7 Lazy Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners (In 2024)

so here are seven lazy ways to make money online one of which make me 100 to 700 per day and make sure you watch the fifth lazy way that we're gonna go over because Gary was able to go ahead and make thirteen thousand dollars in a single month so the first way is Walmart to eBay Drop Shipping now I literally did this when I was a bro called shooting suddenly become a dentist like literally I was so dumb when it came to for example business and goals and all that stuff because my background was biology and chemistry and math and science like I'm Asian look at me right so I didn't know anything about business I didn't know anything about making money line I didn't know anything about sales or marketing any of that stuff but what I didn't know was how to copy and paste pictures so even those living off of the ramen noodle diet and the dollar menu diet I was able to go ahead and go post pictures on eBay that I would literally go ahead and grab from for example Walmart check this out this product on Walmart is 598 I would literally copy and paste this exact same picture throw it up on eBay at a higher price and then when someone would actually buy the product on eBay guess what I would do I would literally go ahead and take the money that I made from the sale on eBay because the money would go automatically into my bank account and right after I got the money in my bank account I then bought the product on Walmart at a lower cost what does that mean there's like virtually no risk I literally took a lazy way something that I didn't have to create my own product and I copied paste a picture on one website I just sold it for a little bit more on another website and again I think people just over complicate things when it comes to making money online look the sun's in my face and they just don't realize that there's a lot of opportunity out there when it comes to actually going ahead and making money let's actually talk about the second way to go and make money what else did I do to go ahead and play around with certain things let's reveal it and as you can see we have mid journey to Etsy to printful now what is actually mid-journey if you go ahead and just Google mid-journey and just find out what mid journey is it's literally an AI thing on Discord that essentially can create a bunch of artwork look at this someone is literally just typing it in on for example mid-journey they're coming up to here and they're just typing in like for example and imagine right here is a prompt what a prompt is is you essentially tell this AI robot to go ahead and build you something within seconds it'll go ahead and create you realistic things like look at this uh imagine stockpiling 4K minimal photoreal specific bright daylight this is a mon fast look at this that was generated by AI here's another one a pirate realistic photo eyepatch black pirate watercolor effect no background here is one and if you like one of these things you can literally go ahead and change a different type of thing and guess what he'll literally go ahead and create it right this guy ended up looking at V1 so it created more different variations and this allows people to go ahead and take artistic tree and go ahead and turn that into for example something they can sell online so what are kind of like the use cases for this well obviously if people are going to go ahead and sell t-shirts and people are like well I'm not an artist I can't really create anything I don't I've never created a t-shirt before in my life well what if you just leverage what people are already selling and what people are actually searching for right so for example on Etsy people are naturally typing in like something like for example cat tea sure oh look at that all these things pop up right it's finally type in Cat t-shirts I scroll down you see all these Cat t-shirts with interesting things on even something like this this can be used and created from for example with AI any one of these things you can go ahead and go to Mid journey and type in cute cat shooting guns in the sunset or some ninja cat check this out 318 for example uh like reviews if I come in here how much did this person actually go out and sell if I go ahead and click on this person you'll see that his he had 1900 sales 1900 sales and you probably only one mic I don't have any t-shirts how can I go ahead and make money with this well you could literally sign up for printful for free and the coolest thing about printful is they have all of these different products for men's products women's products kids products hats accessories home living you could do it even in soap bottles and purses and the beautiful thing about printful is guess what it connects with at Sea meaning you go ahead and use mid-journey put a cute picture of whatever you want to create because now you don't have to need any creative skills throw it up on mid-journey take that exact same thing throw it up on printful then connect printful with Etsy and Bam without having Unity marketing without having to do any sales without having to be creative at all because you literally have ai robots do all that hard work you now have a business in a box that could generate you for example 100 a day now what is the third way to go ahead and make money online what do you think what do you think what do you think let's actually reveal it that's mid-journey to merch by Amazon so it's the exact same thing but leveraging Amazon and merch.amazon.com it's the exact same thing in the exact same concept where instead of using Etsy or people go to go ahead and search for things and you know they're searching for things because this is what people are popping up you can do the exact same thing but instead of combining Etsy and for example printful you could go directly and just do merch.amazon.com where you can share designs with the World by creating Graphics accessories and more all printed on demand we handle your printing and shipping so you can handle design while we deliver so all you do is upload your artwork suggest a list price we print what's sold fast shipping with prime you earn monthly royalties what does this actually mean this mean that you can potentially go ahead and make passive income with artwork that you don't even have to go and create because you literally have ai robots doing all the hard work does that make sense there's literally no freaking excuses to go ahead and get started to make money online it doesn't matter how lazy you are it doesn't matter how little experience you have as long as you know exactly how to ask questions who this AI robot and you are able to go ahead and just literally do it and not procrastinate it and not just wait you have the ability to go ahead and make money online so let's actually go over to the next one the next one which is close to the fifth one right remember the fifth one is what allowed Gary to make 13 Grand in 30 days if we're gonna go ahead and go over here third one

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