How to manage your time like a CEO

you feel like you're doing all this work for hardly any results and you're just like what is going on I'm so exhausted and drained I'm doing all these things but I'm getting nowhere you can't expect yourself to be able to build all those bridges all in one go get really good at one thing build momentum with one thing and then start to move to the next [Music] thing hello hello I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are listening to this or watching this in the world it's a beautiful blue sunny day today as I am filming this and I have my tea and my green juice in front of me um and I'm ready so um I had this question that came in that basically said what do you do when you feel like you're spreading yourself Way Too Thin and I think that so many of us feel this way so many of us just feel so utterly exhausted by everything that's on our plates whe you know not just from from a business perspective but like you know trying to build our businesses and do all the things and then you know you know trying to just do the rest of life like look after others care for others um like try and like look after our homes and do all the things like the list goes on and on and especially some of some of well quite a lot of this community have um you know other like our MS or carers or have other jobs and it's like how do you juggle it all like how can you do it in a way that you doesn't make you feel so utterly exhausted and drained cuz the thing is I feel like we do want it all and we want it all now we want it all quickly and uh in a way I think that's you know it's admirable it's a good thing for us to want that and to want more but then we have to know how to go about it in a way that doesn't burn us out and make us feel like headless chickens like trying to do all the things and just feeling utterly like all over the place so when I go through phases of feeling like oh my gosh like I've got so much on my plate like this is just too much I know that I absolutely have to go back to tracking my time and this is something that I try and do actually all the time because it really helps me to be so much more focused and productive um so the first thing is really looking at where are you spending your time like you have do this first so that you can see like what is going on in your life and create that awareness of what is going on and so for me I actually do this I used to do it just by writing it on a piece of paper but I actually like to do it now by creating a I have like a second Google Calendar that I use and in the Google Calendar I literally use it to block out and to write down to document exactly what did happen so it' be like from 8:30 to 99: like this happened from 9 till 9 :30 this happened from 9:30 till 10:30 I was working on these things and then in the description of the calendar the like the event that I'm setting up for it I I'll write a description of what I did and then how it made me feel and I P I write I write down um yeah like what was going on but I think it's important as you're doing your time tracking to write down how is stuff making you feel because so often I think that we don't actually know what overwhelms us we don't actually know what frustrates us I mean sometimes we don't do me wrong but sometimes we just know stuff is annoying isn't frustrating us but we can't quite put our finger on exactly what it was that frustrated as the most so you might like at the end of the day feel like oh like I'm so exhausted and frustrated but then it might be quite hazy to figure out but like why am I actually actually specifically feeling this way like that can be the hard bit so when you track your time and you pay attention to how it was make how stuff's making you feel you start to identify the stuff that is the draining stuff the stuff that lights you up and makes you happy because the other pieces that I think a lot of the time we actually don't know what makes us happy we don't know what brings us the most Joy like yes we could we've got a rough idea but sometimes we don't know the tiny teeny little things that bring us the most Joy but when you track your time in the way I'm saying to track your time you think about that stuff so then you start to really put a picture or like paint the picture of your life of what is the good stuff and what is the bad stuff so start doing this and do it for at least a week of like opening up your calendar on Google and literally adding in as a new event what happened and then writing in like what happened and then putting in your description What specifically that you did and how it made you feel and so do that and I do it in TR of time so for example like sometimes I'm working on something specific and so maybe that takes me an hour so for example like now I'm filming a podcast so when I go to the calendar to fill out what I was doing I will say I was filming a podcast and I was doing this and this is how I felt and so it's like a trink of time so maybe you'll say you know it'll take me 30 minutes the other tip I have for you on this is when you get to the end of the day do a review of the day and put it at the bottom of your calendar so I I started inputting that at 9:00 p.m. I added in another like you know obviously you set it up as an event when you put it into your Google calendar but I set it up as an as another event that was my review of the day where I documented the things like going back over the day and reflecting on the day overall how I felt and overall what was the good stuff and what was the frustrating stuff or what was like the not so good stuff and you know all that kind of thing and um doing that in itself is going to help you to like kind of bring in focus on another level and just be so eye opening but once you've done that for like say a week the next thing that you can do is do an audit literally go back over the week and audit it take all the things you're doing and pull them into one document so it might be like filming podcasts creating content calls replying to emails taking the kids to school like having lunch having breakfast having dinner picking the kids up from school make it you know whatever it is like whatever is on your plate literally write it all out like list everything out that you would that you've done and then start to categorize those things into for example uh like family stuff or mum stuff or like eating um and just categorize those things so that you understand what category those those things that you those actions fall under and then once you've done that go through and highlight the ones that make you feel good and then put like a mark next to the ones that made you feel drained or frustrated um or just not good and so go through and do that and then look at what what's there and then ask look at that and think are you spending most of your time with stuff that feels good are you spending most of your time with stuff that doesn't feel good and what is it that do

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