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all right guys i want to show you guys a free bot that literally made me a hundred dollars a day as a complete beginner when i was first getting started making money online want that after the intro [Music] hey guys how's it going mike lucille here welcome to this video before we actually remind you that several spots will open up for this week's free workshop where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online sign up for it in the link below there was a 62 year old woman that went from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days check it out now okay so i want to share with you the story how i accidentally stumbled upon this method and the free bot that literally i started using uh right after that made things a lot easier right and once i literally started doing this i literally went from nothing to 100 a day now let me actually rewind the story because it wasn't always like this like i was always this guy that you see on youtube like if you see before i literally started like taking my shirt off and like taking epic like pictures here in bali indonesia uh before i started traveling and writing the books on side hustles before i even started interviewing multi-millionaires that literally live here in bali where i'm at right now uh with like my dogs right now uh like this 11 year old girl they turned on 30 million dollars and this guy that makes a million profit there was literally a time where i just didn't enjoy my life and i was like it's stuck in an occupation that i did not like and i just knew that i did not want to be stuck there for the rest of my life the only problem was i didn't actually have that much skills or experience or knowledge in sales marketing or online business right but i was a hustler right and i had this why i had this strong reason to succeed because of the pain that i did not want to feel being on my deathbed realizing that i completely wasted my life at a job that i did not like so while i was going ahead and doing this i found like this weird crazy little hack right and this hack was essentially i could go to places like walmart like uh amazon like and i could copy pictures on walmart and just post them up on ebay right like literally something as simple as that now the craziest thing is when i started realizing that i didn't realize that i could actually profit a lot from it that got me in the form i was making like a hundred dollars a day profit from this right so you can see exactly what ended up happening i remember when i literally went and did this you could see if we just scroll down to any one of these things i mean you have all these ones that essentially are like going for sale like look at this 361 dollars they're all the exact same product right two have been sold at 361 dollars look at this in walmart it's literally 249 so i remember when i accidentally found this out back in the day this was like like 2000 i think like this was before 2015. so maybe this was 2013 2014 i was like oh my god what because before back in the day to sell on ebay you'd have to go to like garage sales right like i remember back in the day to sell like a beanie baby right if you just type in the word beanie baby you literally have to go to a garage sale and find someone selling a beanie baby for like a couple dollars and you're like oh my god i can sell it on you know uh ebay for 74 bucks so you would have to manually go to all these garage sales right like bargain with the person that owns the beanie babies buy it with your own money and then take a picture of it and then send it over to for example ebay and then hopefully someone will buy right and then when you buy you then made a profit it's the buy low sell high thing right the arbitrage oh just buy low sell high that's business but now what i started realizing is i never have to buy low until after i've sold high that literally almost removes all of my risk so what i started doing is instead of buying these products i just started taking the pictures from for example walmart and just pasting them onto ebay right one after the other one after the other to the point where i started making more sales so of course when i made more sales i wanted to find out what are other products that i could sell so i literally went over to like for example see other items when i see other items you see that this person is selling 471 other products so every single day 471 products that he doesn't even own are literally up for sale on ebay and every single time someone buys from him he essentially can go ahead and make money so i remember i got his point where i had about like 1300 1300 listings and i had a separate problem i was starting to get like 30 50 100 orders a day especially leading up to thanksgiving and i was like manually buy like think about it i literally got a sale it was like on my ebay phone i was like and i was like oh my god i got a sale literally the paypal money came directly and the shipping details and then i would go to walmart i would click add to cart and i would manually buy it myself i would literally manually buy it myself right and after a while i was like man i'm making good money but now i'm like tired because most of my days literally just buying things with my customers money but that's when i literally found out like a software that i started using which was literally this it's now more like recent now i used this back when it was like in super super beta because remember this is we're in the modern area now like i started doing this back in like 2012 2013 2014 right and literally what this did was it automatically did all that for me so check this out you know it literally connects with sources like for example amazon walmart aliexpress costco and it ships it directly to ebay for you it does automatic like order processes it even bought you know cash back gift cards for me so i started getting like even cash back rewards right like i remember i was like getting um these these amazon gift cards right i would i would get like two percent cash back when i would go ahead and buy these gift cards in bulk so literally when i would go ahead and spend money on these gift cards right i would literally get two dollars for every hundred dollars that i spent for free now the coolest thing about that is when you're spending thousands of dollars a day of your customers money that's essentially free money that you essentially get from all that doesn't make sense and with all of that being said the moment that started happening right like this software just automatically did all that for me so when i made a sale this software would literally see that i got a sale from my ebay account it would import it into the software and the software in the bot would then buy it with my credit card or my cashback rewards card from like any one of these sites and i would literally make money from that does that make sense and it's all automatic and once i started doing that i literally started

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