How I Built a Successful Dropshipping Business at 17 Years Old | STEP BY STEP with $0 | MY STORY

hey everybody and business family my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today I'm gonna be telling you my story of how I built a successful dropshipping business at the age of 17 years old the point of this video is to share with you that there's so many creative ways you can make money online no matter what situation you are in and that is why I've dedicated myself to creating free content in order to help you guys find different Alternatives that nobody else is talking about online I literally didn't have anything to do except sit in my room all day I was going through many struggles in my life and I wound up cutting off all of the friends that I had so while a lot of people were going out and hanging out with their friends and enjoying their teen years I was struggling with depression social anxiety and so many other things at the time but instead of sitting in my room and victimizing myself I knew that I had the power to change my life long term even if it didn't see it right at that moment I did not want to be a victim to my own life at the time and because of hearing the financial stress in my household often because my parents did work paycheck to paycheck almost the majority of their lives I knew that money at the time was a way for me to change my life and if you would have asked me back then where I had found this kind of guidance and motivation to try to just go online and find ways to make money that is a question that at the time I could not answer and because of all the social struggles that I had outside of the house going on my mom had even taken away my cell phone at the time all I had was an old Windows laptop a Wii that I could surf the Internet with and video games so instead of sitting there and playing video games I decided to use my laptop to try to change my life in some way at this same time I didn't even have a Facebook page all I I had was a Twitter account so when I was 16 years old I started a Twitter account because I love to go on Twitter and like read the quotes that people were retweeting and really just getting inspired by other people it really uplifted me at that time in my life so I decided to try to do the same thing I created a Twitter and I started just posting a bunch of different tweets I followed a lot of people they followed me back I had tactics through social media that helped me gain a following and remember Instagram wasn't even a thing back then so really it was just Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr is all that people used back then so As I Grew my Twitter I started meeting different people on the Twitter platform so I would just be talking to different people every day and someone mentioned this group and it was a telegram group that helped people to grow their Twitter accounts so of course I joined it because at the time I knew I could make money from Twitter somehow so I joined this group and what this group was doing was it helped others to grow by retweeting each other there's tweets and if you're unfamiliar with how Twitter is it's basically like you're re-sharing other people's tweets so we were doing that back and forth to gain a following so at that time I started to see how powerful Twitter really was I could reach whole new groups of people by trading off tweets with other people back when I was 17 years old Drop Shipping really wasn't a thing like it is today so I started to see people Marketing Online stores through these tweet for tweets and I started to wonder if they're doing it why can't I and at the time Drop Shipping was something that was so unheard of no one was selling courses on Drop Shipping nobody had these big YouTube channels capitalizing on Drop Shipping there was none of that at this time so I just reached out to some of the other people that I had in my groups that I was retweeting back and forth with and they wound up telling me what they were doing so being broke and 17 years old with just some money that I had saved up didn't want to just dump the little a bit of money that I had in order to start a business that I really didn't even know would go anywhere so I found that platform that was zero dollars monthly and completely free for me to use these are the same techniques that I talk about in my Drop Shipping free course video so if you haven't already watched that free course video I highly recommend you checking that out if you're interested in starting to drop so what I did to find products was I went through AliExpress at the time and tried to find crop tops between one to two dollars obviously I picked ones that I thought were cute and they did have a lot of trending crop tops at the time I also did the same exact thing with phone cases back when I was 17 there was not as many clothing online stores as there is today Sheen was not a thing back then none of these stores were popular to where you could find affordable fashion like you had to go to the mall for that and not a lot of people knew about AliExpress either so I picked a really random shop name and I added a bunch of different products to this shop I had five at the time because that was what ink was included and the free plan then I made some tweets and I just used the pictures that were on the AliExpress website from the supplier then I created a different Twitter account different than my personal account to Showcase these products on and for that Twitter account to be like my store's Twitter account to appeal to other people so they see that I'm a legitimate business here is an example of one of my posts that I did on Twitter you guys can see this had tons of retweets which means so many people reposted it and it had so many likes so I gained a lot of customers just from these tweets especially because the link was directly included in the tweets it made it so much easier for the customers to buy so kind of like how I teach on my YouTube channel how to use organic Tick Tock marketing I was doing the exact same thing except it was Twitter free marketing back then and although I don't use Twitter anymore people still do make money promoting their businesses on Twitter then I had to work up the courage to ask my mom to make me a PayPal account I was almost 18 at the time so she just helped me set it up and then when I was 18 I switched it over to it being my own account but I will never forget my mom literally thought I was doing something illegal she thought I was gonna be arrested I'm like Mom I'm not doing anything illegal like she did not even believe that I could even make money from Twitter or from doing anything on Twitter at this same exact time I was working two jobs and I was also making money by promoting other people smaller accounts on Twitter and I just did that by messaging different brands and asking them if they wanted promotion this was usually other smaller businesses so I set up my shop and I added my products I did this for at least five months and I'll never

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