How To Grow An Audience Starting With ZERO Followers

I'll never forget when I first decided to give Tick Tock a try back in 2021 I spent probably an hour looking over the platform different viral content getting ideas of what it was all about and how it would work for me and after about an hour I thought I had it figured out and I uploaded a video after uploading I think I put my phone down and I went to get a snack and forgot all about it now if you fast forward to the next day when I was taking a lunch break I remembered I'd post it on Tick Tock so I logged in and I almost choked on my banana when I saw I had over a half a million views and 5 000 followers that video today has almost 3 million views and has gotten me tens of thousands of followers now I honestly did not get it then but I was doing some very specific things that made my video and my account blow up over the millions of other accounts out there but I do know now and in this video I'm going to give away every secret I have for building an audience of five to ten thousand followers subscribers connections Chihuahuas whatever it is you call them in your preferred platform in just 30 days I'll show you the easiest platforms to do it on I'll show you the incredibly simple template that I use to blow up their algorithms and I'm going to show you how you can post across four different platforms with about 30 seconds more work so you can quadruple your growth with almost no work first I want to take 30 seconds and clear two preconceived notions that most people are coming into this video watching the first one is that this takes time no one can build an audience in 30 days that's impossible well I just told you my Tick Tock story what if I told you that just in the past week I have a friend that started Facebook reels and grew it to 50 000 followers in 60 days and I have another friend that started a brand new YouTube channel and they were able to grow it from 0 to 17 000 subscribers with the first five videos it does not take time it's about being in the right place at the right time with the right piece of content and we're going to show you how to do that in this video the second big preconceived notion everyone watches these videos thinking is that you have to have a personality a big personality a major personality you need to get way into your videos maybe do a little bit of dancing and things like that that is absolutely not true let's cue a quick clip from some of my first YouTube videos ever today's lesson is going to be on learning to understand how to read stock charts today's lesson is going to be on learning that video got hundreds of thousands of views and tens of thousands of subscribers back when I had no audience and clearly no personality there are a lot of different people out there that connect with a lot of different kinds of content if you don't want to dance don't don't dance first let's talk about choosing a platform because if you've been in the social media game for any amount of time you know that social media goes in Trends there's a new platform every year or two and that platform flows up incredibly quickly and there's a lot of really easy opportunities in the beginning but what you may not know is that within platforms there's also Trends I can remember when Instagram TV launched just a few years ago and anyone could start putting out Instagram TV videos and they could blow up their Instagram incredibly quick now the reason for that was that Instagram was trying to push people to start using igtv more and because they were doing that they were giving tons of views to creators that would put out content on that part of the platform so there's always a trend and the trend right now is absolutely with certainty short video so it started about a year or two ago we saw Tick Tock at 60 million users and then just like that Tick Tock hit a billion users in just a matter of years but that's just Tick Tock as soon as all the other companies saw the success of tick tock we saw Instagram reels Facebook reels YouTube shorts Pinterest video every single platform decided they needed shorts on their platform as well because there's three huge reasons you need to be doing shorts if you're trying to build an audience quick for the Amazon influencer program or whatever it is that you're doing the first reason is that they are all pushing it right now Facebook is pushing real so hard we're seeing people start an account and get 50 000 followers in 30 to 60 days just because Facebook is pushing their content so hard the second reason is these platforms are video Centric so apart from like YouTube or a Blog they care a lot about Cloud how long have you been putting out content how big is your audience right now there's a measure of that into their algorithm and that means that as a new user you're going to struggle to take off and explode in the very beginning but these short video platforms aren't like that they don't care what your following is they take your content they test it out with a couple hundred people and if it looks like it's going to do well they don't care if you have one follower or one million followers they're going to push your content out and reason number three there's no easier way to do content repurposing so each of these platforms is basically the same right they've got this 60 second vertical video that you can put out there and the beauty of it is you can put out a video on Tick Tock that then gets put out on YouTube that then gets put out on Pinterest that then gets put out on Facebook reels there's an easy way to do this it takes 30 seconds more work and you have four times the chance of a piece of content going viral and being able to have that one audience growth video that does it all for you you know all those annoying people growing up that kept saying you need to work smarter and not harder this is the perfect example of that where you can get four times the exposure with basically no more work so we'll talk on my screen here and we'll show you exactly what you're going to do once you've decided that this is actually the best route for you first we're going to choose a niche and I'm gonna be honest I don't care what Niche you choose you can blow up in any Niche it doesn't matter if it's a tiny little niche like pets or even a smaller niche of that like dogs it doesn't matter if it's a big Niche like side hustles Health any of that you can blow up in no problem next we're gonna use tick tock as kind of our home base here though we are going to repurpose this platform everywhere you're gonna go to The Tick Tock uh main central control here right and you're going to search for accounts we're going to look for accounts that have probably a hundred thousand followers or more in our Niche that are basically putting out the content that we would want to put out too so I'm going to type in the word side hustle there that's kind of the niche that I'm in right so I'm going to start looking at all these accounts right we're lo

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