13 NO INTERVIEW Remote Jobs Always Hiring In 2024: Up To US$60 Per Hour Worldwide

are you tired of the daily commute and the endless hunt for the perfect work from home job imagine Landing a job that fits your schedule without ever stepping into an interview room or doing an interview online it could be that you're juggling family responsibilities it could be that you're pursuing studies or you're just seeking a better way to take control of your time whatever your reasons are rock star today's remote work opportunities they tend to offer a refreshingly flexible alternative to the traditional job market and from the comfort of your home you can earn up to $60 per hour with the options that I'm going to share in this video and you'll be doing everything from reviewing articles to entering data so there's something out there for everyone and a lot of these can be done from anywhere across the globe but most importantly no formal interviews are in sight or required let's get your work life on your terms rock [Music] stars welcome back to the Rockstar Academy thank you so much for your loyalty and thanks for clicking play whenever you see my video I don't take it for granted because I know you have many choices when it comes to YouTube and if you have subscribed and you're a rock star I appreciate your support but there's no pressure If You're viewing that's good enough if you are a rockstar Club member subscribed on patreon or a subscriber on patreon or on YouTube as a member I also thank you very much for your support let's jump into these options where you can actually get jobs that pay up to $60 per hour and never have to do an interview the first company is beer International and their website is beer international.com now there are 13 work from home opportunities that I'm going to share that don't require an interview so that's quite a few websites so I'm going to put the website on patreon and I'm going to put a link in the description of this video that you can click on that will take you to those links on patreon if you're a YouTube member I'll also place the website links on the Community page that way whether you're a patreon subscriber or a YouTube member when you click the links that are there it takes you directly to the different websites but if you're not subscribed don't worry our intent is not to leave you out because I'm going to be popping up the pages here on screen or in some instances mentioning the website but I'll also be posting on my blog at Odetta rocket car.com at a later date all the website links that you can access for free and the link to my website is also in the description of this video that said let's go back to beer international.com now the job is that of an inventory contractor and you'll gather and Report data on stock levels on pricing and on promotions at various retail locations and there are 13 locations across the globe which means that there are opportunities in multiple countries across the globe you can get started by going to their website and all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see the word evaluators portal just click evaluators click here and you can become an evaluator by clicking become an evaluator a no-brainer rock stars anyway with this particular opportunity you'll be able to earn anywhere from 15 to 25 us per hour and this money will be paid to you via direct deposit or check depending on where you live and where you're working from now again this website and the others will be on patreon and it will be on my blog at a later date now the second platform or company that you can apply to and get this particular job that I'm going to talk about and never have to do an interview is e2f that's the company's name and the website is ef.com now this job or role is referred to as an annotation reviewer and in this capacity you're going to review textual or multimedia content and ensure that annotations made in this content that they're made accurately the role is crucial for training Ai and machine learning models and let me say rockstars that none of these roles require a ton of qualification so there's something out there for everyone because most of them you can start at the entry level now to get started as an annotation reviewer you're going to need to submit an application on the e2fs career page just scroll down again to the bottom of their website on the homepage where it says jobs and you'll see where you can apply for these roles now there are other jobs that are available on this platform but some of these will actually require an interview which is why I'm speaking specifically about the job of an annotation reviewer but if you're looking for opportunities and you live in Brazil Colombia Argentina Costa Rica Indonesia Malaysia and many other places there are also jobs there that will require some more qualification and put you in an interview setting but I'm just sharing that as a bonus the job that we're focused on here that does not require an interview is the job of an annotation reviewer now this job is Project based which means that the income is not consistent and Al those specific salary details are not widely publicized for e2f similar roles in the industry typically pay anywhere from $10 to $30 per hour of course this is going to depend on the complexity of the project that you're doing or the work or your work experience and also based on how efficient you are with completing the different tasks the payment is usually by direct deposit and your pay will be on a regular payment schedule and this will be told to you when you're being offered the position now this next job is that of a data entry Clerk and again you will not need to do an interview with the company key for cash and the job involves you entering data from provided images into digital format so very beginner friendly what you need to focus on is the speed of entry and also your accuracy level and you can register on the key for cash platform where it says join now in red here as I'm showing you on screen and start start accepting tasks it's that simple rock stars now what you get paid is going to be contingent on the volume and the quality of the data that you're entering generally people are experienced and what I'd consider efficient typist they may earn anywhere from 20 cents to 80 cents per 1,000 keystrokes and this is less than minimum wage in most places rockstars so this one I recommend you treat it as a side hustle or something you do on the side assuming that you average 50 c which is somewhere in the middle of that 20 cent and that 80 cent per 1,000 key strokes the hourly rate that you would make would be about $6 and this is $6 so it's above minimum wage surprisingly in many countries across the globe including Jamaica where I'm located but it's below minimum wage in a lot of developed territories again you can choose how you use these opportunities that don't require you to do an interview to make money full-time or part-time it's going to be up to you they actually pay vi

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