New ChatGPT Full Online Mode – Must See!

so I'm riding my bike to work just like any other day but then I get this notification on my phone chat gbt is now live and online so I rushed to my computer to check it out and you know what's weird it's not actually on the website nope the chat GPT live example actually shows up in two places you'd never think about but before we get into that let me get freshened up and ready for work that's much better let's check this out Now when using chat GPT model 4 what you're going to notice is if I ask it something like find me the top e-bikes for 2023 you're going to see that it comes up with somewhat of a little error as an AI language model I cannot browse the web in real time so I cannot provide you with the most up-to-date for 2023 what so it goes on to give me 2021 information because that's all it has available until now because if you're using the Bing browser which is Method number one we're going to talk about the second method which is even more powerful if you're using the Bing browser over here like this or Microsoft Edge as it were we can come over here to the side you're going to see this little b up here and it's going to bring up this box now in this I can actually say find me 2023 e-bikes that are cheap boom it'll actually go out there and find real live information because this sucker is plugged into the internet and we can see here it will find the information now there's a little bit of a hang up and that is that it's not going to provide gigantic reports and articles just yet however I did find a workaround so watch this video all the way through and I'll teach you how that works so here we have the top e-bikes we can say you know find me 20 of them find me 15 of them or we can even say write me an article about those e-bikes prices and sizes and it's going to go through and write me an article about this information now again we're going to have to kind of cut and paste this together because what it's doing is it's searching different things like electric Dash or this one where it's looking at three or four different websites so we're gonna have to do a little bit of leg work which isn't that difficult with the tool I'm about to show you now one of the other things that not a lot of people are paying attention to is the fact that I can actually go on a web page and this chat GPT is actually checking it out for me and looking at exactly what I'm looking at so wait a minute I can get real-time data right now about a website that I'm looking at right then and there yeah here's how it works if I was to search for the latest Jake Paul lawsuit apparently there's a lot of them we could actually go through and copy all the information on this page and it's going to pop up saying send selected text to chat I can send this to chat and ask it to give me a summary expand on it or revise it or explain it so if I say explain it's going to go through and explain what this data is actually about it'll summarize it and make a nice little article kind of thing right like this which is actually really cool think about the power of being able to go to a site and say let's say we're going to look at the top 10 side hustles let's say we're going to go for the top 10 side hustles and I just want to get a list of the top sites that have all this information I could simply go to a site like this hit Ctrl a that'll throw it right here in this box hit send then I can say strip out all the side hustles it's gonna go through and find all the side hustles for me so I could literally find the top 100 sites strip out the side hustles bada bing bada boom I'm ready to go apparently we need to retry it and then there we go we got real estate land all kinds of different side hustles and we could use this to create content about research go through and list the top side hustles that other people are talking about keep an eye on the latest data and on and on we go I can even go through and get the transcript from a video right like this and I can put this right over here send and then I can summarize the video this is going to make the research time to create blog posts content videos short videos and all the things that put money in your pocket literally by a factor of a thousand I can even have it extract data from a website or a post or anything like that so I can go over here Ctrl a to select everything it pops up over here I'll hit send and then I'll ask it to take out only the domain names I've been using chat GPT for this for a long time where I can take out a number a character a character a code or whatever it is I can extract exactly what I want like that without having to spend countless hours tediously going through the keyboard editing a code or a document and you can see it strips out the domains for us in a very very simple way I can now take this list of domains and do all kinds of stuff with it including put it in my keyword tool do research or whatever it is and if you want a simple way to make money with this you could see over on Fiverr there's tons of people that offer services where they will do data extraction Data Mining and all kinds of things like that that chat gbt can now do in the blink of an eye but it gets better because not only can I say what are the top 2023 side hustles and get up to the minute information but I can also extract data change documents create PDFs Excel files and pretty much anything and now before we get into the extra special tool that you didn't even know existed because no one's talking about it and I only found it by accident I want to show you how to use this to make this work in a real world way if you use your Microsoft Edge add-on and get the data we can actually go to the regular chat GPT and have it expand on it so I can go here and say write me an article about these top 10 side hustles now that I know they're the best 2023 ones we're ready to go right me and article about these side hustles put them in there like that and boom we are ready to go and you can see here that this is extremely easy this is content that we can actually use to make some good content blog post or even sell articles on other websites we can even ask this to find the top Financial news of today and it's gonna go through and find the top financial news so if I'm doing a YouTube channel or a Blog and I want to stay up to date boom this is going to do the work for us in a very simple way then I can go and summarize it in the composer over here and use insights to find even more information this is actually an extremely powerful tool to be able to make money online and then yesterday I go to talk to my employees on Skype and I see this Bing chat notification pop up and this is where it gets really cool they actually embedded chat GPT into Bing and it's not the chat GPT that everyone else is using with the old data no this is brand new right now searching the web as you can see here I asked it to write me a promotional message for Skyp

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