I Found The Best Way to Make Money Online in 2024 (BRAND NEW)

so this new method for making money online that I'm about to show you I honestly do not think that I could hype this up enough I've been making money online for probably almost a decade now and I've only seen one thing like this ever so I just discovered this and I'm seeing real people that are brand new Total beginners no audience and they're making more than $10,000 in their very first month trying this and because it's only been around for a few months now the competition is just so crazy low look at the results that people are getting so check out this person right here you can see right here they started March 1st okay they started that's 2 weeks ago from the time that I'm filming they've got less than 4,000 followers and $697,000 in Revenue in 2 weeks is what they've done this person right here they started 4 weeks ago they've got 5,000 followers and they've already done $600,000 in Revenue now that's Revenue so we're talking 50 60 $70,000 in profit but that's still just absolutely crazy numbers and if a couple thousand followers feels like too much you can see right here 87 followers started about 2 or 3 months ago and already done $60,000 in Revenue which is probably about $10,000 in profits and over and over and over again as I've been looking into this and researching it I'm seeing all these brand new creators you can see here almost no following no experience no audience and they're bringing in Wild amounts of money doing what we're going to talk about and show you here now needless to say I've booked out like the next 30 days of my calendar so that I can focus on this and like really put some time into this but I wanted to put out a video before I even started because the thing about these kinds of opportunities usually the people that start very early they make insane like ridiculous amounts of money in the beginning while there's not very many people doing it and then the opportunity is still there but that same level of just insanity is typically not available anymore and so I'm trying to get out a video right now as I'm doing it people can start join me we can all profit off of this together so let's start with what it is and then we'll go into a tutorial about how you can get started uh literally within 24 hours doing this exact same thing and we'll end with a little bit of advice on how to really double or triple up on your commissions so you might remember that I put out a video last year and I talked about how Tik Tok was starting to eat up Google's market share right they're trying to become a search engine and it's working specifically among younger people Millennials they're using Tik Tok now more than they're using Google to search for things and find answers to their questions and that was just last year when it over took Google and also last year it launched a competitor to Amazon so Tik tok's trying to now eat into Amazon's market share and it's doing that with something called Tik Tock shops so what Tik Tok shops is is you don't even have to have a Tik Tok account though most people do but you create this account and you can create a little shop and typically It's associated with your Tik Tok account just like this right here people can go to your Tik Tok account they can click shop and they can see products that you're selling now there's two ways people are doing this a lot of people are doing this with Drop Shipping right if we're all familiar with Drop Shipping they're kind of sourcing directly from China but big brands are starting to join on as well and these big brands are creating these Tik Tok shops now for the method I'm showing you you don't need to create a Tik Tok shop you don't need products you don't need to drop ship nothing like that we're going to do something slightly different but you need to understand how this works so what's really potentially lucrative about these Tik Tok shops tops is you can create videos and people that watch those videos on Tik Tok can buy directly from the video they click a button they click buy it uses Apple pay or they can save a credit card in there and they're getting the product this makes a very seamless way to make a lot of money off of a video that goes viral and I can tell you right now I've had so many videos go viral that didn't have a very you know set monetization plan and I made almost nothing while getting millions of views now like I said we are not creating a Tik Tok shop here we do not want to deal with customer service we don't want to shipping warehousing Drop Shipping all that fun stuff and so what we're doing instead is What's called the Tik Tok shop affiliate or the Tik Tok shop Creator program so all we're doing here is we're making very simple videos about these products and if you remember I talked about the Amazon influencer program last year it's very similar to that so after we make the video Tik Tok goes out and it tries to find people that will probably buy from watching that video now this is beneficial for Tik Tok they're going to take a cut of it and it's going to be beneficial for us because we are the affiliate or the refer here you will take a percentage we're talking anywhere from 5 to 20% of the total sale value and I'm not talking about Hollywood level productions here there is nothing special about these videos let's have a quick peek before you say I can't make videos at some of the videos that have done well over $10,000 for some pretty new creators I just picked up this solar power bank on Tik Tok shop and this thing's pretty [Music] cool do not buy these if you're not ready to experience a different level of sound let me explain like I said you don't need to be Brad Pit or Sandra bolock to be making these videos successfully and if I'm being honest I've seen people doing this with AI and make plenty of money completely eliminating themselves from the videos we have 300 hamburgers many many french fries now I do want to make one thing really really clear and that's that Tik Tok is not selling these products to your audience you do not have to have a following for this to work Tik Tok is going out and they're finding the ideal person who would watch that video and buy the product it has nothing to do with you having a 100,000 followers or a million followers and it has everything to do with that specific video and Tik tok's ability to show it out there so for the rest of this video we're going to do one go over the process of how to get signed up even if you don't have any followers at all or even if you don't have a Tik Tok account two we're going to move on we're going to show you how to find the products that are making a lot of money three we're going to show you how to make these very simple videos how to find the right video idea that's going to blow up your product video and then four I'm going to show you a little hack right at the very end on how to double up on your money I don't think many people are doing this and you can pretty much double

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