Why you should get out of your comfort zone

walking and feeling so nostalgic we decided to do probably one of the craziest things in our lives so we're testing this english speaking party where everyone speaks english i'm super nervous that's 100 good morning from st petersburg [Applause] [Music] walking and feeling so nostalgic because this reminds me of summers when i would drive around the city going from client to client doing different documents and going back to the office and every summer was very busy for us because we were in a seasonal business and raising such good memories yeah that's the best action california music everywhere beautiful shot yes we decided to do probably one of the craziest things in our lives we decided to travel with two young kids to russia in september and here we are we were just grabbing breakfast and got a couple of paintings from local painters look at this beauty this is summer after rain saint petersburg this is summer but in the 60s and they cost like 200 both and we got some gifts from the painter so i'm gonna be in our house in los altos hills we're gonna make this corner of st petersburg in california taxes in russia so that you know not every taxi but still you can get this for the price of uberx in san francisco [Music] i am so happy we got out of our comfort zone telling you the whole story team and i decided to be spontaneous and i talked about this in my previous vlog it was like saturday we were in our bed and we're talking about being too comfortable with our lives and not doing things that require us to get out of the comfort zone and we decided to book our trip to russia and then two days later we find out that our nanny is at hospital and i can't imagine just traveling without the nanny so we canceled the flight canceled everything and then a day later and our nanny tells us that she's actually fine and she can join us a bit later so we change the flights again and here we are yes guys it wasn't easy by the way the first so emily's still jet lagged she woke up at 5 30 a.m today yesterday she woke up at 3 30 a.m and she's just in general she's really fussy and we don't have a nanny here so we don't get a lot of help but still like it's so worth it [Music] so because i'm trying to be spontaneous and do things that get me out of my comfort zone we're doing three meetups here in russia the first meetup is today and it's sold out the second meetup is tomorrow we have like seven spots left out of 200 and i'm looking for an outfit and then there would be another one in moscow so we just decided to spontaneously have people who follow me come and i'm gonna teach them how to start on youtube we're gonna talk about motivational stuff as well thank you so much you're in a vlog [Laughter] we just met one of my followers here and i at a store and she's helping me with an outfit thank you so much and congrats on working as a youtube manager who of course congrats so we're testing this english-speaking party where everyone speaks english hopefully they're speaking english yeah and because we don't have a nanny emily's here as well she's not speaking english she's overwhelmed [Music] are you enjoying yeah i think it's a really nice idea to have like new friends from different countries it's pretty hard sometimes to start a conversation like naturally as people you don't know uh but it's like helps to break this barrier yeah and you're doing it everyone is practicing right yeah just got a great conversation with zima exchanging contacts networking but how can you accept it hi hi i'm just checking whether everyone is speaking english english yeah yes i'm just i'm just checking there's an argument okay that's awesome everyone is speaking english practicing and that's the best how are you doing yeah we have like very interesting conversation about business it's even like better than in silicon valley you know that's how people really like understand what they like doing it's amazing nice nice and i like that i checked everyone everyone's beginning yeah that's super cool yeah i like it and everyone's and i heard a good idea that probably next time you should do the screen and like uh give the ideas that people like what topics really topics yeah we could do a lot more interactive stuff but i like and i like that people's level of english is really hard yeah it's better than mine actually most of it most of me is better than my accent as well so i have to practice vienna you know [Music] ready for my event it's starting in two hours i'm gonna go grab some food i'm gonna go feed lily so i'm super nervous that's 100. but i also i want to have this positive attitude that i would share with people so i'm trying to preserve my energy and i'm not talking to a lot of people i'm not trying to do something that requires a lot of energy so because it's going to be from 2 p.m till 7 pm i want everyone to understand something about themselves by listening to what i have to say fingers crossed oh my god 200 people today 2 p.m [Music] bye [Music] someone else is filming a vlog welcome to russia so the event yesterday was awesome and i'm thinking maybe we should do something like this in silicon valley let me know down in comments below if you're watching from silicon valley and you would attend something like this of course if current situation allows i'm not sure about the covet rules but that would be awesome to talk about motivation personal brand etc let me know down in comments below if you here in silicon valley and if you'll come another thing that i'm doing getting out of my comfort zone i actually asked one of ex marinsky theater ballerinas to give me a class and uh we're gonna do this right now this has been my dream for a while and uh i was always thinking like maybe it's gonna be too hard for me or you know be able to follow up with her or i wouldn't be able to follow her during the class but we're doing it let's go [Music] another cool takeaway is that a lot of people think and i used to think that if you want to reach another level if you want to 10x your income you need to 10x your work which is absolutely not true like if you want to 2x your outcome then you double down on working but if you want 200x the result you just need to get away from your routine look at a bigger picture and probably change what you're doing find something that helps you grow as a person in a much bigger way that's the only way to grow 200 eggs i've been dreaming of walking on the street for so so long so beautiful we're packing leaving from moscow kids are screaming emily is hysterical we're almost to moscow and sleepless night emily woke up at two and went back back to bed at 6 a.m we're on our way to moscow as always we're booking our place to stay while we're riding the train everything is fully booked we couldn't book an airbnb and we just got one room in the hotel and we need three because there are five adults and two kids welcome to moscow welcome to [Music] traffic i was invited to speak on a

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