How To Make $120/Day Selling Coloring Books (made by AI)

so I spent the last 30 days or so testing and tinkering with one of the most fun side hustles I think I've ever played with the best part is I've made money I've had fun and I've actually set up a passive income stream and I've done it with very little work so in this video I want to show you step by step exactly what it is that I figured out what it is that I'm doing so you can start doing this exact same thing making coloring books and selling them on Amazon just using air generator you can see here this is the very first one I made the very first attempt I ever had at this pretty good coloring book took very little time you can see lots of pages my daughter's already colored in a few of them and this coloring book right here has already started to make me money let me show you this on the screen right here this is a shop doing exactly what I'm going to show you the exact same thing as I'm doing with this coloring book their shop name is coloring book Kim you can see right there you can see they've got about 55 titles and you can kind of get a decent idea of what they're selling right here very very similar to what I'm creating now we can use a software called bookbolt and I will add by the way that this book bolt is the sponsor of this video I reached out to them they were willing to sponsor this video which is awesome they're a software that we're going to use multiple times to be able to figure out this and make this all work but if we dive into book but we can type in Coloring Book Kim and it'll give us a little bit of data on what's Happening Here you can see right here she's got 39 books that are probably getting sales and uh in in ranking from the best to the worst you can see the top book is getting about 733 sales a month now you can assume with what we're doing based on my numbers and numbers that I've looked at that we're looking at about 50 margin meaning she's making about three dollars off of each of these sales so if we do the math there you can see 733 sales a month times three dollars we're looking at roughly 2200 sale or 100 in sales every single month and she's doing with just one of these books you can see she's got 39 other books this one's doing uh just a little bit less you know 541 sales but selling for a similar price uh so she's making well into the five figure monthly income business and all of this is being done passively right these coloring books if you look at them this was published in 2021 this was published in 2020 2020 so these are books that were made long ago that she's still making hundreds of sales and thousands of dollars every single month on and that's the really cool thing about this you guys know that's all I love to talk about on my channel I love to talk about building assets building up things that you can do a little bit of work once and in this case it really is a little bit of work once and you can create these little assets that sit on the internet and bring money for one two three four years every single month after that now I personally have only been doing this for less than 30 days you can see right here this is my dashboard I started about mid-may started uploading my first book I've only uploaded five books at this point and you can see right here I'm doing somewhere between zero and four sales every single day had a really good chunk in May where I was getting three to four sales every single day each of these book Nets me um just a couple bucks so nothing crazy but imagine if I got 30 40 50 of these books like coloring book Kim has what could come of this so let's dive in and talk a little bit about how this works now the first thing I want to talk about is how the whole business model works if you're not familiar this is going to use something called print on demand now if you're not familiar with what that is print on a man been around for about 10 years and essentially what happens is you don't have to put any money into creating a book ahead of time so what happens is you create a book you create the whole thing in a digital format after you've created a digital format you will upload it to Amazon which we'll show you how to do and what's going to happen is Amazon is not going to print that book until you get a sale now the beauty of that is it means you have to invest almost nothing into this business it's almost zero risk but each time you get a sale Amazon will go out print that book they're going to send it to the person that made the purchase and then they're going to send you your cut of that purchase now as you can imagine marketers ruin everything right so when this offer and Service First launched a couple years ago what we saw was everyone throwing low low content books to the point that Amazon got so frustrated they basically stopped letting you do it for free because there are so many people doing this we're talking things like planners journals things where you throw on a few lines they're all the same maybe you add a quote or two and then you're done so many people are doing this because it's easy right you don't have to have any creativity whatsoever you don't have to do any work really it's just kind of like a copy and paste thing and you can throw it out there and hope that it works but there was a second group of people using this too and there was much less competition in this category and it's what's called medium content books and that's things like coloring books activity books dot to dot books maze is all those things pretty much that kids love so I will admit there is a big category of adult coloring books as well on Amazon but this category was way less competitive because it's hard right because up until a few months ago you can see right here to to make a design like this one right here you had to go hire an illustrator and if you're going to hire an illustrator to do 40 images that's going to cost you a lot of money even on something like Fiverr and if you don't get any sales well you're out a couple hundred bucks but all of that changed this year with the Advent of two things ai ai image generator specifically and a little software that we're going to talk about a lot in this video who is actually our video sponsor football and between those two we're going to be able to completely erase all the cost that comes and all the time that comes with making coloring books like this one right here so first we're going to start by researching obviously we need to know what our coloring book needs to be about and typically with these coloring and these activity books we want to be in a place where there's less competition right the less competition the more chance that we have of overtaking some of those top search spots so we're going to do is we're going to go to book bolt we're gonna leave a link down below to book both it is an extremely affordable software I tried this a year ago without using bookbolt Nai and I gave up very quickly because it's much harder bookbolt is awesome and

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