Profitable Businesses You Can Start with $0

hello to every aspiring entrepreneur and welcome to silicon valley girl today we're going to talk about business ideas that you can start for free and when i say for free i mean that you don't need any upfront cash investment of course i can't think of a business where you don't invest your time but when i started my business at the age of 21 all i had was time i didn't have any money i didn't have rich parents who would give me money and tell me oh hey go ahead and start your business so i had to rely on my time and my skills in this video i decided to go through business ideas that would allow you to start just using your time and your skill ideally you have some kind of skill because consulting businesses are the easiest to start and the business that i started back in 2011 was consulting business i was helping people book their study abroad trips so basically use my knowledge of how the market worked uh because i was able to go to germany for a semester abroad get a scholarship for that and i thought you know i went through the process i can try and be helpful to other people who want to do the same and this is where i want you to stop and think what are the things that i've done myself without paying anyone without you know relying on somebody else's knowledge what i've done myself that i can help others do and while you're thinking i'm gonna throw some ideas at you uh that could help you start a business from scratch idea number one tutoring this is something i can't think of a person who is not passionate about at least one subject in the world like you go to school you might hate maths you might hate biology you might hate whatever you're studying in my case i loved english i was like oh my god this is the number one subject i want to study i come from russia english is not something that we speak all the time in russia so like i really like this subject and using this passion using this knowledge you can start teaching people who are just beginning in the subject so i've been always passionate about languages so my first classes that i gave were teaching people languages and you can start with really really basic stuff you can teach kids you can teach people who have zero knowledge you can teach them alphabet etc but choose something that you're really passionate and there are a lot of people willing to learn maths there are a lot of people preparing for sats there are a lot of people preparing for gmat or whatever i also held gmat prep sessions because when i passed gmat i scored 700 which is like not the top score on gmat i still thought you know i went through this process and 700 gets you into good schools why don't i try and teach people because i had inbound requests i started a blog and i started talking about my experience i had inbound requests and started teaching people for ten dollars an hour so any type of consulting business based on your passion based on something you love is something you can start right away the only question is where you get clients well first of all there are a lot of marketplaces out there the second thing and this is my second business idea creator economy uh when i talk to sriram christian he's a partner at a big vc firm here in silicon valley i loved what he told me he told me everyone should find a way to talk about their passion online and this means for me it means starting a blog starting a youtube channel writing about your passion on your medium on your sub stack there are so many platforms out there and this is how you get your clients you don't have to have millions of followers on those social platforms i got my first inbound request to teach people gmat i probably had like 100 subscribers maybe like for me it was amazing i didn't see youtube as a source of leads i wasn't even thinking about teaching people gmat but when i got that inbound request i was like oh my god this is such a cool idea i need to do that and this is i want you to do like number one uh you figure out your passion you're writing this down by the way you can write this down in comments below number one what is your passion okay mathematics number two what is this medium how do you start talking about your passion online so number two you're right i start a youtube channel or i start a an email list i start on instagram like whatever but you have to find a way it has to be out there people have to know that you're passionate about something because there is no other way they're gonna find out like there's no way now the next step after this is to create a website and i'm gonna throw more business ideas at you it's just i wanna focus on the process right now and number three is you need a structure for your business you need a website uh you need a funnel like people find out about you but they're not ready to buy yet so you're capturing their email you are telling them about your service etc again i'm assuming you have zero cash to start your business this is why i am only giving advice that requires zero dollars of investment um get response is a sponsor of this video and this is a platform that i've been using for over four years i think getresponse helps you build the website create this email capture tool that would allow you to grab your customer by hand and tell them like hey if you're interested in this stay with me i'm gonna give you some special deals and special offers and later on you follow up with emails you build this email list you build this email campaign getresponse helps you with everything and you know how much it costs zero now let me show you how you can use to build a website you go to sign up for free [Music] then you click on menu and choose a website builder so here you have two options build your website using a ready-made template or use an ai-powered builder let's choose an ai powered builder here you'll need to answer a few questions about your business needs and i will basically generate a website for you and by reading your comments i'm gonna see how far you've gone number three write what type of business you have so if it's providing services it's consulting if maybe you are doing some other ideas that i'm gonna mention later on in this video maybe you are providing services or maybe you are delivery or whatever so you need to decide what type of business you are let's go with teaching and we have teaching and classroom resources in the drop down menu so let's choose this next let's choose what kind of website you want to build it can be an event a launch page personal website educational website or a membership let's go with educational next step i already get some recommendations so here at the top screen some elements are pre-added to your website so you can take them off or add them in and don't worry you can change them later if you don't like them [Music] the next step is to choose a theme for your website let's go with this one you can upload a logo if you have one next

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