7 Best Ways To Make Money Online and Earn Your First $100,000!

there is something truly special about hitting that first hundred thousand dollar Mark it's like a switch flips in your life every Financial goal you set whether it's half a million or even 10 million somehow seems to come easier once you've bagged your first hundred grand but how to get to that initial Milestone that's what I'm going to show you in this video seven different ways you can start working towards your first life-changing Financial goal I know how it feels to have next to nothing not too long ago I had less than five thousand dollars in savings and I was working at a soul sucking corporate job a few years later I made over half a million dollars online before taxes but what I really want you to get And I stress this because it's the absolute truth is that I'm just like you the things that I've achieved you can too probably even more and the first task on that journey is earning your first hundred thousand dollars online now the first method I wanted to cover to is affiliate marketing affiliate marketing if Done Right is indeed a relatively easy and fast way to earn money online here is why first you don't need to create a product you don't need to invest time and money in creating a product or service you simply promote things made by others the second reason is because your passive income potential is huge once you've set up your affiliate links and started driving traffic to them you can earn money 24 7. even when you're sleeping on vacation or spending time with your family your affiliate links can still generate sales and the other reason is because you don't have to do any customer service since you are not the one selling the product or service you don't have to worry about customer requests complaints or Returns the company whose products you are promoting will take care of all of that to start with this method you can register on a couple of large affiliate networks my personal favorite is called impact and I recently made there about 5 thousand dollars in commissions you can join them using my link anastasiablogger.com impact and you will work with large Brands but all of them will be under one roof under impact.com you can also check out platforms like partner stack or maybe ClickBank and Video Store 24 which offer a lot of digital products the products with the highest income potential are usually software companies where you will typically get recurring commissions users pay for some tools every month and they don't stop using them for many years sometimes and typically you get about 40 to 50 commissions on software otherwise you could also have a look at the affiliate programs for various online courses a lot of courses are sold in a price range of about a thousand dollars and the commission rate is 50 to hit your first hundred thousand dollars if you're making five hundred dollars a sale you will need to rack up roughly 200 Sales now you might be wondering where the heck do I share my affiliate links to back the sales the answer to that question would take me another entire video actually I already published a video about my top 5 traffic sources for affiliate marketing and I will link to that video up there you can check it once we're done with this video now my second method is selling digital products you will be surprised about the variety of digital products you can sell online and given these products don't need any shipping and you can sell as many copies as you wish this is an amazing passive income Source check out this store on Etsy called digital curio upon making a bit of research I found that they made about 3.3 million dollar selling items like watercolor cliparts digital paper or various textures and patterns you can create a store like this and fill it with hundreds of items very fast using image generation AI tools like mid Journey all you need to do is give it a text from and in a few seconds AI will generate images like this for you but you need to give it the right type of prompt and the best place to do it is using this free site called me Journey prompt helper you can just Google it and you will land on the page like this one now imagine I want to create a Japanese pattern I type this keyword right here then I need to start adding more information to my prompt and these categories will help you here if I click on Styles you can pick here whatever you would like to generate I chose here floral and if I move the switch to the right it means that I want flowers to be the main element in my pattern you can use any other filters to clarify your prompt and then you just need to copy it and submit it to me Journey after taking the image from me Journey you will need to enlarge the pattern by duplicating it you can use even a free tool like canva for this so you can start your forever free account using MyLink anastasiablobber.com canva and then you will create a square image of 1200 pixels wide and tall copy your pattern from mid-journey and you will see that the squares will connect to each other seamlessly then you can take this file to Etsy and sell it as a digital download I managed to generate several patterns like these in a couple of minutes and if you would like me to make a more detailed video tutorial showing how to do all of this process let me know in the comments below now the next method is freelance web development you can start your web Development Career simply learning from thousands of free videos on YouTube the most popular platform is WordPress and let's talk about the potential earnings here according to a survey by upwork the average freelance web developer earns around 50 dollars per hour now to reach a hundred thousand dollars you would need to work approximately 2 000 hours that might sound like a lot but bear with me breaking it down further 2000 hours over the course of a year means working around 167 hours per month or roughly 39 hours per week that's a bit less than a standard 40 hour working week and it is definitely achievable plus you will get all the perks of working from home the flexibility of your location and your working hours and keep in mind that these calculations are estimates and as you gain more experience and establish a strong reputation you can increase your rates quite a lot I'm just scrolling through some web developers profiles on upwork and you can see so many people already have earned way more than a hundred thousand dollars doing this job some made over four hundred thousand on this platform alone if you want to tap into WordPress web development check out instawp who sponsored this part of the video it's a WordPress development platform that makes it super simple to create and test WordPress websites and show them to your clients without touching their live sites when your site is ready to go live it's time to migrate it to a hosting provider and insta WP sites easily transfer to over 13 most popular web hosts using this platform you can take on more projects increase you

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