Latest Instagram Leak EXPOSES New Algorithm for 2023?

Instagram has finally admitted they've gone too far into video and because of that they've fallen behind Tick Tock here's your latest Instagram news all resources are linked below and make sure you stay to the end to hear about the three leaked features that are coming to Instagram in September this year a document titled creators and reels State of the Union 2022 was leaked to the Wall Street Journal this was a document created and published by meta themselves in August with intentions to only share internally with their team inside of this document there are reports of research their team had done examining the current state of reels and how it stands next to their main competitor Tick Tock while we don't have access to the dock itself The Wall Street Journal has shared some statements mentioned in the document first reels have less than one tenth of the engagement of tick tock videos they say that Real's engagement had fallen by 13.6 percent over the four weeks prior to the study Plus on top of that only 20.7 percent of the 11 million U.S Instagram creators were posting making the other 7 79.3 users who don't post and nearly a third of the reels that are posted are created using an entire other platform complete with a branded Watermark when asked about this document and some of the leaks meta's spokeswoman Debbie narasiman said that the data was outdated and not Global in scope which I personally find that statement interesting because if it was outdated data then why share the document with your team in the first place unless you mean like oh no it was one month outdated because the doc was created in August and then leaked later in September on top of those numbers meta has continued to battle negative perceptions among its users when a survey was released asking users about their perceptions of its business there were some shocking results the portion of Instagram users who thinks the company cares about them fell from nearly 70 percent in 2019 to roughly 20 earlier this summer this is a basically a 50 drop since reels was released however I will say that meta's spokeswoman claimed that data does not accurately reflect the company's internal data but declined to elaborate any further so maybe those numbers are 100 accurate but I don't know it doesn't seem that unrealistic to me when you look at the Instagram platform and what current users have to say so enough with all this bad news let's start getting into some better news since this leak Instagram has a knowledge that there's work to be done Chief Operating Officer Justin osovsky said we're seeing good promise in the rollout of reels good adoption but with that said we also know we have work to do and of course meta's spokeswoman Debbie made a statement saying we still have work to do but creators and businesses are seeing promising results and our monetization growth is faster than we expected as more people are watching creating and connecting through reels than ever before and finally head of Instagram adammissary himself said we've gone too far into video when he was asked about how photographers can continue to stay relevant on Instagram so moving forward what's the plan will anything change where is the Silver Lining notice how meta's spokeswoman Devi said in her statement that creators and businesses are seeing promising results on the platform so even when you look on Instagram's blog there are articles are heavily focused on helping creators and businesses succeed on their platform so the good news is if you're a content creator business or even aspiring Creator and entrepreneur of any shape or form Instagram is still a great platform for you to be on if you're an everyday user who doesn't really want to post and you just want a place to catch up with family and friends Instagram might not be that place anymore the focus of the platform is moving to ambitious content creators meaning that there's a shift that's about to happen well it's actually been happening slowly over the past few years just some of us have either not noticed it refused to notice it or didn't think it would affect us much at all Instagram is pivoting away from the everyone plays app to when everyone creates app where if you're not creating you might Fade Out so basically someone needs to make a new let's connect with friends and family app now if you are a content creator or business and you have a business account on Instagram I want to take a minute to tell you about today's sponsor metrical metricul is a all-in-one social media scheduler that is approved for all social media platforms with Advanced analytics easy to create branded reports and so much more I know one of the biggest pain points that a lot of creators or businesses struggle with is juggling multiple platforms and all of the content that needs to be posted on these platforms and if you're somebody that struggles with that you can use metrical to schedule content for any social media platform Instagram YouTube Tick Tock Twitter Facebook LinkedIn all the places and it's free for solopreneurs or if you're a business or social media manager and you run multiple Instagram Pages they have an extremely cost effective option with a premium membership starting at 12 a month with an annual subscription plus if you're not new to this channel you know my favorite feature at this point they're PDF reporting my team and I we download it every single month for the past like six months and it is so helpful to see what's currently working or what's not working on my different social media platforms so we could adjust and pivot our content strategy I'll be sure to leave a link down below where you can try them out for free I'm stoked to be able to share magical with all of you it's seriously one of my favorite tools right now and I hope I'm able to connect this information to the right people who have been looking for something like this now for some more good news there are three features that will be coming to Instagram soon first and foremost I get all of my leaked information from a Twitter account Alessandro Paluzzi or at alex193a on Twitter he accurately predicts features on all sorts of platform Instagram YouTube Twitter WhatsApp pull credit to Alex go follow him on Twitter if you're not already all right leak number one the ability to create a channel discussion channels were previously called public group where basically you can create a discussion channel that other people can discover either a public discussion or you could keep it solely subscription based or your Instagram subscribers so in the future I'd be able to start a conversation with a question like what are some Instagram features that you wish existed and anybody within the Instagram app can take part in this conversation and give their ideas and talk or I could post something to maybe my subscribers only and say hey what sort of videos do you want to see next on my Instagram or what sort of Instagram lives

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