo stands for search engine optimization and what that basically means is that any search engine has an algorithm that it works on to bring up a match of whatever the person is searching for on that search engine so etsy is a search engine which means that people go on and they type in what they're looking for and then etsy has an algorithm that it's basically a formula that etsy works on to figure out what products should come up as a match and research has actually proven that when a shopper goes on to find a product they're looking for they actually do two searches they'll do one first main search which is kind of to narrow it down from a very broad spectrum of what they're looking for and then the second search is a more specialized or narrow search something that's a little more specific to find exactly the right item for them so i want to show you an example of this just so you can see what i'm talking about if we go on etsy let's say it's getting close to mother's day and so i want to look up a gift for my mom so i might type in mother's day gift let's see what comes up when i type that in you'll see a ton of different types of products like signs cutting boards pictures mugs we've got some jewelry some key chains so if i'm a shopper looking for a mother's day gift and i really don't have any clue yet what i want i might look at this first page and just scroll down and see everything and then oh i see a candle i really like this idea of giving my mom a candle but this one says grandma and i need one just for my mom so i might like that idea and then go back up to the search to do my second search to narrow it down even further so i'm gonna now type in candle for mom and when i type that in you can see this is a much more narrow and specialized search because the only things that are coming up now are candles that would work for a mom so then i'm going to if i'm a shopper i'm going to probably just go through these and choose which one i like the best so that's an example of how a shopper would do two searches and you definitely want to be found on that second more narrow search because that is the search where the shopper is actually going to click through and purchase something so how can you guarantee that you will be found on that second search is the question and the answer is to use long tail keywords which we'll talk about more in depth in just a little bit etsy seo works in two phases so the first phase is query matching and the second phase is ranking so let's talk about that first phase which is query matching this is basically the phase where the shopper will go on to the etsy search and type in a phrase or keyword for what they're looking for and then etsy will scan through all the tags and titles and information from all the different etsy shops and their listings to try to match that query or that search that the shopper typed in so the way that etsy does this is by looking through your tags your titles your attributes that you filled out for your listings your categories and it tries to make the closest match possible so when the shopper hits search and they get that results page that comes up or pages and pages of results those results have been run through the etsy algorithm and etsy has decided that these are the products that are closest to what the shopper is looking for so you want to definitely be found in that first phase of the search which is the query matching and the way to do this is just to make sure that for every product and every listing that you have you have all of your tags filled out which is 13 that etsy allows per listing 13 tags and then your title which we'll talk about in a minute how to know what to use for your tags and title but you want to make sure all 13 tags are used your title is really good and then also you want to make sure your categories are filled in for each listing and the attributes so sometimes you may have attributes or categories that are not really applicable for that specific product but you want to make sure that you fill out everything that is applicable for as many products and as many of your listings as possible because this gives etsy the most information possible in that query matching phase the second phase is called ranking and this comes after the query matching so etsy now has gone through all of the listings and brought up results that match the shoppers query or their search term but now it has to rank all of those listings that are in the results so it basically has to determine which of those maybe hundreds and hundreds of listings match that search most specifically so it's gonna wanna show the shopper on that very first page what etsy thinks are the top listings that are a perfect match for that search now etsy has come out and said that there are seven specific factors that contribute to ranking in the search so if you want to rank in that first page and be found higher up in the search results you really need to pay attention to these seven factors the first factor that contributes to the ranking process is relevancy and what this basically means is how relevant is your listing compared to what that shopper has typed in so an exact match of that phrase that the shopper typed in and a tag or a title is going to appear first and appear higher in the search it's going to be considered more relevant for the shopper let's use our example of the mother's day candle f

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