10 Small Business Ideas YOU can start under $100 As A WOMAN (Make Money From Home)

number nine is to start woo I shouldn't give this away on a free video here I am and let me tell you something for free girl if you're like um I just want to sit down from home on my phone and do something that makes money a small business that you can actually start is a hi and welcome or welcome back to the channel today we have a really really good one if you've been searching for small business ideas for women side hustle ideas for women or how to make money from home then this is the video for you in today's video I'm not just going to be sharing 10 small business ideas that you can start with $100 or less but I'm sharing 10 small business ideas specifically for women so if you're a woman it really doesn't matter if you're a black woman a white woman an American women a Nigerian woman a British woman like if you're a woman and you want to get to the bag then first of all this is the channel for you but this is especially the video for you and while all 10 of them have been tried and tested because we spent a ton of time doing research to bring this information to you number eight is the one that's really really taking off right now and people are literally building six and seven figure businesses from their homes so to get the most value out of this video make sure you watch it all the way to the very end and girl if you're serious about starting that business this year I created a free onepage business plan for you and I'm going to link it down in the description box now without further ado let's get into the meat and the potatoes of this video number one number one is an at home Bakery while I was doing my research I was so surprised to find that there are women who are actually making $22,000 per weekend with freshly baked cupcakes pop-ups and markets are quick money makers you are easily able to see one in $2,000 weekends by hosting popups and markets did you hear that go to farmers's markets literally every weekend and sell cakes that you make made at home and if you want to go full on with this that's also possible like there's literally a woman who had $5 and she turned it into a $10 million cupcake business that was going to be 600 cupcakes but all I had was $5 to my name number two number two is ethnic home decor if you're an OG on this channel then you already know about my Etsy Shop it was an African prince Etsy shop and what inspired me to do that was that at the time a lot of people that I knew wanted mudcloth pillowcases and I thought to myself I can go home to Nigeria to Ley Art Market and find these things make them for little to nothing and then flip them now you could be Scandinavian you could be Spanish you could be African but let me tell you something a lot of people buy their pieces from online shops and from Etsy stores because these things are hard to find so if you have ethnic Roots somewhere and the world just seems to select the decor from wherever you're from you can jump on this go to your home country buy this stuff and sell on line number three if you're like um I'm very much into home decor and all that good stuff but I'm not trying to travel anywhere I'm not going to buy a plane ticket and go back to my home country just to buy stuff I'm not trained in interior design I just want to sit down from home on my phone and do something that makes money I got you a small business that you can actually start is a home de po social media company and you're like what yes there are people who have built multi-million doll businesses doing this and it's kind of mind-blowing so if you don't have a pretty home right now if you don't have a space that's aesthetically pleasing what you can do is start out with a theme page and I've talked about theme pages in a couple of other videos but basically a theme page is an Instagram page that is about a specific theme and you do not have to create the content on a theme page so basically you can repurpose other people's content but you have to take permission from them and you also have to credit them so for example I've given this example so many times but the shade room is a theme page girl boss is a theme page these are pages that put other people's content on their platform but it's content about a specific topic so the shade room is primarily for shade and girl boss is primarily for girl bosses and as you can see all the videos and pictures the girl boss page are about girl bosses and when you create a page like this people who like that kind of content so people who are decorating their homes people who just want to dream and look at beautiful spaces would follow that page and guess what if you have 1,000 followers what you really have is 1,000 potential interior Decor customers and what does that mean how does that put money in your bank account when you have an audience that likes a specific thing you become very attractive to Brands who want to sell to that audience so people who actually sell pillows people who actually sell rugs would pay you money to advertise their pillows and their rugs on your page because you have an audience that cares about interior Decor so that's another business that you can start literally with your phone and with the internet and if you want me to make more content about specific ways that people make money on social media and how you can make a lot of money on social media with things like theme pages and ugc and other ways that people actually get to the back without putting their faces out there then let me know in the comment section and don't forget to hit the Subscribe button and the Bell so you get notified when I make those videos number four number four is to start a wedding photography business now this is one that's near and dear to my heart because a lot of people that I look up to in this space actually started out with side hustles in the wedding photography space for example Bal shoken be of clever girl Finance was able to quit her job and become a full-time entrepreneur because she had a side hustle as a photographer and let me tell you something for free girl there is money in the wedding industry like there's a lot of money to be made yes summertime is Peak period but every weekend someone's getting married somewhere you could even be a Travel Photographer like they will literally fly you out to take pictures of people like couples and photography is not something that you have to go back to school for you can literally learn it from home like you can sit down on your phone on your computer for a couple of hours and learn a skill like photography or even a skill like baking that I mentioned for Point number one but I know that some of these courses even though you don't actually get a degree at the end they cost thousands of dollars and that's one of the reasons why I've partnered with skillshare because skillshare is an amazing platform with thousands of classes from teachers who have done what it is you want to do from photography classes to ba

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