Best CPA Marketing Tutorial for Beginners (2024)

so far this month I made over $30,000 which is over $11,000 a day without selling anything and in this step-by-step tutorial I want to show you how CP marketing Works how to choose the right offer how to get free traffic in 10 different ways and how to make your first $1,000 without building your own website and without spending money on paid ads and since this is everything you need to know about CPA marketing and how to actually make money for completely free make sure to save this video so you can always come back and just so you know that I will not be upselling any courses or coaching programs or anything like that all of this is absolutely free if you do appreciate it just drop a like down below and let's begin with a full step by-step tutorial now first things first CPA marketing is a way of making money without selling anything because CPA stands for costs per action which means you will be paid when someone completes a certain action which in most of the cases is just them entering their email address so they don't need to buy anything and they don't actually need to spend any money in order for you to get paid now the strategy that we will be using has a following breakdown first of all you have to choose an offer that actually solves a problem so people have an incentive to sign up through your referral link next you want to create a landing page where you can host multiple links because all of these offers usually pay about $2 or $3 which may not seem like a lot but if you have a landing page where you can host multiple links then you can make 20 or30 or $50 per person you refer again without selling anything and and also most of the websites wouldn't really allow you to share your referral links directly so you need some kind of a bridge in between and I'm going to show you how to do that for completely free without having your own website then you need to choose a free traffic source and I'm going to show you multiple traffic sources and three main ones that you can use so you can make money without spending money on paid ads then I'm going to show you how to use AI to provide value on those platforms to get free traffic so you don't actually have to even show your face and then at the end we'll be using the 80 to % rule which means that you will be keeping 80% of the profits that you make and then just keep on reinvesting 20% that's left so if you start with $0 that's fine but if you make your first $1,000 you can keep $800 and then use $200 to reinvest back into the business so that next month you make a lot more money a lot easier now that you understand how CPA marketing works the step number one is to choose the right offer and there's many different marketplaces where you can find CPA offers like you can go to a Marketplace which is like I know that a lot of people are not huge fans of this platform and that's completely fine some people make money from it a lot of people are not satisfied with it I found some success with it but there are better options but you can also just sign up for completely free go to offer tools go to my offers and then you can find all of these different offers where as you can see people even have a chance to win something if they sign up through a link for free and you would be paid like a dollar or two $2 per email collected and this is going to be my referral link so I would have to send people to this link here in order to get paid but besides these affiliate networks there are also different apps that you can install for example this is tap mob it's a free app where I've so far made over $4.5 th000 in commissions and essentially if you go to the offer section you can find a bunch of offers that pay five or six or $7 for email collected and that's how I actually made over $44,000 with this app so far but anyways if you go to the offer section you can see these giveaways where people are incentivized to actually sign up through link so I would be paid $5 per email collected and people have a chance to in this case with $100 Dunkin Donuts gift card so I can copy my referral link instantly and start sending people to this link if they enter the email address again they have a chance to win something for free they're incentivized to do it they don't have to spend any money and I will still get paid five or $6 so what I want to do is I want to find at least five of these different giveaways inside of any of these networks or some offers that are incentivizing people that solve some problem and then just store those links somewhere either send them yourself as a text message or store them in a Google doc it doesn't really matter just save at least five of these different referral links just copy them and save them now the very next step is to decide which platform you're going to be using to get free traffic from and there's a lot of different ways that you can drive Freight traffic we have YouTube where you can even make thousands of dollars from ad Revenue while sending people to your affiliate links you can also use Tik Tok you can now even get paid with a Tik Tok creativity program so you can create short Tik toks and then send people to your links in BIO you can use X or Twitter and you can create Twitter threads that can attract hundreds of people even if you don't have any followers and then you can promote your links through those Twitter threads you can also start an Instagram page or an Instagram theme page and then just link that link in your bio and create posts and reals and attract people their Instagram you can also leverage Facebook groups you can join a bunch of Facebook groups with thousands of members you can even use these different social media networks that have millions of visitors like this one MBE has 13 million visits per month and it's pretty much just like Facebook and you can join a bunch of groups on the topics that are actually related to the offers that you're promoting and some of these groups have thousands of members and you can join for free you also have this platform which is called gab and has 22 million visits per month and it's pretty much the same thing as Facebook as well you can join a bunch of groups and different topics and then just start sharing your links you can also use which is a platform where you can share blog articles and you can rank pretty high on Google and even medium has over 400 million visits per month and so I made a bunch of these articles I wrote blog articles on different topics for example YouTube automation because I've been promoting some YouTube automation offer and then I have these links where people can click on and they can be sent to my referral link and I a learn a commission and I'm getting traffic from this this is an article that actually published yesterday and if we go to the story stats we can see that so far it get 70 views which may not seem like a lot but it can potentially be at least seven signups and maybe I'm being

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