Tesla X full self-driving experience

in the morning of November 23rd I posted a reel complaining that we paid ten thousand dollars for a full self-driving feature and it's been six months and it hasn't been activated yet guess what happens in a couple of hours Elon Musk posts on Twitter that everybody who purchased full self-driving was getting it that day and we got it coincidence I don't think so so today we're gonna find out whether it was worth ten thousand dollars and worth waiting for six months let's do it foreign [Music] the whole thing about full self-driving is that the car is going to drive by itself even on a small Road even on a road like this you know in the middle of nowhere and we're actually put in Safeway in the navigation system so it is supposed to bring us there here the turn signal sound I did not switch it on Tesla did it okay we stopped at the crossroads we have a bicycle we have several cars it stopped it let the car go because it was their first and it went oh my God it did the whole four-way stop intersection by itself this is crazy okay I put 19 miles an hour because I was so scared let's do 25 miles an hour which is an Earth's fit limit here I'm sorry guys I am testing or autopilot I'm not gonna go over oh okay it asked me for um for Hands on the Wheel Tesla gives you a whole steering wheel alert every one to three minutes to let the car know you're still here and in control and you can either put some pressure on the wheel or scroll this little button the first time I actually tried autopilot on a Tesla was back in 2018 it was a funny where are you going it was back in 2018 we rented a Tesla it was so funny we rented it on two row so today we're gonna try Tesla Model X so excited oh my God slow down he was actually Andre's car and Andre is the founder and the CEO of turo so that was our first experience driving Tesla not a pilot and I was behind the steering wheel and my husband switched on the autopilot for me and I was freaking out because it is kind of scary when the car drives by itself especially on a highway when it's 65 miles an hour and I'm still freaking out right now because there's so many people like we are in this kind of residential area a lot of people are hiking and there are a lot of bikes so I I really like the the person that I trust the most behind the wheel is is me and whenever it's a robot it's kind of scary but it is cool guys the future is here it drives by itself like I'm doing nothing I'm just freaking out and switching off autopilot when I'm too scared which is totally unnecessary foreign [Music] only one car for 140k I still think that Mercedes S-Class for example is probably the better car because right now autopilot is still like a good fun feature but you still use it like three five percent of your driving time because you want to be in control sometimes you want to go faster and it's like autopilot it's still very slow and very careful so uh yeah but but the quality of Mercedes it's unprecedented compared to Tesla and you can experience this every second of your trip so for now it's still S-Class but once autopilot will be even better now and it will of course will that's a question of time so and and if Mercedes won't have the same like grade level of autopilot till then so yes it's the the choice will shift to Tesla if you asked me if I had 140k to buy a car and do it again would I get a Tesla or because my comparison was always I've always wanted to get an S-Class just because it was quality and oh my God it's the the Yoke wheel is going crazy what are you doing anyways uh that car is actually still a dream car for me the the S-Class but I just see how autopilot makes my life so much easier and I don't really like at this stage I don't really care that much about the quality and luxurious seats because especially when I have two kids in the back and one of them starts crying or something or they ask like there's a small screen in the back and they asked me for a cartoon or there is an ad popping up because I have autopilot I can always switch it on and switch on the cartoon for them I have free hands this is a very subtle thing but when you drive an autopilot your mind is more relaxed you know how you start thinking about things when you're driving when you get all the philosophical thoughts now when you're an autopilot your thoughts are even deeper because you don't have to think about turning or whatever you just need to think about making sure that the autopilot is on and it doesn't switch off because your hands are off the wheel but I love thinking when I'm driving I live I love listening to podcasts because on autopilot I have more brain capacity because I don't have to control the movement I think it's super cool so if you ask me 140k I would now with the full self driving I would get this car 100 the charging the autopilot doesn't mean it's a perfect car I don't think so because it still has all the bugs sometimes the doors wouldn't close you can still hear the squeaky sound that they couldn't replicate at Tesla Service which you know it's really hard to not be able to replicate it our speed is 22 miles an hour right now and you can hear it the quality but again Tesla is not about quality it's about the tech that's tough breaking it was bad breaking what's your perfect car though my perfect car is a Maybach with a driver that's the perfect combination and like a longer Maybach so we can have all the kids you're asking for the perfect car it doesn't it also doesn't come with the driver and money on your bank account to pay for all of that so the perfect world I'm driving along maybe with a driver but like if okay if if we want to be realistic yes still this one this is not perfect but it's the best out of everything that's on the market because it has this autopilot feature oh [Music] the main takeaway is a power of one man's idea that's incredible like Elon decided to do that like long time ago and now a lot of people doubt that but yeah we live in the future right now so you can just sit relax and the car will do everything for yourself right yeah I mean it's not only one disruption also it's electric and he like sorry that this transition to electric cars so yeah it's very inspiring for Humanity I think so um yeah you can just create that was it for me for today guys I think it's amazing it's mind-blowing thank you so much for watching this video up to the very end uh thank you Elon thank you all the engineers at Tesla this is amazing this is game changing this is our new life and this is the future if you're not yet subscribe to this Channel please hit the red button down below and see you soon in the next videos bye foreign

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