How To Start an Affiliate Marketing Business & Make Money Online FAST

here's how to start an affiliate marketing business and make money online fast and how I literally use this method to pull in three hundred and forty six thousand dollars in net commissions we literally have eight steps right here to go ahead and reveal today and actually wait until step number five because step number five in just applying step number five little dogs I'm like Gary two will make thirteen thousand dollars in a single month in that commissions without having his own product or offer so as you can see step number one let's actually go ahead and reveal it sub number one is picking a niche now what is a niche a niche is essentially people that have a pain Point understand this when it comes to making money online the only way you could actually go out and make them like a pain point is to solve a problem because people don't essentially by the way into your product they want by the way out of their pain points so what I actually mean by that you need to go ahead and pick a niche or some type of person that is in deep pain because for you to actually make money someone needs to go ahead and buy a product meaning the deeper someone is in pain the more money you can make when you go out and recommend them the solution that it is that they have for example here's an example of a pain Point say for example I was trying to find a girlfriend but right before I had a girl coming over I literally went in the bathroom and I ate really crazy Mexican food so I just now the bathroom just smells horrible right so now I'm in a big pain point I'm trying to find the love of my life to go out and find the future mother my child she's on her way walking in the door I'm the pain point is going higher and higher and higher and if someone literally went and recommended like a specific for example nice candle that could get rid of the excruciating painful smell that's in the bathroom and they got it into my hands before the girl would actually go ahead and walk in guess what they solved my pain points that is a problem solved and the cool thing with for example affiliate marketing is you don't actually need to create the product there's literally people out there that you can go ahead and sign up for they're candle smelly bathroom candle link where essentially they'll do the shipping they're handling the customer service and all you really got to do is just recommend it right but there's an example of for example picking a niche picking a niche that has a big pain point so you're probably wondering well what are the biggest niches health wealth love if you could position yourself in those ways where you could go ahead and create content based off of health wealth and love you are positioning yourself to whatever affiliate marketing products that you could essentially promote in the future and this is also AI proof because right now ai can't really make you feel better healthy wise wealth wise love wise and if you if you can find products to go ahead and help people with those you could essentially make money so essentially go over the second way so the second way and the Second Step if we're going to go ahead and do this is we're going to go ahead and remove it collect the platform now what is this platform what is the platform what does that actually mean it's either YouTube Tick Tock Instagram or Facebook now it's either in order to select the platform are you either creating content or are you running ads now here's the thing when people go ahead and for example want to get some type of product sold online guess what there is millions of candles out there in the world but how can I position myself in front of people who are already a beautiful girl is already walking in and that pain point is already excruciating in that person right now because a lot of people maybe they might want a candle but certain people are in bigger pain points than other people right and if you could position this candle to the people that desperately need it in this moment not tomorrow not next week not next year they're going to be in a deeper pain point where they're going to actually go ahead and more motivated to buy which is why the platform is everything right because for example you could do Instagram and Tick Tock but people aren't necessarily in a deep pain Point yet right people aren't there yet maybe they just see something oh that looks nice but they're not actually in that point where like oh I need something now as opposed to like for example YouTube and you go ahead and go to YouTube and I type in something like for example best handles for look at that a men's bathroom people are essentially searching for this right now meaning they want to actually give money an example of this is I remember when I was like in Bali and we just got done with a podcast why because I freaking have a podcast Shameless Flex to my podcast on my YouTube channel literally subscribe I interview a lot of people like this 11 year old girl they turn on 30 million dollars this guy that makes a million dollars per month profit and you can see exactly what I do with all of my income as I blow it in my podcast right essentially after this podcast I was like oh let's go ahead and get a hamburger we were in Bali at this time and instead of me going to Google and just asking how can I make a hamburger I wanted to know the best restaurant that I could essentially spend money on so I typed in best hamburger place in Bali what this means is there's certain search phrases that you could actually go ahead and use that if you literally go ahead and search it there's people that are actually in buyers mode what you want to do is you want to go ahead and create content or advertising in people that are already in buyer's mode meaning it's a lot easier when you're already selling to people that already want to buy right it's so much easier to go ahead and put your product in front of people that are like hey I already want that product it's almost like a no-brainer which is why I personally like YouTube because the fact that I can come in here and type in like for example say I'm like Bolding right and I'm selling essential oils best essential oil for hair all these things people are essentially searching for them right now so if I could create content or run advertising to go ahead and put myself in front of people that are in pain then I could actually go ahead and make money right here's an example of this right so that's either creating content that's one area that's if you want to share your face on camera the other end is not showing your face on camera and just running YouTube ads check this out this entire thing got five million views it's only two minutes long and it's only a 4 000 subscriber thing there's no YouTube videos there's just a YouTube ad let me play this if you're suffering from cataracts diabetic retinopathy macular degeneration so that was essentially made with AI right and all that stuff now the cooles

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